Top 20 Scammer Message Formats

Top 20 Scammer Message Formats

Top 20 Scammer Message Formats-Scam messages have a major aim of defrauding or scamming the client and before this would happen, both parties must have been in a conversation for a while and this conversation is usually very natural, original, and very trusting.

Scammers are very smart at what they do as they try to psychological gain your confidence and make you believe that are real and after they must have gained the trust of the client and let them be comfortable with them, they strike.

One thing is, once the client believes you and everything about you, it becomes easier to go ahead with your plans as there will be no suspicion of any kind.

In this write-up, we will be looking at some scammer message formats to defraud clients in 2022.

Without further ado, let’s proceed…

Top 20 Scammer Message Formats To Defraud Clients

  • Hi,

Following your request about synchronizing your phone number to your account in our bank, we would want you to send your password for confirmation that it is you that wants to sync the mobile number.

Do well to provide us with the correct phone number you use to register the account.

Send your password to our agent through the email address: [email protected]. We apologize for late response.

  • Hi Dearie,

Sorry for bugging you but I saw the message you sent to me on InMesage three week ago but I was unable to retrieve my phone and I lost access to the password as I got a notification through email. I got curious and wanted to know about you so I decided to search you out.

You look more beautiful than I thought and I would like us to chat up. Use this email address to chat me up.

  • Dear customer,

We would be handling all your complaints through email as our outlets would be partially closed for the Christmas holidays.

Here are the contacts of our agents;

Dave: [email protected]

Jennifer: [email protected]

  • Dear customer,

You have been selected to win $59,000 in our Loyal Customers Rewards Program. Do call +1 34438273 to redeem your prize money. You should note that you would have to forward a mail to this email address with a valid form of identification tagged “Loyal Customers Rewards Program Winner.”

  • Hi,

I saw your contribution to the discussion section on Quora and I was impressed and decided to check you out. After honing my detective skills, it turned out that you are not only intelligent but also beautiful too and you also love classic music just like me.

I know this might appear more cliché but where have you been all this while? Hope you wouldn’t mind me getting to know you better. Maybe I could perform a Mozart rendition for you.

Will be expecting your reply.

  • Hi,

I probably shouldn’t be doing this but I already am. I saw your profile and i was intrigued by your smartness. I am a kind of shy so I decided to send you a mail instead.

I would like to get to know you better and please reply so I don’t hang myself as a result of embarrassment. Funny enough, I am already getting embarrassed.

—from Prisca Sean.

  • Dear customer,

Due to the situation on ground, we would outsource handling of your account to our dedicated account team and you would be corresponding with us through mail as always but now, you will be doing so through this email; [email protected].

We apologize for any inconvenience and thanks for doing business with us.

  • Hi Handsome,

I don’t do this on a regular and so I am kind of confused on where to start. Anyways, I saw your post about looking for a female lover and I was a little unsure if I would fit and also don’t want to get hurt. But one thing is I would never know until I know.

My name is Jane Fraser and I am 25 years old. I am from California and currently spending the holidays in Houston, Texas. I like you and I hope this turns out to be something great for us.

I also love music, movies and some sports too and this is because I grew up in the midst of boys who loved watching sports a lot. I know you would be surprised that I am reaching out to you but I am kind of a free spirited person and like relating with person especially the smart ones like you.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

—Jane Fraser

  • Hello,

I know that you get several emails like this every day and this has made me wonder how I could really stand out with my own email.

Your profile captured my attention and I had fun reading everything you wrote. From the look of things, we share some similar interests and knowing more about you would certainly be fun.

I am Christy Mark from Oak Park, Chicago. I am a very jovial and understanding person. I live to take in every moment and spend time close to the ocean while listening to music because it helps me relax.

I would like us to get to know each other better and maybe I could introduce you to new alternative songs you talked about. Send me a message on Google+ at Christy Mark.

P.S: why do you think Ed Sheeran sings better than Charlie Puth?

  • Hello,

I got so interested in your profile that I decided that I must get to know who you are and that is the reason I am writing this.

I love intelligent and smart people a lot and that is why I decided to chat you up to get to know you much better as I believe that there are a lot of things I could learn from you.

Knowing about you will make me so happy and so please do well to be as open as possible with me when answering the questions I would be asking you.

  • What is your name?
  • What is your age?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • What is your occupation?
  • What is your marital status currently?
  • How was your previous relationship like while married?
  • How long did your last relationship last?
  • Do you have children?
  • How many children do you have?
  • If you already have kids, would you want to have more if you find your dream lady?
  • What is your best colour?
  • What is your best food?
  • Do you live along or stay with friends?

I will be looking forward to your reply and do well to take good care of yourself.


  • Hello,

Seems I will have to answer all the queries I asked you so that you will get to learn more about me and I will do well to answer your questions honestly.

I am Christy Mack and I am 32 years old. I love going out to have fun and also enjoy reading, singing and dancing. I also love snowboarding, wake boarding, fishing, motorcycle riding and fishing.

