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Top 50 Best Push Gift Ideas – Welcoming a child into the world is a great thing. Children are gifts from God. After a successful delivery, it is worth celebrating a successful journey. Several push gifts could come to mind for a newly birthed mother. This shouldn’t cause you a dilemma.

However, if you are still confused about what to get the new mother, we will be compiling a couple of cool push gift ideas that can be sent to new mothers. At the same time, you would learn about what is right to give and how to give them as well.

What Is A Push Gift?

In the journey of pregnancy, there are several occasions or event that comes up. These events include Gender-reveal parties, Baby Bump Photo Shoot, Baby Shower, and many others. After birth then comes the christening. 

Push Gifts are packages that are presented to express a successful delivery. In other words, a Push gift or Push present is a package (present) given by a partner, friend or family member on the occasion of childbirth. 

This is used to mark the welcoming of a child. On some occasions, the gifts are given before birth or during birth. The journey of pregnancy is a wonderful and critical part of the life of the couple. 

Making it for the pregnant woman might include getting her gifts, throwing a party to keep her glad and others. This helps her to stay happy and strong. Expectant moms should be given loads of good stuff. Successful childbirth is the happiest moment for the woman.

50 Best Push Gift Ideas

Whether she has just been delivered a baby or expecting the child soon, it would be great to get her some great gifts. There are several things you can think of. Beautiful clothes, socks for the baby or gift items for the mother.

Here are some great push gift ideas.

  • Personalised Necklace.
  • Fancy Easy To Use Tote.
  • Fancy Wrist Bangle.
  • Fancy Blanket.
  • Fancy Love Earrings.
  • Spa Subscription.
  • Fancy Robe.
  • Fine Body Fragrance.
  • Scented Candle.
  • Nursing Pajamas.
  • Night Robe.
  • Beautiful Slippers.
  • Sleep Mask.
  • Sleek Smart Wristwatch.
  • Rose Bouquet.
  • Pure Silk Pillow Case.
  • Coffee Making Machine.
  • Echo Dot Smart Speaker With Clock And Alexa.
  • Neck and Back Massager.
  • Foot Massager.
  • Simple Gold Ring.
  • Cosy Mama Pillow.
  • Cosy Bedspread Sheet.
  • Fancy Baby Picture Frame.
  • Mom Customised Tumbler.
  • Diaper Backpack.
  • Mental Health And Selfcare Box (to include Bath Bomb and so on).
  • Fancy Scarf.
  • Body Care Products.
  • Cosmetic Box.
  • Gift Wine.
  • Fancy Hand Bag.
  • Non-Binding Socks.
  • Handpainted Figurine: Mother And Child.
  • Baby Keepsake Libary.
  • Privacy Nursing Cover.
  • Candy Box.
  • Swaddle Swing.
  • Baby Bandana Drool Bibs.
  • Soft Baby Blanket.
  • Foot Spa.
  • Diaper Organizer.
  • Soothe Shirt.
  • Customised Photo Collage.
  • Headsets (To Keep Mothers Entertained).
  • Fancy Mug.
  • Cosy House Shoes.
  • Matching Baby Outfit.
  • Mummy Spa Gift Box.
  • Baby Picture Frame.

The above items are good gift ideas to appreciate new mothers. This is to say thank you for bringing a child safely into this life.

How To Care For Yourself After Having A Child

Taking care of yourself after having a child is very important. Just the way you have patiently cared for yourself during pregnancy, you must take time to care for yourself after having a child. 

Taking care of yourself should include your mental and physical ( Bleeding, Cramps, and Exhaustion are after-birth symptoms).

Postpartum is a crucial time for many mothers, which may last for 3 to 5 days and if more than that, it might lead to depression. Here are some tips to care for yourself after having a child.

  • One important aspect that should be considered after birth is your team. Assemble a group of people that would be your physical and mental support. This could be your family members, friends, co-workers, and neighbours.
  • It is also your prepare things before birth. Get necessary things to support you after birth in the house, such as child things, putting the house in order and many others (you can also get medications or a first-aid box equipped).
  • Care for your body. This is very important as maintaining the body after birth can be really tasking. Pregnancy and labour can take so much from a mother. Remember to always relax when the time to rest is available or create one. 

Eat good diets and exercise to keep fit. 

  • Now that you are a mother, you can join a mom support group. These groups would help you along the line. They could provide you with tips about how you can manage yourself and your family as a new mother. Also, you get to connect with new mothers.
  • Also, if you are financially okay, you can consider hiring a Postpartum doula. This is a professional who provides support or service to you as a new mother during your postpartum period. They can also provide support physically and mentally to you and your family.
  • Getting a team of support is great. However, asking for support is very important. As a new mother, you should never be shy to for support and get one. A lot of people are even willing to support new mothers. Your neighbours, co-workers and even family members. Always call for support when you need them.

You can follow this link for more self-care after childbirth,


Push gift usually comes after childbirth. However, they can come early. These are gifts given to new mothers to appreciate them. You can consider several gifts for new mothers, packages that can usually support them in this period. You must get the right gift.

If you are considering what to get as a push gift, we have compiled some cool push items you can get for a new mother. These gifts can be personal items or something that can help them ease the weight of child care. We hope you find this informative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Push gifts should be packages that are meant for the Parents, especially the new mother. It should include personal stuff. However, you can get necessities for the baby to support the mother.

If you intend to engrave something on your push present or make it personalised, you can put the baby’s name, date of birth or the mother’s name.

Push gifts are given by the partners of the new mother. However, families and friends can also present a push gift.


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