Top 10 Best Public High Schools In Melbourne

Best Public High Schools In Melbourne

Melbourne is home to some of the world’s best high schools, owing to the excellent education and affordable tuition for Australian citizens. These top schools in Melbourne are becoming more popular with international students due to Australia’s reputation as one of the most hospitable nations for international students. Below are the top 10 best public high schools in Melbourne.

Top 10 Best Public High Schools In Melbourne

1. Melbourne High School

Melbourne High School is an all-male public high. It is a selective admission state secondary school in South Yarra.The school provides great programs and facilities for pupils from the Melbourne metropolitan region and its surrounding suburbs. Melbourne is recognised among the top 10 best public high schools in Melbourne.

The school is free. However, it is a selective admissions institution that accepts only children who score well on the entrance test. An average of 1500 boys take the exam each year, but only 336 are accepted into the institution.

The school provides a vibrant learning environment committed to student well-being and excellent results to increase knowledge in both classrooms and across the school. They also include extracurricular activities such as clubs, music, interest groups, fitness or athletic organizations, and theater or performing arts to help your children reach their full potential. 

Nevertheless, students are required to wear school uniforms daily to promote tidiness and formality among their peers. The school currently has 1,365 students enrolled as of 2021.

2. Nossal High School 

The learning environment at Nossal High School is specifically designed to meet the changing demands of high school pupils. They provide house systems in which older students foster a strong feeling of belonging among their younger counterparts and act as role models for everyone to improve academically and as individuals. 

Every student receives evaluations from the school so that they may have guided reflections on their long-term objectives and examine their strengths and shortcomings via aptitude testing. Co-curricular activities such as camps, overseas trips, and athletic programs are also available alongside curriculum-based excursions. Nossal high school is regarded among the top 10 best public high schools in Melbourne.

As a result, students’ and teachers’ well-being and support networks are prioritized, paving the path for pupils to grow into better and more responsible persons for themselves and the community. The institution is very competitive, and enrollment is limited to 208 students annually.

3. University High School 

Due to its Student Well-Being and Science and Mathematics Programs, the University High School in Melbourne is quickly rising in enrollment. The school is concerned about students’ accomplishments, schedules, and attendance to assure accountability and meet students’ requirements in various areas for future growth. 

The Elizabeth Blackburn Sciences Program is designed to engage VCE students in years 11 and 12 who love science and mathematics and have the capacity to succeed in those subjects. Students are also engaged in the most recent developments while being supervised by Bio21 postgraduate students from the University of Melbourne to enhance their learning capacities. 

Furthermore, the school offers co-curricular activities for your children via their Instrumental Music Program, which lasts a semester or two and provides them with practice and courses.

4. Box Hill High School

Box Hill High School strives to provide an educational atmosphere that encourages students to attain difficult learning objectives and molds them to be the best they can be. They promote respect between instructors and students and consider all voices in the classroom and the school community to provide pupils with the flexibility to be self-sufficient. Box Hill High School is regarded among the top 10 best public high schools in melbourne.

More importantly, the school prepares students to be ethical, capable of contributing worldwide, and better community members. As a result, students have the freedom to pick optional topics of their choice, participate in special programs, and improve their understanding of essential subjects like math and English; electives may be chosen as early as year 9. 

There are presently about 1,300 kids enrolled, according to recent sources; they are also known for their Gifted Academic Potential Program (GAPP).

5. Suzanne Cory High School

Suzanne Cory High School is a co-educational high school in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs. It is a government school for students in grades 9 through 12. With its difficult educational experience resulting in great achievements, the school seeks to produce better students ready for postsecondary study. 

Furthermore, its challenging curriculum provides pupils with vast knowledge in various topics such as math, reading, and science, as well as co-curricular sports, arts, culture, and social interaction programs. 

In addition, the school’s comprehensive curriculum follows worldwide standards and is regarded as one of the best, owing to excellent student accomplishment levels.

