Top 20 Best Residential Schools In Germany

Top 20 Residential Schools In Germany 3

Best Residential Schools In Germany – Education is the key to progression in any country whether formal education or not, it is very important to the development of a country. We see great ideas being developed by people, things that are used to shape the world to live a better life. This is all because of the great education.


For formal education, there are stages or levels one would need to meet to get the best. These levels are progression to higher knowledge. High School is one of the most crucial levels of one’s educational advancement. 

There are quite a several high schools in the country of Germany whether day or boarding, Mixed, Boys only or Girls only all these schools equip students with academic, moral and other skills. Residential schools are a great option if you wish to give some extra training.

In this article, we will be looking at the top 20 residential schools in Germany. Schools that have been ranked best in Germany.


Are Residential Schools The Best?

Residential school is often referred to as boarding school. The idea of the residential school in the early time was to bring kids far from their parents and also try to eliminate their culture. This was a forcefully means to reduce children to the level of not knowing their indigenous language or culture.

Residential Schools were common in the 80s up till the early 20s. Residential School is an educational organisation where students live within the school premises. They are usually trained morally, and spiritually and given formal education during their stay in the school.

A residential school is a great place for independence training and building oneself. Today what is referred to as boarding school was formerly referred to as residential school. 


Germany has several residential schools including all girls, boys or mixed education. These schools are very important because it is one of the best places to build academic focus for students. Once a student is enrolled in a boarding school they follow a planned schedule. Time to study, time to rest and other activities.

Also, boarding schools raise confident and independent students who can make decisions all by themselves; they are left to do their duties and might always have to make decisions all by themselves.

In a boarding school, children learn a lot, discipline and punctuality are the most of it, as children learn how to keep to time and be disciplined as they wouldn’t want to get late at everything and be penalized because this time around no parent or guidance is there to save you.

Also, the students enjoy varieties of extra-curriculum activities and sports activities while they also learn to focus and do well in their academics. If any parent is considering putting their kids in any residential or boarding school then it is a great choice. However, it is essential to check the safety of the school, cost and many others.

List of Top 20 Residential School In Germany

Based on Statista’s records there are over 20,000 primary and secondary schools in Germany which include boarding and day. Selecting a boarding school for your child in Germany can be very difficult as there are just too many to pick.

However, we have made a list of The Top 20 Residential Schools In Germany.

  • BBIS Berlin Brandenburg International School, Klienmachnow, Germany.
  • Humboldt-Institut, Argenbuhi, Germany.
  • International School Of Bremen, Bremen, Germany.
  • Schloss Neubeuern, Neubeuern, Germany.
  • Cologne International School, Cologne, Germany.
  • Schule Schloss Salem International College, Salem, Germany.
  • Gymnasium Stift Neuzelle, Neuzelle, Germany.
  • Institut SchloB Wittgenstein, Bad Laasphe, Germany.
  • Saint George International School In Cologne, Cologne, Germany.
  • Alpadia Lahntal Language School, Bad Laasphe, Germany.
  • Max-Rill-Schule Schloss Reichersbeuern Private School, Munich, Germany.
  • Zinzendorfschulen Konigsfeld, Konigsfeld, Germany.
  • Gymansium Lindenberg Private School, Lindenberg, Germany.
  • CJD International School Braunschweig Wolfsburg, Hannover, Germany.
  • The Boarding School Landheim Schondorf, Munich Germany.
  • The International School OWL, Bielefeld, Germany.
  • Internat Schuke Schloss Stein, Munich, Germany.
  • Louisenlund Boarding School, Arensberg, Germany.
  • Gymnasium Weierhof, Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Private School CJD Internat Elze, Elze, Germany.

  • BBIS Berlin Brandenburg International School

BBIS popularly known was established in 1990. The International coeducational school is one of the best in Germany located in Postdam, Germany. The day and boarding school is a private school that enrols over 700 pupils yearly. This amazing school is the first international school in the world to be authorized by the International Baccalaureate to teach all the IB programmes from age 3 to 19 years.

The school has a programme for Primary to Grade 12. The school is located in a conducive environment with amazing facilities such as modern classrooms, computer labs, modern scientific labs, art studio, music rooms, sports hall and many others.


The boarding school accommodates students 14 years and above. The school’s tuition fee costs around 11,000 euros to 45,000 Euros per annum. Boarding school students can also enjoy facilities such as the gym, WIFI or LAN with modern computers. As an international, you don’t have to worry over the language of instruction as English is the LI.

