Top 20 Best Private Schools In Nicosia

best private schools in Nicosia

Top 20 Best Private Schools In Nicosia- Nicosia is the capital city of Cyprus. It also serves as the business and financial hub of Cyprus. It is  a vibrant and sophisticated city, a true blend of urban life and relaxation. In addition to all the sophistication are great schools that offers sound and quality education.


In this article, you will discover the best private schools in Nicosia.

Best Private Schools In Nicosia

  1. New Hope Schools
  2. French Cypriot School
  3. The GC School
  4. English School
  5. PASCAL Education
  6. The American International School In Cyprus
  7. Yiangou Educational Hall
  8. The Junior School
  9. The Grammar Junior School
  10. Terra Santa College

1. New Hope Schools

New Hope Schools was established in 1990 by Dr Eleni Rossides for students with peculiar learning abilities. New Hope Schools runs as two independent schools :

  1. New Hope Special School
  2. New Hope Tutorial School

Both schools are accredited by the ministry of education and culture and is one of the best private schools in Nicosia.


New Hope Special School is for students who have learning difficulties like dysgrphia, dyslecia, auditory issues, visual processing difficulties, dyscalculia, etc. The school is open to students between age 3 and 21. It is a  day school that runs between Monday and Friday. Sporting activities are also part of the curriculum which helps to build the students.

New Hope tutorial  school is also open to students having learning difficulties and need some extra coaching aside normal school activities. The school runs Monday to Friday in the afternoons  (3pm to 6pm ).

For further Enquiries, visit https: // www. newhope. com. cy


2. French Cypriot School

The school first started out in 1987 as Arthur Rimbaud French School. In 2012 , it was changed from a French school into a French- Cypriot School. This was done with the aim of promoting both French and Cypriot culture and language .

French Cypriot school belongs to the international association of the French School Abroad (AEFE). The school is equipped with adequate and modern facilities to enhance learning . Some of the facilities include science and IT laboratories, football field, basket ball court, etc.

Language of Instruction are French and English . Students also get to learn English from kindergarten  and Spanish or German from age 11.  The curriculum adopted is French and Bilungual and is for preschool , primary and secondary school students between age 2 and 18.

To learn more , visit https: // www. cyprus. mail. com

3. The G.C School

The G.C school is one of the good private schools in Nicosia. It was established in 1973 as a private English school in Nicosia, Cyprus.

The school program is for students in nursery, primary , elementary and secondary education category. The school was established with the aim of offering sound and quality education to students.

Different academic and extra-curricular activities takes place in the school. Both helps to build students academically, develop analytical, critical skills that would make them all balanced individuals in the future.

There is a GCS mathematics school and GCS sports schools set up by the school management to build special skills and abilities in the students.


For more information, visit https: // www. gcsc. ac. cy

4. The English School

The English school first started out in 1900 by Frank Darvall Newham a boys-only school. In 1962, it became a co-educational school It is a selective-secondary school that runs curriculum for 11-19 years. It is one of the biggest school campus in Cyprus.

The school runs a British secondary education. Some of the subjects offered include Maths, English, Greek, Chemistry, Turkish, Design and technology, etc.  There are also extracurricular activities in the school aside academics e.g sports.

Most of the graduates of the school get to attend universities in Great Britain.

To learn more, visit https: // www. englishschool. ac. cy

5. PASCAL Private English School

It is a private co-educational school in Cyprus. It offers a 6-year English medium secondary school curriculum.

It operates as 3 schools:

PASCAL English School, Lefkosia; established in 1988 as a day and boarding school.

PASCAL English school , Lemesos was established in 2002 as a day school.

PASCAL English, Larnaka was established in 2003 as a day school .


The schools provides a healthy competitive environment for students to learn and grow. There are different co-curricular activities that helps students build and acquire different skills like leadership skills, organization skills, etc.

Graduates get admitted into some of the leading universities in the world.

To learn more, visit https: // www. pascal. ac. cy

6. American International School of Cyprus

The school which stands as one of the outstanding private schools in Nicosia. It was established in 1987 and has students from over 32 countries of the world. The school is a part of a network of outstanding international schools in the world in places like Dubai, Hongkong, Nicosia, Cairo and Lebanon.

Some of the academic programs offered include:

  • Early Childhood (KG 3-5)
  • Middle School Grades 6-8
  • High School Grades 9-12

The world-standard IB program is offered to students who are in the last two years of high school. With the IB program , graduates can easily get admitted into leading universities in the world.

Mode of instruction for learning includes cooperate learning, group work, projects presentation, etc. Student’s performance are assessed based on projects, papers, presentation, performance-based assessments and portfolios.

Learning at AISC is experiential and foster creativity, development of critical thinking and passion for life-long learning.

For more details, visit https: // www. aisc. com

7. Yiangou Educational Hall

Yiangou Educational Hall is one of the good private schools in Nicosia. It was established in 2006 and is sited in Engomi, Nicosia. It offers educational program for kids and adults.


Learning takes place in a comfy, friendly and modern environment. The school uses current and modern teaching methods. Some of the subjects offered include English and Mathematics. Methodology includes jolly phonics, tablets for learning, etc.

The school conducts different examinations such as Anglia examination, IGCSE & IELTS

For further details, visit https: // www. yiangoueducational .com

8. The Junior & Senior School, Nicosia

The schools are located in two different sites equipped with modern facilities to enhance learning. Some of the facilities include laboratories, well-equipped classrooms, drama and music studios, sports arena, swimming pool, etc. Both schools follow the national curriculum for England. The language of instruction and communication is English.

The school offers an all-round education for kids between age 3 and 19. The small A level class sizes

Different extra-curricular activities takes place in the school  like sports, arts, drama, etx.

Graduates of this prestigious school leave with IGCSEs, A-levels and a secondary school leaving certificate that is certified by Cyprus ministry of Education. And a number of them get admitted into leading universities in the world.

To learn more, visit https: // www. cy

9. The Grammar Junior School

The school is one of the good private schools in Nicosia tha offers holistic education  which comprises both academic and extra-curricular activities. The academic curriculum are for kids between reception and class 6 (age 4-12). The extra-curricular activities helps build the students in different aspects of life.

The school’s atmosphere is warm and friendly helping each child reach its potential academically and socially.  The school is equipped with facilities that enhance learning. Some of the facilities include classroom, computer laboratory, library, music room, art room, etc.

For further details, visit https: // www. cy

10. Terra Santa College

It was established in 1646 , offering academic curriculum for students between age 4 and 18 years .The school initially started out as a primary school until 1913 when it was expanded to accommodate secondary school curriculum. Currently, the school runs academic curriculum for students in Nursery, Elementary, Gymnasium and Lyceum.

It is a selective co-educational schools with these principles: virtue, diligence and tolerance. Terra Santa College is a multicultural college that promotes  diversity and tolerance.

To learn more, visit https: // www. terrasantacy. com

Final Note

Nicosia is  a great city in Cyprus to live and work; with its rich cultures , diversity, etc.  Available are good private schools in Nicosia that offer sound and quality education.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cyprus is one of the countries in the world where international countries troop to study. This is because sound and quality education is available in the country.

Yes, English is a widely spoken language in Cyprus. A number of Cypriots speak good English, so as a  foreigner that speaks English, you will surely find your way around.

Here are some of the best cities to live in Cyprus; Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Phaphos, Peyia & Tala, Ayia Napa & Protaras, Paralimni, etc.


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