Sacrifice 20% of Your Salary, Umahi Urges EBSU Staff

Ebonyi State governor, David Umahi has urged the staff of Ebonyi State University, (EBSU) to sacrifice twenty per cent of their salaries.

Umahi made this appeal during the swearing-in of the newly elected chairmen of the thirteen local government areas of the state, which took place at the ecumenical centre, Abakaliki.

According to him, the state university is overstaffed and has to be reduced to a bearable number

He then promised to support the school but urged the members of staff to make some sacrifices.

His words “I appeal to EBSU, EBSU must make sacrifices. I am happy that the board members are here. When the Federal institution, FUNAI university was challenged, every worker there sacrificed 20 per cent of their salaries for a period of one year.

EBSU must make sacrifices. EBSU must reduce its workforce and those that have been removed, I can give them money under SME to start businesses.

“The employment of EBSU is the highest in the country for private or state universities. We don’t have such a luxury when you make sacrifices, we will make our sacrifices.

“If you don’t want to make sacrifices, we will not make sacrifices. If they don’t want to score as well, then they can score us whatever they want.

But we are willing to support EBSU to make sacrifices, to ensure that the staffs and their families are paid their salaries” he stated

Meanwhile, the governor also inaugurated other appointees, including board members, noted the importance of making a sacrifice by the staffs of EBSU


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