List of Private Universities in Abuja

List of Private Universities in Abuja

Being the capital of Nigeria, Abuja is one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria. Abuja has been rated as one of the top ten most populous cities out of the thirty-six states present in Nigeria, the 7th most populous city, to be specific.

 On the 12th of December, it became the capital of Nigeria, a position that was formerly for Lagos. Lagos was the preceding capital for Nigeria. Abuja is  not only beautiful but has also been rated as one of the wealthiest states in Nigeria, if not the wealthiest.

Of all 36 states present in Nigeria, Abuja is one of the most peaceful states with few cases of robbery. Abuja houses every tribal group from all over Nigeria, amounting to about 250 tribal or ethnic groups.

Since English is the lingua franca of Nigeria, it is also the lingua franca of Abuja although there is no restriction to speaking your own language e.g Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo amongst others. Abuja was the first planned city to be built in Nigeria hence making it more suitable. Abuja is located in the center of Nigeria and can easily be accessed.


Also, the population is not out of proportion, and of course, it is one of the thriving places for real estate business as there is lots of land in the state in contrast to Lagos. Little wonder why Abuja was made the new capital.

Fifty percent of Abuja residents are Muslims, forty percent of them are Christians and the remaining ten percent belonged to idol worshippers. The name ‘Abuja’ was derived from a Hausa Islamic name; Abubakar Ja where Abubakar is an Islamic name and Ja is a Hausa word that simply means a red color.                                              

Although quite expensive to live in, Abuja provides one of the best quality enjoyment one could get. The state is also blessed with amusement parks and a lot of other fun places like the Abuja National mosque, the Abuja Arts and Crafts Village, Aso Rock, Central Park, millennium park,  Jabi lake, Jabi Boat club, Thought Pyramid Art Center,  the National Children’s park and Zoo, Zuma rock as well as the National mosque.

                                                                                                                                                                          In addition, Abuja is one of the neatest cities in Nigeria as it is regularly cleaned and maintained.  Abuja was created mainly to be the country’s capital because of the overly dense population Lagos has.

Schools in Abuja are known to provide quality education for students from the pre-primary school up to the primary school up to post-primary school and even post-secondary institutions.

There are currently about ten universities in Abuja but since this article is centered on the private universities in Abuja, we will be discussing the four private universities that are present in Abuja.  Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Private Universities In Abuja

1. African University of Science and Technology

2.  Baze University

3. Bingham University

4. Veritas University

5. Turkish Nile University

1.African University of Science and Technology

African University of Science and Technology with its acronym, AUST is a private institution that was founded in Galadima, Abuja. The institution is however not popular as it only offers programs for graduate students. AUST was established in the year 2007 in honor of South Africa’s president at that time, Nelson Mandela who proposed coordination between the World Bank and the African Union to work for hand in hand to birth strong and value-added Pan African academic centers to expand the Saharan Africa’s ability and capability to promote and support Science and Technology.

The institution currently offers programs namely Pure and Applied Mathematics, Material Science and Engineering, Computer Science and management of information technology, Theoretical and Applied Physics, and Applied Statistics.

2.Baze University

Baze University is another private institution that Abuja is blessed with. Baze University began its academic career in the year 2011 and ever since then, it has always emerged as one of the best private universities in Nigeria despite being one of the most expensive tertiary schools.

At inception, the university began with only three faculties namely Law and computing, management and social sciences as well as Applied Sciences.

Presently, the institution has over five faculties including the Basic Medical, faculty of engineering, and environmental sciences. The basic fee which also seems to be the lowest at Baze University is about #2,250,000 to #2,500,000 per year.

3. Bingham University

Bingham is a private institution that was founded in the year 2005 making it seventeen years of existence. Bingham University has always developed itself and strived hard toward making it to the top and being the next best university in Nigeria.

Bingham University was established by the Evangelical Church Winning All, popularly known as ECWA. The purpose of the institution is not just to produce a student who scores well in her examinations but to produce a student whom anyone would be proud of spiritually, and mentally among others. Graduates who stand out in their field and leave a print on the sand of time.

4.Veritas University

Veritas University is another private institution that is quite expensive to attend. Veritas university was founded in the year 2002 by the Catholic Church of Nigeria.  The need to instill cultural, moral as well as financial should be preached instead and this noble university is already bringing this dream to reality.

The university is hell-bent on instilling these cultures in students, building up their lives although they do not see it, making the institution  stand out as one of the best institutions in Nigeria. Best private university.

 As expected, the fees for each course and level differ from each other hence here is the list of the tuition fees.. Starting with Natural and Applied Science, the tuition fee for both 100 level students and 200 level students is 450,0000 naira.

However, the tuition fee for some 200 level students is a bit higher and costs the same price as the 300 Level tuition fee; 500,000 naira.

Moving on to the department of medical and laboratory science, the tuition fee for the first year (Newly resumed) is 500,000 naira. The tuition fee for 200 levels up to 400 level is 550,000 naira and the final year which is the fifth year costs #600,000

For the Department of Social and management sciences, the tuition fee cost is 400,000 nairas for the first and second years i.e 100 level and the 200 level. The tuition fee for the 300 and 400 levels is 500,000 naira.

5.Turkish Nile University

Turkish Nile University is an expensive private institution located along with Jabi Airport, Abuja that was established in 2009. At inception, there were only three faculties with a total of 93 students at that time.

The three faculties are the faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences, the Faculty of Engineering, and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Listed below are the tuition fees for the academic courses offered.

English Language Studies – #1,700,000

Mass communication, Economics, Political Science and Inter rel., Biology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Computer Science, Microbiology, all engineering courses,  – #2,300,000

Law – #2,500,000

Medicine and Surgery degree – #5,750,000


This is the list of the five private universities present in Abuja which have been accredited. For more information about each institution, you can check them out on their official website.


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