Top 25 Best Residential Schools In Canada

best residential schools in Canada

Best Residential Schools in Canada- Locating a good residential school in Canada can really be a huge task most especially if you are a foreigner. This is why we have put together this article to reveal the best residential schools in Canada. You will find in this article best residential schools in Canada for boys, best residential schools in Canada for girls and best residential schools in Canada-coeducational.


You will surely find 1 or 2 schools that will suit your child.

Best Residential Schools In Canada

Co-educational Residential Schools in Canada

  1. Albert College
  2. Academie Ste-Cecile International School
  3. St. John’s-Kilmarnock School
  4. Royal Crown School
  5. Trinity College School
  6. Rosseau Lake College
  7. Appleby College
  8. Lakefield College School
  9. The Hill Academy
  10. Applewood Academy for Progressive Learning
  11. Laureate College
  12. Rothesay Netherwood School
  13. McDonald International Academy
  14. North Star Academy
  15. Glenlyon Norfolk School
  16. SPIRE Academy
  17. Nancy Campbell Academy
  18. St. Michaels University School
  19. Stanstead College
  20. Niagara Christain Collegiate
  21. Brookes Westshore
  22. Ashbury College
  23. The Gow School
  24. Bishop’s College School
  25. St. John’s-Ravenscourt School
  26. NOIC Academy
  27. Merrick Preparatory School
  28. Bodwell High School
  29. Queen Margaret’s School
  30. Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate
  31. Houghton Academy
  32. Shawnigan Lake School
  33. Nile Academy
  34. Maple Leaf World Schools-Canada
  35. Ridley College
  36. St. Stephen’s School, Rome
  37. Alberta Ballet School
  38. Rosthern Junior College High School
  39. Kells Academy
  40. Brentwood College School
  41. Great Lakes Christian High School
  42. Columbia International College
  43. Pickering College
  44. Haven International School
  45. Montverde Academy
  46. College Bourget
  47. Dewey Institute
  48. Unisus School
  49. Fulfold Academy
  50. King;s Edgehill School
  51. Luther College High School
  52. J.Addison School
  53. Great Lakes Colleges of Toronto
  54. Bronte College
  55. Canadian College Italy
  56. Athol Murray College of Notre Dame
  57. Mennonite Collegiate Institute
  58. Trillium School
  59. Holy Family Achievement School of Academie Ste-Cecile

Best Co-Educational Residential Schools in Canada

#1 Albert College

Albert College is one of the best residential schools in Canada. It is coeducational and has options for both day and boarding students.  Students from kingdergarten to Grade 12 are welcomed in this prestigious school. International students are welcomed from different parts of the world. Students of this great school enjoy all round learning not only in academics but in Arts, Athletics, Active Citizenship and Adventure programming.


#2 Academie Ste-Cecile International School

The school is one of the best residential schools in Canada with options for both day and boarding students. Academie Ste-Cecile was founded in 1993 and is located in Windsor, Ontario. It is a family of schools that includes nursery, elementary and secondary schools.

Learning is quite easier and interesting as the class sizes are small (average of 12 students in a class) and the student teacher ratio is quite good. Students are well cared for at this school and they get to enjoy family atmosphere too.


#3 St. John’s-Kilmarnock School

St John’s Kilmarnock school is a co-educational boarding school established in 1972 in Breslau, Ontario. The school provides an ideal and experiential learning environment for its students.

Even though it is a boarding school, day students are also welcomed. Students are not only equipped academically, they also get to participate in co-curricular activities such as athletics, arts, leadership and community services.

Residential Schools In Canada For Girls

  1. The Bishop Strachan School
  2. Havergal College
  3. Branksome Hall
  4. St. Margaret’s School
  5. Trafalgar Castle School
  6. Balmoral Hall School
  7. Alpine Academy
  8. The Sacred Heart School of Montreal

Best Residential Schools in Canada for Girls

  1. The Bishop Strachan School
  2. Havergal College
  3. Branksome Hall

#1 The Bishop Strachan School

The school was established in 1867 in Toronto, Ontario.  It is a girls-only boarding school with options for day students. The school is open to girls from kindergarten to grade 12.

The school equips the girl child to be sound in both academics, co-curricular activities and other aspects of life. Students are also being prepared in this school to thrive and excel at university and beyond.

