Princeton University Scholarships

Prince University Scholarships
Prince University Scholarships

Princeton University is located in Princeton, New Jersey. The university was founded in 1746 and had been operating until it closed three years after a fire in the early 1800s. It reopened in 1812 and quickly grew into a prestigious place for both undergraduates and graduates.

The university has programs in a variety of subjects from the humanities to the sciences and a variety of majors. There is also a Steinhardt School for music which offers students the chance to study art. The school has many majors for all subjects and typically recruits students from all over the world to live and study there.


Princeton ranks very high in several categories including academic achievements, quality of life, and diversity among others. It is also recognized as being one of the best values in higher education by several publications including Forbes Magazine.

There are more than 11,000 undergraduates who are enrolled at Princeton with lots of opportunities for them to get involved in campus events and activities as well as to pursue their interests within Princeton’s various academic programs.

International Students at Princeton University

Today, Princeton has students from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, as well as 119 countries. We want you to learn more about our international students here on campus.

Princeton has always been a welcoming place for international students. With its beautiful surroundings and one of the best academic programs in the world, it is no surprise why thousands of people come to Princeton every year to get their undergraduate degrees.

Princeton has had international students since its founding in 1746. Princeton was one of the first universities to systematically admit international students. In 1756, the university accepted five students who had been sent by the Governor of Bermuda to study medicine at the College of Philadelphia (which became part of the University of Pennsylvania).

Tuition fee for International Students at Princeton University.

The cost of attending Princeton University, one of the most prestigious universities in the U.S., is currently $62,050 for international students. In comparison, the cost for a domestic student is $43,650. This means that an international student will have to pay 3x more for their college tuition than a domestic student. International students also have to pay fees and costs that are not included in those tuition prices (for example textbooks).

International graduate students at Princeton may be considered for need-based financial aid on a case-by-case basis. However, undergraduate international students are not eligible for any type of merit-based scholarship or aid from the university.

Scholarships at Princeton University

The University of Princeton provides international students with scholarships, which can cover the cost of tuition for up to four years. Princeton is one of the few Ivy League institutions that accept international students.

Most Ivy schools only accept domestic students, so this may be worth looking into if you’re considering applying to such a school. Princeton also has strong academic programs and seems to have a very welcoming atmosphere for international students new to the United States and its culture.

For those interested in studying at this prestigious university, these scholarships are made available annually through an application process that occurs during admissions season. Some of the scholarships are:

Undergraduate scholarships

  • Financial Aid Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to allow international students the opportunity to pursue a degree at the world-renowned Princeton University.

As one of the most prestigious universities in America, Princeton not only offers high-quality education in many fields but also provides excellent financial aid opportunities.

If you are an international student looking for financial aid scholarship to study at Princeton University, this article is written specifically for you! All you need to apply are your details such as Full Name, Email Address, University/College Level, and Country of Citizenship.

Amount Of Scholarship: $0-$50000

Fields Of Interest (specify): Clinical Sciences, Engineering, and Applied Science, Mathematics and Economics and Quantitative Methods, Psychology; and Neuroscience.

  • Outside Scholarship Awards

This year is Princeton University’s most generous offer to international students. They are now offering scholarships for international students, who have completed the first semester at any other foreign university.

The award is renewable for seven years (providing students receive good academic standing) and shall be subject to satisfactory progress toward the Ph.D. degree or completion of the Ph.D. degree within 10 years from the date of the initial grant award and certain other conditions.

For international students, who have completed their first semester at any foreign university.

Financial award: $30,000/year plus a stipend of $15,000 over two years to cover expenses related to conducting independent research during the summer after their senior year (a total of $50,000 towards tuition and expenses).

Graduate Scholarships for New Graduates at Princeton university 

  • Competitive Scholarship Opportunities 

This scholarship is exclusively reserved for recent graduates who have not taken any university-level course in the UK, Canada, or the USA before and may be in their first year of study.

It is an excellent opportunity for aspiring scholars to develop a deep understanding of what can be expected from a competitive scholarship program and how to apply for these opportunities when they will arise. 

The program provides students with the opportunity to fast-track their research skills, whilst offering an engaging learning environment that encourages collaboration and facilitates interdisciplinary teaching. 

This scholarship is also a chance for those interested in international scholarship programs since there are no geographical restrictions based on place of study when it comes to this award.

Admission Requirements for International Students

Here is a list of admission requirements for international students who wish to study at Princeton:

  • A complete admission application
  • official government-issued photo ID
  • Proof of English proficiency, if not a native speaker of the language
  • Recommendations from teachers and/or counselors who can speak to your academic accomplishments in secondary school or pre-university studies.

Documents Needed to Apply for a Scholarship at Princeton University

The following documents are needed to apply for a scholarship:

  • A letter of recommendation from a member of the academic staff for undergraduate and graduate applicants.
  • A personal essay
  • Official transcripts from your current institution or high school, if you are an undergraduate applicant. If you are a high school student in the US, please submit an official copy of your transcript sent directly from the US school. For international students who are currently attending secondary or high school, please submit either official copies of transcripts sent directly to Princeton University or a completed and signed Request for Transcripts form.
  • Two SATs (or two ACTs) are sent electronically through College Board using our preferred code (unless otherwise notified). If you are an applicant from China or South Korea, please submit only one test score.
  • Educational evaluations from any international school attended in the last 5 years.
  • A resume, which describes your academic achievements and extracurricular activities.

Other documents other which are relevant to your application can be accepted – such as awards received, essay responses, and ranking data – and may ask you to submit them with your application.

Why Should you Study at Princeton University?

Ever wondered what students have to say about coming to Princeton University? Whether it is a world-class university or just another one, the benefits of studying as an international student range in academic, social, cultural, and economic.

By getting away from your home country and living in America for a semester you can be exposed to new perspectives on business and politics. Princeton is like more than just studying abroad – it’s also like meeting people with diverse backgrounds that you would never meet otherwise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Princeton financial aid is awarded solely based on need; there are no merit scholarships.

Princeton covers full tuition and some of room and board costs for students from families earning up to $140,000, and covers all of tuition for students from families making between $140,000 and $160,000.




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