50 Questions To Ask Students While on College Visits

questions to ask students while on college visits

College visits are about more than checking out the campus environments to see if it fits your aesthetics. There are plenty of questions a prospective student should ask while touring their potential College.

Many of which will help you make your decision, while others just showcase the school’s advantage over its numerous competitors.

But many students are not aware of all the questions they should ask while they are on their college visits.

If you’re among the list of students who don’t have an idea on questions to ask so they can decide if a school is right for them or not, here are 50 carefully curated “Questions to ask students while on college visits“.

50 Questions to ask students while on college visits

The Basic Questions

1. Why did you choose to study at this college?

2. What’s the best thing you like about this college?

3. What do you think could be more improved in this school?

4. Are the school administrators, financial aid officers, deans, and officers easily accessible?

5. As a student in this school, are you happy being here?

6. What makes this school so special?

Academic Questions

7. What are the most popular majors in this school?

8. Are professors ready to help students with research?

9. What are the most reputable departments in this school?

10. How much writing and reading is expected for a particular course?

11. Is the academic advice satisfactory?

12. How often are teaching assistants used?

13. Are the professors friendly?

14. Are classes discussion-based or lecture-based?

15. Do professors hold outside-class hours?

16. Is the major I am interested in guaranteed?

College Life Questions

17. Is there free Wi-Fi on the campus?

18. How palatable are the campus foods?

19. Are students allowed to live on campus?

20. Is a computer lab present on campus?

21. What’s it like being a first-year student here?

22. What’s the interactivity between students like?

23. Is student security guaranteed?

24. What does a typical day look like?

25. Do most students belong to fraternities or sororities organizations?

26. Are the campus locations easy to navigate?

Students Life Questions

27. Are the students here affable?

28. How diverse is the student population that makes up the school body?

29. Do students from different races interact?

30. How would you describe fellow students?

31. Can a freshman bring a car to the campus?

32. Are you allowed to choose a roommate or you will be assigned to one?

33. Do most students get along with their roommates or changes are frequently requested?

34. Is it possible to switch rooms or roommates?

35. Are there local restaurants that students love nearby?

36. What do students have to say about living on campus? Is the housing comfortable or not?

Career Questions

37. Are internships available? If yes, how do you find them?

38. How helpful are the career guidance services?

39. Can you build leadership skills on campus?

40. Are there notable graduates from this college?

41. Is it easy to find side jobs through the school?

42. Does the school recognize and award extra talents or specific majors?

43. Does the college give out athletic scholarships?

44. What are the requirements to receive a merit scholarship?

45. Do seniors complete capstone projects or experience?

46. Is there a learning community apart from freshmen learning experiences?

47. Can students use any on-campus tutoring programs or writing centers?

48. Is there an internship or co-op opportunity throughout the college?

49. How many percentages of undergraduates already have internship experience by the time of graduation?

50. What is the average amount of student loan debt upon graduating?

In Summary

To make the most out of your college visits, important questions that will open your eyes to many things, make you understand a few mysteries about your prospective school, and let you decide if it is the right one for you needs to be asked.

Answers given to the questions asked will let you have a personal understanding of the institution, you may hire a school tour guide, if there are none provided by the school, to show you around campus while you ask them these questions.

If there are some questions your tour guide can’t give answers to, you can meet with any of the school professors to seek clear replies.

Hope this guide on “Questions To Ask Students While on College Visit” has given you plenty of ideas about the questions you should ask while touring.

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