Top 15 Best Private Schools In Winnipeg

best private schools in Winnipeg

Best Private Schools In Winnipeg- Winnipeg, the capital city of Manitoba province in Canada is one of the beautiful place to live in Canada. Life in the city is highly affordable coupled with series of employment opportunities. The city is also multicultural in nature, filled with people from different cultural background.


When it comes to quality education, Winnipeg does not come behind at all. Starting from kindergarten education up to higher education, you will surely get the best. In this article, we would be giving you the list of the best private schools in Winnipeg. I know you want the best education for your kids and that is why you are on this page.

So lets go straight to discussing the best private schools in Winnipeg.

Best Private Schools In Winnipeg

  1. Balmoral Hall School
  2. St John’s Ravenscourt
  3. CASA Montessori &Orff
  4. St Mary’s Academy
  5. Gray Academy of Jewish Education
  6. Dashmesh School, Winnipeg
  7. Laureate Academy
  8. Linden Christian School
  9. The King’s School
  10. Faith Academy

#1   Balmoral Hall School


Balmoral hall school is one of the best private schools in Winnipeg. It was founded in 1901 with academic curriculum for children between kindergarten and grade 12.  The school is well-recognized and accredited by the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS).

The school adopts the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme for students between Kindergarten and grade 5. While from grade 6, the CAPSTONE curriculum is employed for the students. The CAPSTONE curriculum focusses on STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths).

The school has boarding facilities for students from different parts of the world. Boarding students have the opportunity to participate in different cultural activities of the Canadians. Different athletics activities are also open for the students to participate. Examples include Basketball, Badminton, Soccer, Ice Hockey, etc.


To learn more about the school, visit https: // www.

#2   St John’s Ravenscourt

St John’s Ravenscourt also stands as one of the best private schools in Winnipeg. The school was established in 1820 as a private co-educational school in Winnipeg. It offers a unique academic curriculum for children from Kindergarten to grade 12.

The school has boarding facilities for students who wants to stay on the school premises while they study. There are varieties of extra-curricular activities such as sports, debate, public speaking for students to participate in and build up themselves. Some of the sporting activities include soccer, volleyball, rugby, badminton, etc.

For further details about St John’s Ravenscourt, visit https: // www. sjr.mb. ca/

#3   CASA Montessori & Orff

The school was instituted in 1991 by Maria Montessori &Carl Orff as a Montessori elementary school. The school operates with the philosophy that the learning environment is very critical in determining the fulfillment of a child’s potential.

The school is co-educational and offers academic curriculum for kids between infant class to elementary stage. The founders strongly believe that children can attain independence, develop self-discipline and self-confidence in an enabling and motivating environment.


To learn more , visit https: // montessoriandorff. ca/

#4   St. Mary’s Academy

Even though the academy is a catholic school , it runs as an independent school in Winnipeg , Manitoba. The academy is an only-girls academy established in 1869.

Some of the facilities in the school include a standard library, Mac Lab, Wacom tablets, art studio, pottery wheels, costume lab, make-up and dressing rooms.

Girls are motivated in the school to excel, explore their skills and exercise their leadership capabilities. Aside the regular academic curriculum, students get to take part in some extra curricular activities such as campus ministry, religious education program.

Some interesting features of St. Mary’s Academy;

  • There is a support alumnae community
  • New facilities for the arts and science programs
  • Different school clubs & sports for students to choose from.

#5   Gray Academy of Jewish Education

The school was established in 1997 as a Jewish private school. Students have opportunity to study in a warm Jewish community.

There is a family portal on the school’s website set up for parents. This family portal is loaded with school-related information such as staff contacts, school calendar, policies, uniform and other important details.

Some outstanding features of this school include:

  • Financial support is available for needy students
  • There is an online portal for school-related information
  • There is a supportive alumni community

#6   Dashmesh School, Winnipeg

Dashmesh School, Winnipeg is also one of the private schools in Winnipeg. It runs an academic curriculum for kids between kindergarten and 12th grade. The curriculum focusses on Mathematics, Science and Language Arts to prepare students for college.

