Sabanci University Scholarships 2024 in Turkey

Sabanci University Scholarships 2022/2023 in Turkey for International Students (Funded)-The Sabanci University is delighted to announce the commencement of application into its fully funded admission Scholarships in Turkey for the academic cycle of 2022-2023. The scholarships will be available to foreign/ international students after they have been screened and admitted to the University. These screening will be based on their chosen study program. It is an opportunity that is not worth missing for all international students who aspires to study under the Sabanci University’s admission scholarship.

About The Host Country

Developed countries are known to invest more in the education/academic sector, Turkey is not an exception in that as It has many schemes to Attract international students across the globe. As one of the top growing nation of the world, Turkey has over two hundred (200) institutions of higher learning, these institutions are coordinated by the Government of Turkey. Among the list of these Turkey Universities, 9 universities made it to the top of the QS list. One good thing is that you can earn a scholarship in Turkey With no need for IELTS 2022 because many universities of these universities do not ask of IELTS.

About the Scholarship Program and Its Host University

In the year 1999, Sabanci University was founded and is sited in Istanbul, Turkey. The Sabanci University scholarships is specially for foreign/international students who have shown high academic aptitude and are selected based on their academic excellence in their respective areas. One could just but imagine being a proud student of Sabanci University, learning at a school which is rated as among Turkey’s leading universities out of other world-renowned universities. Get your education at no cost with a degree from the Sabanci University. In line with the best practices of Turkey’s high rated academics, Sabanci University programs are constructed to help you build professional skills, manpower and knowledge, without making you lose sight in any of your personal developmental goals.

The Sabanci University provides both fully funded and partially funded undergraduate scholarship grants, it also has the Master’s and PhD Degree scholarships category all present these opportunities are present in Turkey. The Scholarship awards is set to cover a full tuition waiver plus monthly stipend (of up to 3200 TL), it also covers on-campus accommodation expenses. The University provides very good programs/courses and a friendly learning atmosphere that assists the students to take the necessary steps towards whichever program, field or career they decide to choose. Sabanci University is not only rated among turkey’s top-ranked universities, it has highly qualified teaching and non academic staff as well as reputable researchers. There is No different Application required for the Scholarship. There are many a hundred of scholarships that are to be offered to students at the Sabanci University. For more details and clarification about Sabanci University Scholarships Turkey, Kindly read carefully to digest all detailed information given below;

Summary Of Details About Sabanci University Scholarships for 2022/2023 academic cycle in Turkey-

Host Country : Turkey.
University : Sabanci University, Istanbul.
Eligible Countries: All the countries
Degree Levels For The Scholarship: Undergraduate, Graduate, and
Fields Available: Read on For The Lists of All Fields available
Deadline : July 29, 2022 (for undergraduate), Varies from institution to institution ( for Masters and Ph.D.)
Scholarship Duration:
For Bachelors Scholarship the time range is four years (4 Years)
For Masters Scholarships the time range is three years (3 Years)
for Ph.D. Scholarship the time range is four years (4 Years)

Available Fields at the Sabanci University Scholarships, Turkey

The following list of the academic area, courses or fields are available for candidates seeking to apply for the Sabanci University Scholarships in Turkey

  • Arts and Social Sciences
    Turkish Studies.
    Engineering and Natural Sciences
    Computer Science & Engineering
    Mechatronic Engineering.
    Molecular Biology, Genetics & Bioengineering.
    Electronics Engineering.
    Manufacturing Engineering.
    Energy Technologies and Management.
    Material Science and Nano Engineering.
    Visual Arts & Visual Communication Design.
    Political Science and International Relations.
    Political Science.
    Cultural Studies.
    Cyber Security.
    Data Analytics.
    Industrial Engineering.
    Information Technology.
    Sabanci Business School
    MSc Business Analytics
    Masters in Finance
    Professional Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
    Executive Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
    Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

Different Scholarships Types available at Sabanci University their Scholarship Benefits and Requirements.

  • Sabanci University Full Scholarship Master: Candidates are provided with 2,500 TL per months, Ph.D.: 3,000 TL per months. Their is also a Tuition Fee of 18000 USD per year. On-campus Accommodation will also be provided.
    Other expenses covered by this scholarship type is Private health insurance, provision of aThRhrhrh laptop computer plus Conference travel grants.
  • Exemption Scholarship and Full Tuition Fee Dormitory Scholarship
    In these scholarship type, Master or Doctorate Students are given “Full Tuition Fee Exemption” plus Dormitory Support funds.
  • Sabanci University Undergraduate Scholarship
    This Scholarship type is specially available for International Students to earn an undergraduate degree in the Scholarship program. Their is a tuition waiver (which ranges from partial to Full waiver). Their is also On-Campus accommodation plus provision for a Monthly Stipend (if the scholarship fully funded ). Travel allowance will also be provided (if the scholarship is fully funded)
  • Required Documents for applications into the Sabanci University Scholarships
    a) A High school diploma certificate (English or Turkish)
    b) A Residence Permit Copy
    c) Your English language proficiency score
    d) An Official Transcript of Yours
    e) Recommendation Letter
    f) You may also include other documents required in the online forms.

Eligibility Criteria

— The Applicant Must be a foreign or international student. Citizens of Turkey or Turkish students who have completed former education in any country outside Turkey are also fit to apply
— Must be able to present a good academic record with good reputation from their previous schools
— Must be able to speak English fluently
— Applicants will have to select among the list of the programs, the program or field which suits their qualifications at Sabanci University. For other Application Requirements please note that the requirements are different for each degree levels, For Undergraduate, kindly visit the scholarship website for requirements
— Those who began their high school education after February First, 2013 in abroad and finishing whole high school classes in abroad with exception of “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”.
— Those who have rounded up their entire high school education in any Turkish high school present in another country, except the schools sited in ” The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”.

Application Deadline For Sabanci University Scholarships

The Sabanci University Scholarships will stop accepting online applications for its 2022/2023 academic year, Turkey on July 29, 2022 ( for Undergraduate applicants), as for higher levels, the due date is different and it varies from school to school.

End Notes

All applicants are to bear in mind that this scholarship is a competitive one as as such there are limited slots in all levels of study. Thus, certain academic grades do not guarantee successful scholarship into your levels. We will suggest that while filling out the online application form, that you also fill in the related area or field to show that you would really like to be selected for a scholarship. Yet, mind that regardless every applicants are to be evaluated for this scholarship even if they don’t fill out that section. Additionally, kindly note that there is still an opportunity to apply for scholarships when you finish at least two (2) semesters at Sabanci University with outstanding grades.

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