Top 20 Best Residential Schools In Australia

Top 20 Residential Schools In Australia. 2

Best Residential Schools In Australia – Residential schools are practically one of the best ways to enforce any philosophy, as students are confined to a premise. There are several schools in Australia, Day, Boarding and Mixed. Residential school was once popular but over time it took another form.


If you are interested in enrolling your kid in a residential school abroad, especially in Australia, then you are on the right page as we would be discussing the top 20 residential schools in Australia that are safe, and great for your kid.

Australia Education System

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world with over 25,965,300 population estimated in 2022. The country is one of the oldest, driest and flattest countries inhabited. It gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1901 but still has the United Kingdom’s monarch as its Monarch’s head.

Education in Australia is quite interesting and can be compared to many European countries, as it also meets standards. Education in the country is regulated by the states and territories although supported by the federal government.


School is compulsory for every child and it begins at the age of 5 or 6 all through to 17 years. Education in Australia is the third largest sector in the country. The School year in Australia depends on the program one is enrolled on.

 Kindergarten/Preparatory classes usually begin in late January or early February and are divided into four semesters for a period of 13 years from Preparatory to year 12. The highest level one can attain in the academic level in Australia is the doctorate level.

Education in Australia is in two levels, School Education which includes Primary ( runs for 7 to 8 years, from kindergarten to year 6 or 7), then Secondary school which runs for three years, from year 7 to 10 and lastly Senior Secondary School which runs for two years, from year 10 to year 12.


The student is expected to progress to Tertiary Education, which comprises Universities Colleges, and Vocational Education Training (VET). The language of Instruction in Australia is English however, some schools do offer other languages mostly in private institutions.

Residential Schools In Australia

Residential schools were the concept of the Canadian government where the Aboriginals were targeted. Children of the Aboriginals were removed from their parents to concentrate on premises where they were treated otherwise instead of the academic training which was limited. 

Unlike boarding schools of today, which promise so much such as discipline, well-trained students, academic progression, and many others. The Residential school deprived students of so many things even to the brim of losing their parents, culture and others.

Residential schools were common in Canada and Australia as they shared common and were around the 80s and lost popularity in the early 20s. Instead of having Residential schools, what we now have is Boarding schools.

Residential School is an educational organisation, an institution where students live on a premise. There are several boarding schools in Australia today, and we will be looking at the top 20 residential schools in Australia.

Top 20 Best Residential Schools In Australia

Residential Schools are also referred to as boarding schools. There are over 189 boarding schools in Australia scattered around Australia, Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia and others.  


Here is a list of the top 20 residential Schools in Australia.

  • Canberra Girls Grammar School, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Anglican Church Grammar School (Churchie), Brisbane, Australia.
  • Firbank Grammar School, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Gippsland Grammar, Victoria, Australia.
  • Great Southern Grammar, Western Australia, Australia.
  • Hills International College, Queensland, Australia.
  • The Friends School, Tasmania, Australia.
  • Abbotsleigh School, Sydney, Australia.
  • All Souls of Saint Gabriel Schools, Queensland, Australia.
  • Aquinas College, Western Australia, Australia.
  • Mentone Grammar School, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Whitsunday Anglican School, Queensland, Australia.
  • Fairholme College, Queensland, Australia.
  • Saint Peter’s College, Adelaide, Australia.
  • Walford School for Girls, South Australia.
  • Tudor House (The King’s School), New South Wales, Australia.
  • Wenona School, New South Wales, Australia.
  • Seymour College, Adelaide, Australia.
  • Saint Mark’s College, Adelaide, Australia.
  • Westminster School, South, Australia.

  • Canberra Girls Grammar School 

If you are looking for an all-girls boarding school, Canberra Girls Grammar School is a great choice. It is located in Canberra, Melbourne, founded in 1926. Canberra Girls Grammar School is a predominantly girls’ independent school. It has received a five-star overall rating on its teachers, curriculum, school facilities and value for its money.


The school boast 1600 pupils and costs around AUD 7,910 to 24,570 per annum. The school has programmes from Kindergarten to Year 12. It is a great school to enjoy extra curriculum activities such as gymnasium, sports, arts, music, its state-of-the-art swimming pool and many more.

  • Anglican Church Grammar School (Churchie)

Established in 1912, located in Oakland Parade Brisbane, Australia is one of the best schools in Australia, with several facilities for students to enjoy such as inter-house sports, music, arts and others. Sports would include, Air cadets Swimming, Tennis, Water polo, Volleyball and many others.

The school curriculum is designed to provide students with the best skills and many of their students further into great universities. The school is also known as Churchie. The all-boys boarding school is a great place for learning and moral growth. The school costs around AUD 19,972 to 23,476 per annum.

Anglican Church Grammar School has over 1,800 students enrolled in the school. The school covers programmes from Kindergarten to year 12. It is a great choice for the parent as the student’s safety is guaranteed.

  • Firbank Grammar School

This day and boarding school is located in Melbourne. It is one of the oldest schools in Australia, with both day and boarding schools. It is an all-girls independent boarding school that was founded in 1909. Though Firbank Grammar School consists of three educational groups.

This includes Sandringham House for co-educational primary school, Turner House a primary school for girls and the senior school catering for girls only in years 7 to 12.

The school provides students with a great curriculum and extra-curriculum activities. Firbank is a member of Girls Sports Victoria, one of the largest independent school sporting associations in Victoria, Australia.

The School costs between AUD 18,165 and AUD 32,727 per annum. It has over 1,200 students in record train at Early Learning to Year 12. Firbank Grammar is a great school for girls.

  • Hills International College

This is another international school that has gotten a notable review founded in 1992 in Queensland, Australia. It is a co-educational school that prepares students from Preparatory to year 12. It provides students with quality training in a world-class learning environment.

The boarding school has around 500 students enrolled. It is a great place for extra curriculum activities golf programmes, arts, technology and sports. At Hills International school academic excellence is their motto. Though it is quite expensive, it costs around AUD 3,560 to 14,980 per annum.


The school offers boarding facilities for both male and female students. Safe and comfortable for students. Students are also allowed to enjoy some facilities in their rooms. Hills International College is a perfect co-educational boarding school.

  • The Friends’ School

Founded in 1887 in Tasmania, Australia is an independent co-educational day and boarding school. It is also one of the oldest schools in Australia. The boarding school provides early learning education up to year 12. It also provides a distance learning platform.

The Friends School costs around AUD 10,940 to AUD 22,560, which comes with a lot of benefits for the students. The school is a great place to grow spiritually and build career excellence and also a safe learning environment. 

You can visit this link to get more information on these schools.


Residential schools are a great place to foster disciple or any other motive, this is because children are under the supervision of teachers and guides who make sure these goals are met, especially career excellence. They are several schools in Australia that are top-notch.

We have been able to list several schools you can enrol your kids to provide them with the best and most sort in Australia, such as The Friends School, Hills International College, Firbank Grammar School and many others. We hope you find this insightful.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several boarding schools in Australia, approximately over 189 boarding schools whether mixed, boys only or girls only and even independent boarding schools.

The tuition fee for boarding schools depends on the school and programs. This could range from AUD 19,000 to 24,000. You can visit this link for more.

Normally boarding schools do not allow phones or gadgets. You can check on the school websites for what they allow and don’t.

Not all boarding schools are grouped into houses, however, this is common among the English people where students are grouped into different houses. However, it is common to have a housemaster or housemistress.


Boarding schools are a great place for students to learn a lot, morals and even progress academically. However not all kids would enjoy going to a boarding school, it is important to discuss this with your child before sending him or her off.


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