Top 60+ Questions About The Bible That Cannot Be Answered

Top 60+ questions about the bible that cannot be answered — The bible, just like every other historical book, has numerous unanswered questions. These questions can result from bible stories, God’s commandments, the life of Christ, and many more. 

When reading the bible, Christians can not help but have questions, these questions are usually spiritual and are left unanswered. There are a lot of unanswered Questions about God, the Bible, and the scripture. Below are the top 60+ questions about the bible that cannot be answered.

Questions About The Bible That Cannot Be Answered

  • Why did Abraham and Sarah not have a kid much sooner? 
  • The scripture says that “the power of God can never change to folly, nor his power to weakness”. So will his goodness ever turn to hatred?
  • If hell is meant to correct sinners of their mistakes, why do they need to stay there forever? Thus making them serve the punishment severely. 
  • Christian Marriages are sanctified by God, but how come there are still So many divorces? “What God hath made, let no man put asunder.”
  • The scripture requires us to love our enemies, does God love his enemies too?
  • The scripture narrated that God is love, why did he have to create hell then?
  • The scripture talked against double-mindedness in the scripture, then why does God sometimes have two wills?
  • Why was God so mean in the Scripture?
  • Humans are encouraged to avoid paying back evil with evil, does God do the same?
  • The scripture says God Knows everything, Why did God create Angels in the beginning when he know they tended to defy him?
  • If God can have two wills, then why does the scripture says “He is of one mind.”
  • Why did God use Abraham’s first son and only child to test his Faith? 
  • The scripture condemns invent. So, did humans multiply through incent? 
  • Why do sinners have to pay for their sins when Jesus Christ already died for those sins?
  • In the story of Sodom and Gomorrah’s destruction that was narrated in the scripture, why did God have to punish Lot’s wife by turning her into a pillar of salt? Especially because he is all-merciful. 
  • Why was hell created? 
  • In the scripture, it was said that Jesus sacrificed his life and died on the cross where he spent three days to pay for all the sins in the world. If so, why then do sinners have to hell and pay for their sins again?
  • Does the bad deeds of finite humans warrant the infinite wrath of God? Do the good deeds of finite humans warrant everlasting mercy from God?
  • The scripture described human reasons as “carnal and delusive”, If so, why then did the same scripture mention that God said, “Come now and let us reason together?”
  • The scripture mentioned that good works and beliefs are essential for eternal salvation. And since infants have none of the above, how are they going to be saved?
  • When did Jesus Christ’s birth father, Joseph die?
  • Where did God come from?
  • At the beginning of creation, Did the Almighty create any human aside from Adam and Eve? How did humans multiply if he didn’t? 
  • Everyone that defy or disobeyed God and his commandments would burn in hell forever. What can humans call this attitude portrayed by God?
  • Does the Almighty have any parents, siblings, or relations?
  • Where did the Almighty come from? 
  • It is just for the Almighty to punish all men forever, on the flip side, would it be wrong if he does not do it?
  • Why do sinners say “Our Father, forgive us our trespasses “?
  • It is God’s will that everyone and everything worship and follows him. Those who defy this rule are punished in hell. Why were everyone and everything not simply programmed that way?
  • Why were sickness, pain, bitterness, and suffering created and allowed to exist?
  • Is Jesus Christ also the savior of the unbelievers? 
  • According to a passage in the holy bible, Jesus Christ says, “But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.” Does this imply that believers should get rid of non-believers? 
  • The holy book noted that God is the creator of everything. Then why did create that particular tree of Good and bad knowledge and place it right at the heart of the Garden of Eden?
  • What is the essence of free will, if humans cannot use it?

More Questions About The Bible That Can’t Be Answered 

Here are more questions about the scripture that are unanswerable;

  • In the Scripture, it was narrated that “no human flesh shall see the kingdom of heaven”. If so, then how were Elijah and Enoch able to go to heaven without dying? 
  • How did Virgin Mary get pregnant by the holy spirit? 
  • Why did Elijah and Enoch go to heaven without even dying? What makes them special? Are they different from other humans?
  • Since Adam was created as an immortal, did he ever die?
  • Did Jesus’ Mother, Mary die?
  • What does Jesus Christ look like?
  • Why do humans use God’s name to commit horrible sins?
  • How did Moses know and even wrote about his death? 
  • The scripture mentioned that God is all-knowing, why then did he ask Adam where he was in the Garden and if he had eaten fruit from the forbidden tree? Was it to test him? Shouldn’t he have already known Adam was going to defy him, since he is all-knowing? 
  • Why did Moses use the third person way of writing in the first five books contained in the Old Testament? 
  • What is the gender of the Almighty?
  • The Scripture noted that God is all-powerful, so why did he have to go through the stress of sending plagues to Egypt before they free the Israelites when he could have easily made that happen? Especially because the people had to suffer because of their king, Pharoah
  • In the scripture, all creations of God are perfect and this implies that the earth is perfect. So, why was another perfect place, heaven, created?
  • Do the rich ever make heaven? If they don’t, then why are there rich Christians? Because the scripture noted that it is easier to pass a camel through a needle than for a rich person to make heaven. 
  • Why did the old lady that the Almighty helped walk again on that particular Sunday had to use an aid to work again on the next Sunday? 
  • The bible says that heaven is a place that is free of all pains, suffering, and sadness. However, how can people live completely happy when humans are burning down in hell fire? 
  • In Genesis, God stated that he was sorry for the creation of mankind. Then why did he create humans in the first place?
  • The scripture stated that Faith in God is worth everything and anything, shouldn’t he allow people to develop their Faith and reach him, rather than through blind Faith?
  • Where did Satan gets all the power to tempt people?
  • God knows that the devil is aimed at tempting Christians to sin and defy Him, why then did he allow the devil to exist? Why does God not destroy him already?
  • Why can’t the Almighty destroy the devil already?
  • Where and how did the devil get the power to tempt us 
  • How many pregnant women died during the flood?
  • The bible said that the Almighty could create anything with just an utterance or even the wave of a hand, why then did he not make earth independent from anything? 
  • The scripture mentioned God as all just, why then did he have to kill numerous people in the holy book to pay for the sins of others? 
  • The bible stated that God is all-just, why then do people have to pay for a sin committed by Adam?
  • Why were human beings created with the tendency to sin?
  • Since God is all-knowing, why didn’t he know that Abraham feared him until the very moment he wanted to sacrifice his only son, Isaac?
  • What will happen to all the people that died before the coming of Christ?
  • How did trees and plants survive the flood?
  • Why was the death of Christ the only way to save people?
  • Why are there people with several imperfections? 
  • Why did Noah have to build an Ark when God could have easily brought it into existence? 
  • How were dinosaurs able to fit into Noah’s ark?


There you have it! Above are the top questions about the bible that cannot be answered. If you are a Christian, I bet you have one or more questions about the bible that are unanswered. These questions are usually neglected, but if you want answers, you can consult your spiritual leader for more clarity. 

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