Top 10 Best Private Schools In Australia

Private Schools In Australia

Best Private Schools In Australia – Look no further if you’re seeking Australia’s best private schools. This blog article provides an in-depth look at the top 10 best private schools in Australia. We’ve done the legwork and prepared a list of Australia’s most prominent and well-regarded private schools. This list will assist you in making an educated selection, whether you are searching for a school for your children or yourself.

Top 10 Best Private Schools In Australia

1. Mentone Grammar

Mentone Grammar  is an independent, Anglican co-educational grammar school in Mentone, Victoria, Australia. From their Early Learning Centre to Year 12, Mentone Grammar is the gold standard for bayside Melbourne’s renowned coeducation. The Mentone Grammar School is well-known for its innovative teaching methods, including using the Together-Apart-Together idea to educate young girls and boys in gender-specific groups. 

Mentone Grammar’s Teaching and Learning program strives to ensure that no child is left behind, regardless of their interests or ability level. Students are provided the freedom and support they need to seek success in their unique manner. Mentone Grammar School graduates possess diverse skills that will aid them in leading successful lives after graduation.

Mentone Grammar’s mission is to create resilient young people with diverse talents, interests, and characteristics who can find their way in an ever-changing world by providing them with a world-class educational experience that challenges and encourages them within a loving community. Their objective is to offer a dynamic learning environment for our kids in which well-resourced and dedicated staff conduct engaging academic, wellness, and co-curricular activities.

2. Perth College 

Perth College is a girls’ independent Anglican day and boarding school in Mount Lawley, a northern suburb of Perth, Western Australia. The institution has a non-selective admissions policy.

The College was founded in 1902 and is one of the oldest private institutions in Perth, Western Australia. It now has 100 residential students and around 1,000 pupils ranging from Early Learning (Kindergarten to Year 4) to Year 12, the last school year that prepares students for university and life after school.

Perth College is regarded as one of the top 10 best private schools in Australia. The College has consistently performed well in academics and extracurricular activities. Its school rankings in the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) have always placed it among Western Australia’s top private schools. 

Perth College has cutting-edge amenities such as a Science Center, a Senior Learning and Leadership Center, a Theater, and a Swimming Pool, among others. These amenities guarantee that all girls get the finest possible education.

3. Oakleigh Grammar

Oakleigh Grammar is a private Christian school in Melbourne’s Oakleigh area. It is an International Baccalaureate World School with 750 pupils ranging in age from two to twelve years old.

In Years 6–9, the Middle School offers pupils a standard academic option and the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program. Year 9 students attend 9Ways, a special facility that focuses on ‘experiential learning and allows students to bond with one another and staff in a unique setting. The Senior School (Years 10–12) follows the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and offers a variety of academic options. 

Recognized among the top 10 best private schools in Australia, Oakleigh Grammar School strives to offer excellent learning opportunities for all students so that they may achieve their maximum potential. This school takes the time to get to know each child individually and puts a high value on student safety and well-being. It is a multicultural institution founded on Christian beliefs and values, focusing on diversity and inclusiveness.

Oakleigh’s team of dedicated instructional professionals collaborates extensively and is dedicated to professional development, ensuring that their educational programs remain cutting-edge. Sport and student well-being are heavily emphasized, and maximizing each student’s academic potential is a top emphasis. The number of students in each class is maintained to a minimum.

All their academic and co-curricular activities are designed with females in mind in an atmosphere promoting self-confidence and drive. They personalize their learning and teaching to each student so that they may succeed academically and socially. 

4. Sydney Grammar School

Sydney Grammar School is a preparatory, non-denominational, independent day school for boys in Sydney, Australia. The school was founded in 1857 by Laurence Hynes Halloran. Sydney Grammar School is a unique educational atmosphere where inquiring boys flourish and mature in a rich, diverse, and challenging learning environment. The school has a strong reading and discovery culture throughout the school.

The boys develop and study in subjects such as reading, music, theatre, athletics, the visual arts, languages, debate, STEM, science, and chess as part of the school’s unique curriculum and extra-curricular activities. Sydney Grammar School is committed to developing well-rounded boys eager to study and be active, educated, and critical thinkers. 

Every year, 25 academic scholarships are awarded to boys entering Year 7 at Sydney Grammar School. Some of their scholarships are unrestricted, while others are based on financial need. Each year in February, the Scholarship Exam is held.

5. Canberra Girls Grammar School

Canberra Girls Grammar School (CGGS) is a non-selective independent Anglican school with around 1,600 girls enrolled. From Early Learning to Year 3, the school is co-educational, and from Years 3 to 12, the school is exclusively for females. For females in Years 7 to 12, boarding facilities are offered.

Canberra Girls Grammar Institution (CGGS) was established in 1926 as an independent Anglican school. It includes an Early Learning Center (ELC), a Junior School, and a Senior School with a total enrollment of around 1,400 pupils.

The school, located in the beautiful Deakin area of Canberra, gives children and their families excellent access to the airport, road, and rail connections. The school’s 10 hectares of grounds include an indoor heated swimming pool, gymnasiums, sports courts, playing fields, and purpose-built buildings for science, the performing arts, art and textiles, and ICT.

