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Best Residential School In The Netherlands – To give a child the best education money can get is a lifetime opportunity. There are several children out there who do not get the best out of education. 


Education is key to one’s development whether formal or not as long as that child gets the best, be it vocational or others. There are a lot of people who seek to provide the best education for their kids, in fact, they look at sending their children abroad for education. Countries UK, United States of America, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, and many others. All in the name of acquiring the best. 

If you are looking for the best education abroad, whether day or boarding or mixed school then you are on the right page. The Netherlands is a great destination for many to study as they are great schools, residential or day, in the country. 

Though the country has only one boarding school, We would be discussing the best and only residential school in the Netherlands.


Early Forms Of Residential School 

The early forms of residential schools were a conglomeration of the Europeans and the church. These were colonial Europeans who brought a system of removal of ideas after believing that their beliefs and culture as superior. They enforced the separation of kids from their parents while trying to educate them on their beliefs and ways of life.

Many o these children were placed under had circumstances, no formal education was given even to the point where kids were tortured, and sexually abused. 

In the early 1880s, the Canadian government took a more serious face to this system as the propaganda was to bring the Aboriginals to reduce. 


However, the motive of the residential schools in countries like Canada and others was not the same as in the Netherlands and some other European countries. In the Netherlands, it was just a boarding school. The Netherlands has one of the best schools in the world with advanced learning, Conducive environments and many others.

Netherlands Education System

Like every other Europe country, the Netherlands’ education system is shaped the way most countries have their education structure. In the Netherlands, education runs from Primary through Higher Education and it is compulsory and free from Early Learning to the last year of secondary school which should end at the age of 16.

Students get to spend 8 years in Primary school, 4 to 6 years in Secondary school after that students can decide to further in a vocational school or go to a university. In the Netherlands, school education is classified into private and public schools. Education begins at the age of 5 when students are enrolled in a Primary school.

In most schools in the Netherlands, Dutch is the primary language for teaching while English forms the base for the second language. most schools are teaching in English.

Best Residential School In The Netherlands

Residential school in the Netherlands was not the same way it was in Canada and Australia. This was propaganda that was designed to bring about a shift. However, in the Netherlands, it is a different case. This was just a mere boarding school.

Residential schools are educational organisations where students live on school premises. Students are trained and provided with moral studies. They are several residential or boarding schools in the Netherlands. 

Based on Statista, there are over 6,100 elementary and 684 secondary schools in the Netherlands both private and public schools in 2021. There is only one particular boarding school in the Netherlands. Here is the best residential school in the Netherlands.

  • Eerde International Boarding School, Ommen, Netherlands.

Eerde International Boarding School 

Eerde International Boarding School is a well-known school in the Netherlands that offers students boarding school and day. The School prepares students from early learning at the age of 4 to Grade 12 at the age of 18.


Eerde International is a great place for students to learn as it allows 5 to 10 students per class, a conducive and safe environment, coupled with lots of great facilities and extracurricular activities. ISE is popularly known to run International Baccalaureate and international Cambridge programs. Its language of instruction is English.

It was founded in the year 1934 in Ommen, Netherlands. The school costs around 7,875 Euros per annum to 51,400 Euros per annum depending on your program. Extracurricular activities are in various forms from sports to social activities, performing arts and many others. Eerde Internal School is a perfect choice for students in the Netherlands and abroad.

You can visit this link for more info on Eerde International boarding school.

However, if you are staying in the country there are several elementary and secondary schools you can consider for your kids, such as the United World College, Internal School of Hague, American School of Hague, Amity International School of Amsterdam, The British School of Amsterdam and many others. 

If you considering one, here is a full listing link you can check to get the best in Amsterdam.


Residential schools in countries like Canada and Australia were not the same as in the Netherlands which is a very small country in Europe. In fact, the Netherlands has only one well-known boarding or residential school which is located in Ommen, Netherlands.

If you are considering enrolling your kid in this school, it is a great choice as the Netherlands has one of the best education systems in the world. We have explained in the article the best Best and only boarding school in the Netherlands we hope you find this insightful.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Dutch-speaking country has several schools however, there is only one boarding school which is the Eerde International School Boarding School.

The Netherlands’ education system is one of the best as it is fully funded and monitored by quality assurance. Most of its schools are topped world’s best like the University of Amsterdam is highly ranked in the world.


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