10 Best Public Schools In London

10 Best Public Schools In London – Education in the United Kingdom is a top-notch one. Many of its schools, private or government-owned are highly equipped to provide the best education system.

 The United Kingdom is part of the Bologna Process which assures a standard quality recognised all over member countries. This process assures a standard and well-accepted educational system that is highly recognised.

The number of universities or colleges in the United Kingdom is extremely high as London itself has one of the largest numbers of schools in the whole of the United Kindom. As we all know,  formal education is more profound in the United Kingdom.

Picking from the best schools in the London can be a dilemma, however, with our list of the 10 best public schools, you should be able to have a more concentrated best choice of school in London if you are aspiring to study in the united kingdom.

London, United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a conglomeration of four Kingdoms, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The Sovereign country is known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland or Britain. 

The Country is located in the Hemisphere of Europe. It has several ethnic groups with Whites as the largest while followed by Asians and Blacks. The country has its capital in the city of London England.

London is the capital of England and the largest city in the United Kingdom. The city is highly developed, technologically advanced and the official home to the monarch. London attracts a large number of people from all works of life.

London is a city where Education, Arts, Commerce, tourism, health and many other sectors are concentrated on. The beautiful city provides individuals with great opportunities and gives a remarkable lifestyle for all. London is however an expensive city to stay in, but the standard of living is achievable.

The United Kingdom’s economy is one of the largest in the world, with one of the largest exporting and importing in the world. In 2020, the United Kingdom was ranked the fifth-largest Exporter and Importer in the world while London’s economy was ranked the largest city with GDP per capita in Europe.

The Education System in the United is so strong and stable that all over Europe, the UK is seen to provide the best, as in London, it has most of the world’s most recognised schools such as the Imperial College London ranked number 8, University College of London ranked at number 10 in the world.

The number of schools in London is high. the London School of Economics, London has been ranked the best social science school in the world.

Education System in the United Kingdom

Education in the United Kingdom is also funded by the government. As there are many Public Schools in the United Kingdom. The Education system is in parts, Primary Education, Secondary Education, Further Education and Higher Education.

From primary to secondary education students are expected to be in school, this level of education is compulsory, however, after these levels, students have the choice to further or not.

Education is expected to begin at the age of 5, this is when students enrol in primary school, this lasts till 11 years, which is concluded in Year 6. then students enrol in secondary school from Year 7 to 11.

At the end of Year 11 student is already prepared for the General Certificate of Secondary Education, GCSE. While the A level is extra 2 years for students to prepare for the University, this is considered as years 12 and 13.

Higher Education is an optional one, however, this education lasts for three years in some schools or at most 4 years. This level of education is provided in Universities, Colleges, Academies and Schools which provides students with Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s and Doctorate

The United Kingdom yearly fund the education sector extensively, in 2015/16, The UK government spent a total of £83.4 billion on Education.

Why study in London

London is a beautiful city with everything, education, great lifestyle, great jobs, and many more. As an international student who is opportune to study in London, UK is sure to have a great time studying.

London is a city with a strong education system it is mostly referred to as the centre of excellence, most of the schools in London are listed in the world’s best universities, such as Imperial College, London, University College London and many more. Also, the degree gotten from studying in a school in London is acceptable in any part of the world.

Lifestyle in London is great, if you are the type that wishes to balance education and fun, then London is the right place, you want to have some great time of education, London has great restaurants, bars, clubs or other places you can visit to relax. Great food, music and many more.

London is a highly digitally advanced city, you can enjoy free wifi in the United Kingdom, and most of its services are digitized, to provide people with great service.

Job opportunities in London and United Kingdom at large are available. As students who after their education wish to stay back have opportunities to get good jobs in the united kingdom. 

The United Kingdom is a multi-diverse nation with several ethnic groups. You are sure to meet great people with great ideals and also you get to meet the peace-loving people of London.