6. Oakleigh Grammar

Oakleigh Grammar is a coeducational school for students in kindergarten through year twelve. The school works hard to provide high-quality learning opportunities for all students to attain their full potential.

Their devoted teaching team collaborates and embraces professional development opportunities to ensure that their educational programs stay at the cutting edge of education. Small class numbers and extra instructional assistance guarantee that each child’s learning requirements are fulfilled, with challenges for those who are gifted and different help for those who are struggling.

The school guarantees that each student is recognized and highly values student welfare and safety. Oakleigh Grammar is a multicultural school with Christian beliefs that celebrates variety and encourages inclusion.

7. Mentone Grammar

From Their Early Learning Centre to Year 12, Mentone Grammar is the gold standard for superb coeducation in bayside Melbourne. Mentone Grammar is known for its effective Together-Apart-Together learning paradigm, in which girls and boys in the Middle Years (5-9) study gender-specific courses in a co-educational atmosphere. Students study in a completely co-educational atmosphere from Early Learning through Year 4 and Years 10-12.

All members of their School Community are encouraged to grow holistically. They accomplish it via their well-known co-educational approach of Together-Apart-Together. They provide age and stage-appropriate programs from the Early Learning Centre to Year 12 intended to engage the contemporary student in a dynamic atmosphere. They do it using some of the best teaching and learning materials in the nation. These tools recognize the value of everyone’s well-being while allowing them to learn to their full potential.

Mentone Grammar students leave with a diverse set of talents that will help them live meaningful lives in the future. Integrity, Discipline, Endeavor, Resilience, Caring, Respect, and Service are their School Values, creating a robust and safe framework for young people to live by both at school and outside.

8. Firbank Grammar School

Firbank Grammar School has been providing quality education and opportunity to its pupils for over 110 years. Students routinely perform academically and in co-curricular activities, and they are part of a supportive community.

Firbank Grammar School is an Anglican day and boarding school for children in ELC through Year 12. With three campuses in Melbourne’s bayside suburbs.

The co-educational Junior School, Firbank Sandringham Co-ed Campus ELC to Year 6, is situated on Royal Avenue, Sandringham. In addition, boys and girls have assured admission to Firbank Senior School and Brighton Grammar School, respectively.

They value student input and opinions. Every day, via their work in the classroom or the community, their students have a voice and actively contribute to the school. In addition, the school provides them with the proper mix of educational and real-world experiences so they may chart their course. 

9. Ruyton Girls’ Private School

Ruyton Girls’ Private School is devoted to preparing girls for a lifetime of study, leadership, and participation in their global society as an autonomous, forward-thinking girls’ school. They believe in the power of women.

At Ruyton, they value each girl’s uniqueness and nurture her academic, physical, social, and emotional traits in a supportive and safe atmosphere.

Ruyton’s atmosphere emphasizes powerful learning, contributing to their outstanding academic reputation. Every girl’s learning is advanced via the stimulation of intellectual curiosity, the development of knowledge and abilities in education, and the encouragement of them to accomplish their own best and be outstanding citizens. In addition, they believe in outside-the-classroom learning and partnering with the broader community to encourage development, discovery, and sustainability.

The school equips their young women to live lives of meaning, character, and compassion. They are motivated to achieve equality and justice for themselves and others due to the development of values and action-focused learning. 

10. Haileybury School

Haileybury students and instructors are held to high standards. The school believes graduates should possess strong core academic capabilities, wide critical thinking abilities, and the capacity to function in a fast-changing environment. 

For pupils from Melbourne, Haileybury provides a variety of foreign interaction possibilities, such as spending time at the Haileybury International School in Tianjin, China, or visiting partner schools in Timor Leste, the Philippines, Japan, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


The top schools in Melbourne are intended to give kids a learning environment that allows them to focus on their studies, develop, and achieve their greatest potential. We hope you found our top 10 best public high schools in Melbourne helpful.


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