9 Reasons to Study Medicine

Reasons to study medicine

Reasons to study medicine- Medicine is one of the most popular courses that fifty percent of kids want to study, and many of them do not know the reason. An even more interesting fact is that as they grow up, half of them lose the dream of becoming a doctor, and that is because they never had a reason to in the first place.

Some kids are interested in studying medicine or law because they love the lab coats and the wigs that the professionals use, while some want to become soldiers because of the boots and the guns. However, these are not genuine reasons and as the children grow up to become teenagers, they begin to lose the reason why they wanted to study medicine.

How do you answer why do you want to do medicine?

Why should you study medicine or what are the advantages of studying medicine? If you are reading this now you are probably looking for a way to answer questions you have been asked numerous times, like “Why do you want to be a doctor?” or you need enough reasons to study medicine.

Medicine, pharmacy and other health courses are the most interesting courses in the world, whether anyone believes it or not. The reasons for this fact will be stated clearly in this article.

If you are interested in studying medicine and becoming a medical doctor and you simply need reasons to give yourself or people who ask you these questions, read through this article carefully and have the reasons stick to your mind. If you are also a first-year medical student and you have been asked to write a “why I want to study medicine essay”, simply go through this article to get your reasons.

Reasons to Study Medicine

  • Medicine is a special course of study
  • Endless job opportunities
  • Highly rewarding remuneration
  • Doctors help to save lives
  • Save the world in times of pandemics/epidemic
  • Doctors help pharmacists to develop drugs
  • Help the country in wars
  • Opportunity to live abroad in almost any country
  • Help people remove their insecurities (Plastic surgery)

Medicine is a special course of study

Medicine is a very important aspect of human existence, and it helps in saving a large percent of the population in different ways. There are researchers working every day to find a cure to cancer and other deadly diseases and afflictions bothering humans.

The loveliest aspect of medicine is surgery, and if you do not hate the sight of human blood you may go into surgery after studying medicine. There are different aspects of surgery, with some being even more interesting than others. Medicine is the only profession that allows you to see what you are made up of as a human being.

If you are a cardiothoracic surgeon and you perform your first successful surgery on a human heart, the joy you get when you see the heart bubbling after the surgery will make you so happy you became a doctor.

Surgeons get to witness the best part of medicine. Imagine saving someone’s life by carrying out a surgery on his lungs or brain. The lively feeling you get during the process will make you so happy, and that is one of the best reasons to study medicine.

Endless job opportunities

One fact that no one can deny is that medical doctors are needed everywhere in the world. The government, private organizations and hospitals are always in need for medical doctors. There is never a country where there are too many doctors. All over the world, there is always a shortage of doctors and this is why you cannot stay out of job as a medical doctor.

After graduating medical school, you start residence and start working and getting paid at the same time, learning the ropes. You can get employed in private hospitals, start your own clinic or get a federal job.

This is different from other careers that need you to spend many years working before you can afford a car or a house. The beauty of being a medical doctor is that you are doing what you love, getting paid for it, and helping people at the same time.

Highly rewarding remuneration

Medical practitioners like Doctors, Nurses, Physiologists, Psychologists, Laboratory Scientists and others are in high demand in Europe and Asia. Countries like Denmark usually scoop up any good doctors they see. For specialized doctors in Switzerland, you can earn up to $130,000 while normal medical doctors earn up to $116,000 in a year. This is one of the best remuneration rates you will get in any career.

If you are going to be a doctor you really do not have to worry about your earnings as you will get more than three times the average earning of people in your country. Although what you may get in your country will be different when compared to other countries especially in Europe, your salary will be quite good compared to people in other professions.

Doctors help to save lives

If you believe in religion you will find it greatly rewarding to study medicine. This will in fact be one of the most important reasons to study medicine, for you.

Saving lives in any way, whether legal, spiritual or health wise is said to be very rewarding. Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and other believers believe that there is spiritual reward in saving lives. Atheists or people who do not believe in God also find it greatly rewarding to save lives.

Apart from religious benefits, doing good acts is satisfying for most people. The feeling that you saved someone who could have died or not been able to live properly is blissful, and doing this for years will give you the feeling of a hero, which you are.

By saving someone, you may have saved his children, wife, best friend, brother and impacted many other lives at once. This is one of the reasons that medical courses are the best courses to study in school.

Saves the world in times of pandemic

The recent pandemic is evidence that doctors are most important. Just like the Spanish flu in the early 1900s, the Corona Virus pandemic could have wiped the whole world had it not been for the government, doctors and pharmacists.

Without the doctors, it would have at least left a permanent scar on the world. About 75% of infected people were treated and recovered in a few days or few weeks, with many important personalities getting infected too.

The testing systems that were quickly developed, diagnosis and prompt research of vaccine was carried out by doctors and pharmacists, while doctors kept saving people for the time being.

Doctors help pharmacists to develop drugs

This is an important aspect of life. Drugs help your body to fight off diseases, and doctors are the ones that best know these diseases and everything about human illnesses.

Pharmacists develop the drugs, but to do this they often require the help of doctors and specialized microbiologists.

Not only do doctors help in saving lives by diagnosing diseases at the right time, they also help to sustain life and keep humans healthy for the rest of their lives. In olden days, superb doctors are known as semi-gods because they can extend life and sustain it.

If you like this idea of being respected, then it is one of the best reasons to study medicine and become a brilliant doctor.

Help the country in wars

This is not often recognized by the citizens, but one of the best ways of serving the country is being a doctor that treats soldiers who get injured at war front.

In the last two major wars in the world, hundreds of thousands and even millions of soldiers have either lost their lives or have been injured permanently. There are thousands of doctors struggling to carry out emergency treatments at war camps.

If you have a relative in the military that goes to war, then you must understand that their lives are constantly in danger, leaving a huge workload for the doctors, upon whom the lives of thousands of people will depend on.

After getting injured at war, some people’s legs are amputated immediately so that they can live. Some others need emergency surgery in their heart, calf, or any other part of the body. The doctors who do these are true citizens serving their nation.

 Opportunity to live abroad in almost any country

Doctors can easily leave their country whenever they wish, sometimes even without spending much of their money.

Doctors from Africa sometimes get mass-recruited by developed countries in the Middle East like the United Arab Emirates. During the Corona Virus pandemic, doctors from various parts of the country were recruited in the United States, United Kingdom and some parts of Asia.

Without epidemics or pandemics, most countries naturally are short of doctors, so doctors can get out of their country very easily.

Help people remove their insecurities

This is the new aspect of surgery that helps to save lives emotionally and mentally. In all countries of the world, there are people who are not satisfied with their natural body features like the shape of the breasts, the size of the ears (very common), the shape of the nose and others.

Some people do not have self-confidence because their features are not appealing enough, and doctors can improve the quality of their lives by adjusting these features, removing their insecurities. Most plastic surgeons find great satisfaction in bringing out the beauty in people and restoring the confidence. If you enjoy seeing people happy, this is also one of the reasons to study medicine and work hard as a doctor.


Medicine is a respected course of study, and deservedly so because doctors are people who decided to literally spend their whole lives saving other people. Doctors have to study hard in medical school and still study a lot when they become doctors.

First year medical students sometimes have second thoughts about becoming a doctor, but medicine is interesting. This article gives you the best reasons to study medicine, to answer your own questions and others’ too.




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