Canberra school community is a melting pot of culture and variety, where respect, generosity, and justice are woven into our very being. Students from thirty-three nations attend the school, representing over thirty different religions.

The school makes sure that every girl and young woman, both within and beyond the classroom, has the chance to play to her strengths. CGGS has produced Olympians, award-winning parliamentarians, a Supreme Court judge, spiritual leaders, and an aerospace engineer, to mention a few, in addition to four Rhodes Scholars.

6. Anglican Church Grammar School

Anglican Church Grammar School, often known as Churchie, was established in 1912 by William Perry French Morris. Churchie has a non-selective admission policy and now serves over 1,800 students from Reception to Year 12, including 150 boarders from Years 7 to 12. The school, which is owned by the Corporation of the Synod of the Diocese of Brisbane, is recognized among the top 10 best private schools in Australia.

Churchie provides a wide range of learning opportunities in local and national contexts. As an academic institution, they place a high value on academic pursuits, and they recognize their role in assisting young men in developing habits that will enable them to continue their pursuit of knowledge and learning throughout their lives, in collaboration with parents and the community.

‘The creation of men’ is Churchie’s mission, which aspires to produce young men of high character, strong intellect, and generous spirit who will boldly go into the global society and utilize their skills and abilities to lead and serve others. They pursue balance across Churchie’s foundational values of academic achievement, spiritual awareness, personal development, and service to fulfill our goal.

All pupils at Churchie have access to various athletic and cultural activities. The school participates in the most accessible sports as part of the Great Public Schools (GPS) athletic competition. Basketball, chess, cricket, cross-country, debate, football, rowing, rugby union, swimming, tennis, track and field, volleyball, and water polo are just a few sports available to boys of various ability levels.

7. Abbotsleigh

Abbotsleigh is a girls’ independent Anglican early learning, primary, and secondary day and boarding school in Wahroonga, on Sydney’s Upper North Shore, New South Wales, Australia.

The school, which has a selective enrolment policy from Year 5 upwards and currently caters to approximately 1,400 students from Transition to Year 12, including 170 boarders from Years 7 to 12, was founded in 1885 on Sydney’s lower north shore. Its teaching philosophy ensures that girls have innovative, challenging, varied, and fun experiences. This is one of the reasons why Abbotsleigh girls like learning. The school believes that if every girl is given a chance to accomplish more, she will be able to be more.

Abbotsleigh educates young women for a changing world in which they may make a positive difference in their and others’ lives. It empowers girls to identify ways to serve their communities and act today to make a genuine difference – a challenge that Abbotsleigh girls are always up to with vigor and dedication.

Most of its boarding students come from rural and regional New South Wales. Borders are an essential component of the Abbotsleigh community, adding variety to the school’s culture. Boarders and day students have access to various cutting-edge facilities and activities to guarantee they are constantly on the cutting edge of academic and co-curricular achievement.

8.  Meriden School

Meriden, An Anglican School for Girls, is a private Anglican single-sex early learning, primary, and secondary day school for girls in Strathfield, New South Wales, Australia. The school, founded in 1897 by Jane Monckton, has a non-selective enrollment policy and now serves around 1600 students in grades K through 12.

Meriden is an exceptional independent girls’ school that ranks among the top 10 best private schools in Australia. Students are regularly acknowledged for outstanding academic accomplishments on the HSC All-Round Achievers’ List. 

Meriden is a member of the IGSA (Independent Girls Schools’ Association), which organizes athletic teams to compete against other private girls’ schools in Sydney. Meriden is a member of the Association of Heads of Independent Girls’ Schools (AHIGS), the Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia (AGSA), the Junior School Heads Association of Australia (JSHAA), and the Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia (AHISA) (AHISA).

9. Ascham School

Ascham School is a non-denominational, independent day and boarding school for girls in Edgecliff, a Sydney suburb in New South Wales, Australia.

The school, founded in 1886 and had a non-selective admissions policy, presently educates around 1000 pupils from Kindergarten to Year 12, including 100 boarders from Years 6 to 12.

Ascham is Australia’s first school to adopt ‘The Dalton Plan,’ which allows pupils to concentrate on their unique interests while simultaneously providing extra help for kids who are suffering academically. The school has three libraries, a state-of-the-art theater, an indoor heated pool, a gymnasium, and tennis courts.

10. Brisbane Independent School 

Brisbane Independent School is situated in semi-rural Pullenvale in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia’s western suburbs.

The community-managed school is administered in a collaborative family setting. The school is run and owned by its members, who have currently enrolled kids’ parents. The school is one of the few completely autonomous institutions since it has no religious or other connections.

Brisbane Independent School aims to nourish, develop, and trust our students’ natural love of learning and good values, and to create graduates who are respectful, confident, competent, and self-motivated, with the abilities needed for lifelong learning in all aspects of their lives.


In Australia, the private school system is a diversified and competitive industry. Finding the finest private schools for your kid might be challenging when there are so many possibilities. As you can see from this article, numerous private colleges rank among the best in their class nationwide when it comes to academic achievement, co-curricular activities, and facilities. I hope you found our top 10 best private schools useful.


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