#2 Havergal College

Havergal College was established as a girls only residential school in Ontario.  The College prepares girls to make a difference in their world through its dynamic and creative curriculum. The classes are small which enables each girl child receive enough attention from the teacher.


Aside academic activities, there are also co-curricular activities like drama, art and music to engage the girls and build them up.

#3 Branksome Hall

Branksome Hall is one of the best residential schools in Canada for girls. The school is also open to day students. The curriculum at this school is for girls between kindergarten class and Grade 12.

The school provides an enabling environment for young girls to be nurtured academically and in other aspects of life. Some of the co-curricular activities in the school include Athletics, leadership and others.

Best Residential Schools In Canada For Boys

  1. Upper Canada College
  2. Robert land Academy
  3. St. Andrew’s College

#1 Upper Canada College

This boys-only college was founded in 1829 in the heart of Toronto, Ontario.  The college welcomes both day and boarding students. The college provides an enabling environment for the boys to learn.

Students are groomed to be excellent both in academics and co-curricular activities like athletics, arts, etc.

#2 Robert land Academy

Robert land Academy is also a boys-only residential school in Canada.  It is a private residential school with military setting. It was established in 1978 in Wellandport, Ontario.

The school is open to only boarding students. The academy instills the values of hard work, respect and perseverance into its boys.


Do you have a son having issues in literacy and numeracy, easily distracted or with gaps in learning, then you should check out Robert Land Academy.

#3 St. Andrew’s College

St Andrew’s College is a boys’ only residential school in Aurora, Ontario. It was established in 1899 and it currently stands as the largest boys-only residential school in Canada.

The college is sited on a 126-acre campus in Ontario. The school environment is set up in a manner to enhance learning among its students.

Tips To Getting Best Residential Schools In Canada For Your Child

It can be really challenging when it comes to locating a good residential school for your child especially if you are in a new environment. The following tips can be helpful in locating a good school for your child.

Tip 1: Attend School Expos

School Expos are good opportunities for parents to check out good schools for their kids. At such events, they have the opportunity to make necessary enquiries, ask questions and even meet the management of the school.  Three expos are held in Ontario, Canada. There is one in Toronto, one in Halton-peel and the third in Ottawa. Expos also hold each fall in Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary.

Tip 2: Take Advantage of Parents Discussion Forum

You can take advantage of the parent discussion forum in your community to locate good residential schools for your kids. You can speak one-on-one with parents about your need to locate good residential schools in Canada. Before you would talk to 3 or 4 parents, you would have gotten what you want.

Tip3:    Attend Open day events of Schools


Attending Open day events of schools is another great way to get more details about a school. You have the opportunity to check out the school facilities, its environment and also ask important questions.

Pros and Cons of Residential Schools in Canada

Pros of Residential Schools in Canada

  • Parents have more free time to attend to life, career and other things when their children attend residential schools.
  • Students have all the time to invest completely in their academics.
  • Children get to meet and interact other kids from different background, ethnicity, belief system, etc.
  • The Residential school system helps a child to be independent and prepares him/her for university life and life after school.
  • A child in residential school has stability, most especially in times when the parents have to move from one location to another due to job, career, etc.
  • Students in residential schools develop more sense of responsibility than those in day school.
  • Residential schools builds discipline in young people.

Cons of Residential Schools in Canada

  • Peer pressure and influence is a major concern when it comes to residential schools.
  • Residential schools are much more expensive than day schools.
  • Life can be boring and monotonous in a residential school.
  • Building friendship and relationships outside the school walls may be difficult.
  • Bullying and other negative vices among teenagers is more rampant in residential schools.

Frequently Asked Questions

In residential schools, children have more control over their activities, schedules than those in day school. Also children in residential schools quickly grow up to attain independence faster than in day school.

According to experts, a child should be matured enough to be able to express his feeling and thoughts clearly before allowing such child to leave for a residential school. Age 9 is the least age ideal for a residential school.

Residential schools have healthcare professionals on-duty 24/7. If the illness is a mild one, the child will be taken care of. But in times when the sickness is severe, the parents will be contacted so they can take the child for advanced treatment in a hospital of their choice.

Final Word

Even though residential schools has its constraints, the benefits far-outweighs the cons. Once you can locate a good residential school in Canada, most of the constraints would be taken care of. This article has been on the best residential schools in Canada, hope it was helpful?


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