Dashmesh school is not all about academics, the students are also developed in other aspects of life. Graduates of this great school are usually sound spiritually, morally, intellectually, socially and other aspect.

For more details about Dashmesh schools, visit https: // www.

#7   Laureate Academy

The school is a special school for gifted children and those with some learning challenges. The school is open to students between grade 1 and grade 12.

The curriculum of the school has been structured to handle children with learning issues such as dyslexia, dysgraph, dyscalculia, hyperactivity, etc.

Unique methods are employed to teach the students:

  • Basic academic skills
  • Study skills
  • Organizational skills, etc.

The school employs also qualified and experienced teachers with abilities and qualities to handle these gifted children. They are trained to be firm, consistent and very clear in handling the kids. The school has been in operation for the past 35 years.

For further enquiries about Laureate Academy, visit their website at https: // www.


#8   Linden Christian School

The school is one of the best private schools in Winnipeg. It offers academic curriculum for kids between kindergarten and grade 12. 

The school works in collaboration with the parents to provide sound Christian foundation for the students.  When it comes to athletics and arts, the school does not come behind at all.

The teachers are not only knowledgeable in terms of academics; they are also sound in biblical principles. The students thus get to learn biblical principles in addition to Manitoba academic curriculum.

If you need your child to learn in a godly and morally upright environment, then you should enroll them at Linden Christian School.

For more enquiries about Linden Christian School, visit https: // www.

#9   The King’s School

The king school is also one of the top private schools in Winnipeg, It offers academic curriculum for students between kindergarten and grade 12. The school focusses on Manitoba curriculum in a godly and morally upright environment.       

The king’s school was established in 1984 as a Christian private school in Winnipeg.

For further details about King’s school, visit https: // www.

#10   Faith Academy

Faith academy is also one of the good private schools located in Winnipeg, Canada. The school started out in 1983 in a church basement many years ago with just 33 students. It is a Christian school that offers quality education in a Christian setting. Aside academic programs, students also learn about the bible, biblical principles and doctrines.

To learn more about the school, visit https: // www.

Schools In Winnipeg

 The city of Winnipeg is the capital city of the province of Manitoba in Canada. It is the largest in Manitoba province and the 6th largest city in Canada.

The city got its name from the lake Winnipeg. Because of its multicultural nature, different kinds of festival hold annually in the city. Some of these festivals include Jazz Winnipeg Festival , Winnipeg Folk festival, Folk lorama.

There are 7 school divsions in Winnipeg and they include:

  1. Winnipeg School Division
  2. St. James Assinioboia School Division
  3. Pembina Trails School Division
  4. Seven Oaks School Division
  5. Division Scolaire Franco-Manitobaine
  6. River East Transcona School Division
  7. Louis Riel School Division

List Of Some Other Schools In Winnipeg

  1. Adolescent Parent Centre
  2. Andrew Mynarski V.C School
  3. Argyle Alternative High School
  4. Brock Corydon School
  5. Carpathia School
  6. Champlain School
  7. Children of the Earth High School
  8. College Churchhill High School
  9. Clifton School
  10. Daniel Mclyntyre Collegiate Institute
  11. David livingstone school
  12. Duffering School
  13. Earl grey school
  14. Elm wood High School
  15. Faraday School
  16. Forte Rouge School
  17. Ecole Garden Grove School
  18. Gladstone School
  19. Glenelm School

Last Word

The academic curriculum for students between kindergarten and grade 12 is usually a college-preparatory period. The success of any student in college will be determined by his/her performance at the college-preparatory.

 It is very important that your child attends a good school so as to build a strong educational foundation. Public schools offer quality education too but private schools stand out more . Moreso, there are smaller class sizes in private schools than public schools where the classes are usually large.

This article has been on best private schools in Winnipeg, hope it was useful?

Frequently Asked Questions

Tuition fee for private schools in Winnipeg ranges from $15, 450 to $63,670  annually.

Public schools are not bad in themselves, there are some good ones. But most of the schools that stand as best schools are the private ones.

Private schools are much more costlier in terms of tuition fees than public schools. In fact, most of the public schools are tuition-free and you just have to pay token for some stuffs like extra-curricular activities, etc.

There are over 52 private schools in Manitoba province.


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