  • Humboldt-Institut

Humboldt-Institut is an institute that focuses on the German language and other programmes. It provides both secondary school programs and higher education. The boarding school covers students from 10 years to 17 with several programs.

Humboldt-Institut is a coeducational and all-girls school with over 550 students. The school provides students with a German curriculum and a US curriculum. The institute is cited in a very conducive environment with interesting facilities. Students get to enjoy interesting extracurriculars such as sports, cultural activities, music, art and many others.

The school costs around 10,000 Euros 48,000 Euros per annum. The boarding school was founded in 2010, however, Humboldt-Institut was founded in 1977. The School is a great place to progress academically.

  • International School Of Bremen

The international school of Bremen was founded in 1988. Currently, the school has recorded over 380 students. Like every other internal boarding school ISB commonly called is a good learning environment with amazing facilities such as classrooms, science labs, sports hall and others. Students get to enjoy individual rooms, kitchens and many others.

The private school is located at the University of Bremen in Bremen. ISB is a member of International Bacaulaureete which allows them to teach IB programs and also UK programs are been taught. The school covers programmes from early learning to Grade 12. 

Its school fee costs around 11,000 Euros to 17,000 Euros depending on the programme you are taking. International students who seek admission into the boarding school need not worry about communication as English is the Language of Instruction. However, the school offers other languages for training such as Spanish. ISB is a great school for students to further into universities.

  • Schloss Neubeuern

Schloss Neubeuern is a private school for both girls and boys. The Private school is also one of the oldest boarding schools in Germany. It was founded in 1925. The School provides for early learning to Grade 12.

Schloss Neubeuern is a private with a good curriculum and extracurricular such as performing arts, music, sport and many others. The school’s tuition fee for boarding school students is around 44,280 Euros per annum.

Schloss Neubeuern is a school with standard facilities and is located in a conducive environment. The institute boasts 220 students, also German is its language of instruction.

  • Cologne International School

Cologne International school is a private international school that combines both the NRW curriculum and IB curriculum. It is among the international baccalaureate association. The School offers programmes from early learning to grade 12 both in English and German,

The school is located in Cologne, Germany and was founded in 2007. It can boast of 220 students that are provided with great opportunities. Students get to enjoy wonderful extra curriculum activities such as Sports, Tedtalk, Orchestra, Coding, Big Band and many others.

Cologne International School is accredited by Cambridge International, AdvancEd, AGIS, IB, and NRW Education Ministry. Many of its students further into the University as the school provides University counselling. The School teaches English and German and also teaches other foreign languages such as French, Spanish and Latin.

We have been able to list 20 residential schools in Germany, remember when we mention residential this also refers to as boarding schools. For more list and info you can visit this link. This compilation is based on Smapse Education and World Schools.

How To Apply For Secondary Schools In Germany

They are four classes of secondary schools in Germany which determine where the child would be studying. These include; the Gymnasium for highly intelligent students, Realschule for intermediate students who can later progress to Gymnasium, Hauptschule for less academic students while Gesamtschule represents the combination of Realschule and Hauptschule.

Usually, applying for secondary schools in Germany is done while in primary school, however, based on the school, you might still need to meet their requirements usually private or international schools. 

A typical requirement from Humboldt-Institut would include;

  • Application Form for Secondary Education In Germany
  • Photocopy of the student’s passport
  • Transcripts of the previous 2-3 school years (copy of the original and translation in English or German)
  • Motivation Letter must be  written by the student (in English or German)
  • Letter of reference by at least one teacher (in English or German)

Once this is completed you have to wait for the school’s response and they might be other tests. You must visit the school for their requirements.


Education is top-notch as students’ strengths are targeted so the best can be given. For public schools, Education is typically free from primary level to higher education unless you wish to further in a private institute. Students in Germany enjoy the best when it comes to education.

Residential or Boarding Schools are a great place for grooming pupils to become better people, as this is where students learn discipline, time management, academic relevance and many others. For any parent considering enrol their kids in any boarding school, we have made a list which you can select. These are considered the best residential or boarding schools in Germany.


Frequently Asked Questions

There are several boarding schools in Germany, most of them are privately owned and are also expensive. They could cost around 36,000 Euros per school year.

Public schools are run by the german government and are free for all levels. However, if you consider more, there are private schools in Germany such as Waldorf, Montessori and others.

Depending on the school, level and family income, private school tuition fees per annum could range from 2,500 Euros to 46,000 Euros.

The German school day starts between 7:30 and 8:15 am and closes between 12 pm and 1:30 pm while the class period lasts around 45 minutes.


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