And lastly, every student desires a safe and comfortable environment. London is a country that might be experiencing a hike in crime, however, the city is a safe place to study. 

In a recent ranking, London had been ranked as one of the safest places to live travel or study. It was ranked 14th safest place in the world.

10 Best Public Schools In London

As stated earlier London is the centre of educational excellence, with numerous educational institutions. Private and public institutions are all scattered around the beautiful city of London.

Here is a list of the 10 best public schools in the city of the United Kingdom;

University College London, UCL

The University College London, UCL, is a public research institution located in the Urban city of London. It was established in 1829. The University College London is the second-largest university in the United Kingdom.

The high research institute has so many programs it runs. University College London is ranked the third best university in the United Kingdom and the fifteenth best in the world. The University College London is the only institute with the largest research works and funding from organisations and the UK government.

The Institute has been known for its numerous inventions such as the Hormones, Vacuum Tubes and many others. the public institute is one of the best for international and national students.

Imperial College London

Based on statistics of 2020/21, the university had over 22,445 students enrolled on the college, this includes, Undergraduate, postgraduate and Doctoral Students. The College is one of the best institutes in the United Kindom.

Ranked the 4th best School in the United Kingdom and 34th in the world. The public research institute was established in 1907. it is notable for its numerous and excellent research works as well, due to its contribution to the Penicillin project, which was a success.

The Institute has other great inventions such as the Holograph and Fibre Optics. The institute has multiple programs it offers, which are under various faculties, such as the Faculty of Medicine, Engineering, Imperial College Business School and others.

King’s College London

Established in 1829, King’s College London is one of the two founding colleges of University College London. The Institute is also one of the oldest universities in England.

The Institute has a strong ground in Medicine as its contribution can be traced to the numerous discoveries by its alumni, these discoveries include, Hepatitis C and D genome, DNA Structures and the pioneer in In-Vitro fertilisation and many other discoveries.

The Institute in a recent ranking was ranked 6th in research work power overall. The earliest teaching in Medical school was recorded in 1501 the school before its official establishment. The school runs a large number of medical programs and others.

Queen Mary University London

The Institute was established in the year 1785, then it was formerly known as the London Hospital Medical College. The Institute is notable for its Medical programs. the institute has had several notable alumni, this includes Ronald Ross who invented the cure for malaria.

The Institute is a citadel of learning as it has been ranked the 15th best school in the United Kingdom and the 153rd in the world. Like every other university, Queen Mary University London offers a large number of Medical programs and others.

In 2019/2020 the institute enrolled over 21,665 students. Queen Mary University is a high research institute and has been ranked no. 9 best research excellence in the UK.

London School of Economics and Political Science

The public research institute was established in the year 1895. The University is a federal Collegiate University which joined the University of London in 1900. The Institute s more established in the field of pure and applied social science.

The Institute is the second institute with more international students in the United Kingdom. London School of Economics and Political Science is ranked 32nd best in the United Kingdom and 335th best in the world. 

The Institute currently has 27 departments and Institutes, and it is running several pure and applied social science programs. The school has an affiliate with the University of London, Russell Group, UK universities and many others. 

It is a well-recognised institute with great research work, also a great learning environment.

Other best Public Schoool in London are:

  • City University London, London
  • Birkbeck University, London
  • Middlesex University, London
  • Goldsmiths, University of London
  • St. George’s University of London

There are other many schools in London, as you already know that London is a citadel of learning, schools as Brunel University London, University of the Arts London, Kingston University, University of London, Royal Holloway, University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies, and the University of London are some of the best schools in London as well.


Education in the United Kingdom is a top-notch one with many universities all over the United Kingdom ranking the best in the world. London is a centre for education, it is one of the largest and most highly developed cities in England, United Kingdom.

With our list of the 10 best public universities in London, a national or international student, who wish to study in London shouldn’t have a dilemma in selection. After all schools in London are well recognised and standardized. 


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