Top 100 Questions Christians Can't Answer

Top 100 Questions Christians Can’t Answer


Questions Christians can’t answer – The Bible is the holy book of the Christians that is comprised of the Old Testament and the New Testament. It is also meant to give guidance to Christians on how to live their lives the way that pleases God. However, there are several unanswered questions about the bible and Christianity in general.

In this article, you will learn some of the questions about God, Jesus Christ, and also the scripture that Christians can not answer. These questions are not meant to confuse you about your Faith, but to expose you to certain aspects of Christianity left unanswered. Without further ado, read on to discover the Questions Christians can’t answer. 


Popular Questions Christians Can’t Answer

  • The scripture says God is perfect. Then why are there Imperfect human beings (humans with disabilities) in this world?
  • How did Christ’s Mother, Mary get pregnant for the holy spirit? 
  • Adam was created as an Immortal. Did he ever die, then?
  • Why and How did Elijah and Enoch go to heaven without dying? 
  • Do infants that die at birth go to heaven? 
  • Why did God have to use Abraham’s only Son to test his Faith? 
  • Why are people created or born with deformities? 
  • How was Noah able to get the different types of species into his ark?
  • God is all-merciful. Why then did he turn Lot’s wife into a pillar of salt and not have mercy on her?
  • It is natural for plants and trees to die when they are overwatered. How then did they survive the flood? Or were they in Noah’s Ark? If yes, how did they fit into the ark?
  • The bible said, Adam and Eve knew nothing (did not have any knowledge) before they ate from the tree of knowledge. Why then did God punish them for eating from the tree, which is called “the tree of knowledge”?

Questions Christians Can’t Answer

  • The bible says, God is all-just, if so, why then is he punishing us for the sins of Adam?
  • How many women got drowned during the flood?
  • How did the world increase? Did God create more humans? Or did the Children of Adam and Eve lie with each other?
  • Why Wouldn’t the Almighty just destroy the devil and all his advocates with a wave of his hand? 
  • How did all the dinosaurs fit in Noah’s ark?
  • What will happen to people that died before the coming of Christ? 
  • Why did the scripture says that Christ’s death on the cross was the only way the sins of the world could be erased?
  • Why are some human beings created with sinful nature?
  • The scripture noted that God is all-just, why then does he punish a vast amount of people throughout the bible for sins committed by specific persons/people?
  • Do the rich ever get salvation or are they doomed forever? Since the bible narrated that “it is easier for a camel to pass through a needle than for the rich to make heaven.
  • The bible narrated that Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross and died for three days for the sins of the world. Why then do sinners have to go to hell and pay for their sins themselves? That means the sins are being paid twice. Does this mean that Christ’s sacrifice wasn’t sufficient enough?

Difficult Questions Christians Can’t Answer

  • Why did Abraham and his wife not have a baby at an earlier age?
  • What gender is the Almighty? 
  • How can one know if Jesus is God’s son? What are the shreds of evidence?
  • How many people did Noah’s ark carry?
  • Why does God allow evil to exist in the world? 
  • How can I trust the person that documented the bible?
  • When and how did Joseph, Christ’s father die?
  • What is the purpose of hellfire?
  • Did Mary, Jesus’ Mother ever die? If yes, how did she die? 
  • Why do Christians have free will, if they can’t use it?
  • If Christianity is the one true religion, why are other members of other religions fulfilled with their Faith? 
  • In the beginning, God created everything, including angels. The question is, why would he create angels that tend to go against him?
  • The Almighty wants all of us to worship him. Why then did he not create everyone like that? 
  • Why do Kids and the elderly have to be inflicted with deadly illnesses such as lung diseases? Why do they have to go through that much suffering? 
  • Why did God have to destroy everything on earth by sending the flood? when he could have easily scrapped the wrongdoers off the surface of the world without having to destroy the earth entirely.
  • Why do people commit numerous atrocities using the name of God?
  • Why is there no actual evidence of miracles performed by the Almighty? 

More Questions Christians Can’t Answer

  • Why are men not born already circumcised?
  • Why did God have to spend six days creating the world since he is omnipotent? 
  • What does the old testament says about God?
  • Is God a male or female?
  • Why does God allow people to continually commit atrocities? 
  • Is God right if he loves only those who love him?
  • The scripture says paying evil with evil is wrong, then why does God punish sinners instead of forgiving them?
  • God is all-merciful, why wouldn’t he allow everyone to go to heaven? 
  • The bible says, God knows all and sees all. Did he know Eve was going to be deceived by the snake? Why did he allow Eve to get deceived? 
  • What is the essence of hell?
  • Why wouldn’t the Almighty cure the disabled? 
  • Will the Almighty’s goodness ever turn to hatred?
  • When people die, it is said that their brain cells are dead. If so, how will people feel pain in hell?
  • Is Jesus Christ also the savior of non-believers?
  • Why did Jesus Christ have to beg at Gethsemane since Christians believe he is God? 

Questions Christians Can’t Answer

  • Why is it that in the scripture, the world is said to be about 6000 years, however, research has proven that they are earthly objects that have been in existence for millions of years?
  • The bible is believed to be the words of the Almighty God, however, according to history, several parts or books have been excluded from the first original version due to several translations. How then are we supposed to believe the accuracy of this particular model? 
  • Why did the old lady with walking problems that was healed by Jesus on a particular Sunday need to use a walker the next Sunday? Was the deliverance only temporary? 
  • Heaven is said to be the only place free from pain, sadness, and suffering. How can people who make heaven enjoy the place knowing that some of their loved ones will burn eternally in hell?
  • Why can’t the Almighty forgive people of their sins after they die? 
  • With all the technological advances in the world today, which everyone is benefiting from, including Christians. Why then are Christians hell-bent on denying all scientific evidence that opposes several aspects of Christianity and the bible?

Unanswerable Questions About Christianity And The Bible 

  • How does Jesus Christ looks?
  • Why does God allow us to suffer?
  • Where did the Almighty originate from?
  • Is God just?
  • Are sinners allowed to recite the “our father” prayer? Since the scripture says God is not the father of sinners. 
  • Is not punishing people for their sins wrong? Since punishing them is right. 
  • Isn’t killing or aborting some pure Christians, right? Since it’s practically like winning souls for the Almighty. 
  • Does the Almighty have any siblings? 
  • Aside from Adam and Eve, did God create anybody else? 
  • Does the bible want Christians to get rid of disbelievers? According to the scripture, Christ said ” But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.”
  • God is all-knowing. So why does he have to test Abraham’s faith?
  • Elijah and Enoch went to heaven without dying. How are they able to stay there with their human flesh?
  • Why were Christians given free will if they can’t use it?
  • Does God have one mind since the scripture narrated that God has two wills?
  • Christian Marriages are joined according to the commandments of God. So, why are there so many divorces in Christian marriages? 
  • Can we live forever because of our good deeds?
  • In the bible, why did God ask Sodom and Gomorrah not to look back?
  • Will Satan and his evil companions on earth ever be destroyed?


There you have it! Above are 70+ questions Christians can’t answer. These questions are from the bible, the life of Christ, and also the scripture. Check them out and maybe you can find a way around answering these questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who Is Jesus Christ's birth father?

Jesus Christ’s father is called Joseph

In what city was Jesus Christ born?

Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem 

On what day was Jesus born?

Jesus was born on the 25th of December. 





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