70 Rogerian Essay Topics for Students

70 Rogerian Essay Topics for Students

Rogerian Essay Topics for Students – Rogerian essays topics are very effective tools for solving problems as the arguments in this essay are different from others.

They are used in debate and they usually have the opposing and the proposing sides of the argument.

The Rogerian argument is aimed at both parties finding or reaching a common ground which happens after the two sides have stated their points.

Choosing a topic for this type of argument can be difficult but why trouble yourself much looking for a topic when we can give you a list of Rogerian essay topics to choose from.

Without much delay, let’s take you through some Rogerian essay topics you can use.

What Is A Rogerian Argument

According to Wikipedia, Rogerian argument or rhetoric is a rhetorical and conflict resolution strategy based on empathizing with others, seeking common ground and mutual understanding and learning while avoiding the negative effects of extreme attitude polarization.

In a more comprehensible manner, it is seen as an argument where the writer is looking to find a common ground with the reader as they might both have different opinions about a particular topic.

This argument was developed by psychotherapist Carl Rogers and adapted to rhetoric by writing scholars Young, Becker, and Pike.

In trying to find a common ground as the writer, you will have to find a solution to the argument. When writing a Rogerian essay, try to write from a neutral perspective without sentiments.

Rogerian Essay Argument

Sometimes, we might enter into an argument with someone and find it difficult to reach a common ground and this might be as a result of both parties standing firmly on their point of view.

This is how the Rogerian argument is. Here, you are trying to convince the reader to buy your opinion in the sense that you are finding a common ground with your reader and in doing so; you will have to find a solution to the argument.

Purpose Of A Rogerian Essay

The Rogerian essay is an essay that helps students recognize and identify problems from different standpoints and come up with a solution to the problem.

It is seen that the Rogerian essay serves a particular purpose and that is to address a critical situation where people with different opinions seem not to understand each other. It looks to recognize and ascertain the inability for two parties to agree on a problem and find a common ground.

The essay looks to show the reader that his point of view is valid and also let him believe that he and the writer share the same moral qualities.

Features Of A Rogerian Essay

This essay is just like any other essay when it comes to the features. The features of the essay will help you to have an idea of what the essay is talking about. Some of the features of a Rogerian essay are:

·     Introduction

Your introduction should capture the attention of your audience and state the matter or problem at hand that needs to be fixed. You should be clear, defined and realistic. Try to use impartial language.

·     Thesis

This part of the essay emphasizes your central viewpoint about the article you are writing on. Your thesis statement should help your reader(s) to know the solution you are proposing.

·     Body

The body of your essay should give the reason and also provide concrete evidence to back up or support your claims.

Here, you will need to study both parties’ opinion of the argument and the evidence supporting their claims.

With this, you will be able to come up with a solution for the problem easily.

·     Conclusion

Every essay has a concluding part and the Rogerian essay is no exception. The conclusion includes the summary of your paper. The resolution you come up with here should satisfy both sides of the argument.

Top Rogerian Essay Topics

Below are some top Rogerian essay topics:

  • It is allowable to test products on animals.
  • Why the US federal law has to state English as the official language of the country.
  • Phones are a necessity in school life
  • How teenage pregnancy cannot be prevented by using condoms.
  • Why smoking in public has to be permitted.
  • Significance of intermarriage in creating diversity
  • Modern society needs the death penalty to be banned.
  • Teenage pregnancy can be prevented by using condoms.
  • Do the cameras enforced by law invade privacy?
  • Kids above 13 years should have a driving license
  • Products shouldn’t be tested on animals.
  • Why school education is to be aimed at developing creativity.
  • How school education is to be aimed at memorizing information.
  • Implications of lack of sex education to teens’ pregnancies
  • Handgun ownership: threat or right?
  • Why modern society needs the death penalty to be allowed.
  • The educational system requires a traditional approach to the curriculum.
  • Why the educational curriculum has to include e-learning.
  • Abortion should be legalized
  • Basketball is the best sport
  • Is Internet censorship required?
  • Smoking in public has to be banned.
  • It is acceptable to euthanize people.
  • America is the world superpower
  • Why there is no need to make English an official language of the country in the US federal law.
  • The discrimination in hierarchy of jobs: good or bad?

More Rogerian Essay Topics

Below are more Rogerian essay topics:

  • Why the curriculum has to include evolution studies.
  • Reasons the curriculum does not have to include evolution studies.
  • Why every citizen should be allowed to own a gun.
  • It is dangerous to allow every citizen to own a gun.
  • Why the set limit of minimum legal drinking age has to remain 21 years.
  • Should marijuana be used in medicine?
  • The set limit of minimum legal drinking age can be lowered to 16 years.
  • Why children cannot be allowed to get involved in trading relations.
  • Olympics should allow doping
  • How same-sex marriages are ethically wrong.
  • Are scores in school enough to evaluate a child’s progress?
  • Why forbidding same-sex marriages is ethically wrong.
  • It is reasonable to let teenagers make decisions.
  • The implications of American culture to the world
  • Is cheating becoming common?
  • Why it is not reasonable to let teenagers make decisions.
  • One cannot censor the information on the web.
  • Is torture acceptable?
  • Why the government has to censor the information on the web.
  • Does religion cause war?
  • Are the famous people paid more than needed?
  • The therapeutic use of cannabis is to be legalized.
  • Deployment of soldiers on war-tone schools
  • It is unacceptable to euthanize people.
  • Should the legal age for drinking be lowered or raised?
  • How the government is to implement a two-child policy.
  • Construction of bulletproof doors in middle schools
  • Why the government should not implement the two-child policy.
  • Is unemployment related to crimes?
  • Repealing of the death penalty
  • Reasons for the age limit for voting at the national elections should remain unchanged.
  • Marketing to children: right or wrong?
  • Why sixteen-year-olds should be allowed to vote at the national elections.
  • Race discrimination in the northern USA
  • Why therapeutic use of cannabis is not to be legalized.
  • Fighting video games influence children: right or wrong?

Final Note

So if you are looking for some topics you could use as Rogerian essay topics, we have listed some nice topics you can consider.


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