I am a personal assistant and I work for my late father’s company. I am not married and also I have been relationship which I ended up getting hurt and toyed with so I am being careful not to get hurt by a man anymore because my previous relationship really broke me.

My last relationship lasted for just two years and some months. I am looking for a sensible and loving man that also understands.

I don’t smoke but I drink socially.

I live alone and love vegetables and shrimp.

My best colour is Blue and also love yellow to an extent though.

I mean motive of change of integrity, the qualitative analysis website is simple to find somebody which will match my dream man and my prince charming and I also joined the romance website last week.

The qualities I would like my dream man to possess are intelligence, honesty, a great sense of humor, romantic, funny, caring and faithful.

I would want the relationship to progress into a lifetime soulmate. I would also love a significant man in my life. I hope you hear from you soon and so we could talk more and better if you are interested.

  • Hi,

How are you doing over there? I am happy to be reading from you. I love edifice, camping, snuggling by fire beneath the celebrities, or within a comfy tent setting.

My different interests are reading novels, writing poems, cooking, movies, fishing, swimming and riding. I love an easy and good life.

I price humanitarian works and charity and this is often the reason I actually have dedicated myself to it.

I am a Christian and would wish somebody that is also a Christian or with similar believe as me. Someone who would comfort me and be with me for real. I am looking for someone that is not afraid to point out my flaws and love me unconditionally.

I would like someone that is positive and loves life. I am loyal and honest and I would lie to own a partner that has similar belief.

I am searching for a person who is nearly as good an addict as they are an exponent. That combination besides honesty, religion in God goes on means during a winning relationship.

I am not a lady of unlimited worldly means but I am really faithful to the core and I am also real to the people who share my values.

I am looking forward to reading from you and I would like to have a conversation with you…

Take good care of yourself and have a nice day ­– Pamela.

  • Hey,

All regarding me and planning to understand a lot of you assume we must always get to understand another factor regarding each other.

I will wish to understand your main motive here and that I also will wish to know if you are looking for just an addict or someone that is an addict to you.

I wish to know if you wish for a significant woman in your life. Also, I still have loads of queries to raise you as time goes on because I’ll not wish to wase my time with anybody online because I do not wish to induce hurt any longer.

I will look forward to your mail.


  • Hi,

I got your mail and after reading it; I fell in love with how honest you were about things regarding yourself.

They are important questions to me and to any relationship before going into it. I want to be aware if you are doing believe love and if so, are you able to say what that means to you? I am sorry if you don’t because I am a romantic and I love the feeling of being in love.

Do reply,

– Annie.

I like the means you have got swing what proportion love means that to you. However to me, love means a lot because of I feel most dotty, I am talking regarding fate here once feelings are unit therefore powerful.

It is as if some force on the far side your management is guiding you to somebody who will cause you to be happy on the far side your wildest dreams and that I believe love isn’t regarding finding the proper person, however making a right relationship.

It is not regarding what proportion love you have got within the starting. However, what proportion love you build until the tip.

Must ladies within the gift days do not love, however, lust because they do not very realize love and that they aren’t loving.

I believe you ought to never question if you’re dotty or not, because if you were you would not raise and that I conjointly believe the simplest thanks to loving is to like such as they have not hurt you.

And I would like to see means for a current and until life endwise my aspect. So can like to tell a lot regarding my past and present before we have a tendency to prolong.


  • Hi,

I wouldn’t understand what you would like during a relationship. However, I suppose the foremost necessary factor is being honest with one another.

However, I will offer your words that you simply very love me which you would like to form a replacement life with me because I used before and wouldn’t wish to complete on once more.

I am telling you this, then you will be able to decide if you continue to wish to hang out with me or not, in order that we’ll not waste every other’s time, once you get my mail, do well to respond to let understand if you are still interested or not.

I never grew up to understand my mum as she died when I was born and I also lost my dad in the 9/11 incident. I am the sole female offspring of my family. My ex-boyfriend, Charles used me a lot and treated me badly.

He ran away with my dad’s cash which led to the rift between I and my dad before his death.

However, because he thought we have a tendency to have the deal along but he didn’t know I was not aware of Charles plan. This made my dad to be harsh and hard towards me.

After all this happened, I decided to join a qualitative analysis website where I met a Ghanaian friend online who promised to love and cherish me. He also claimed he would marry me and make me happy. But it was more like me going from frying pan to fire.

I am trying to heal now.

– Esther

  • Dear

It’s an excellent pleasure reading from you. How are you doing? I actually wish to induce out of here to return to the State.

I really would like your facilitation and trust to take me out of this mess. Please I would like you to own my words as I promise I wouldn’t disappoint you. I will very much appreciate your help with this.

Once I get there, we’ll prepare things so that we will begin a replacement life along. I would like to believe that you simply won’t let me down.

As I actually have told you what brought me here from the States. I came in here with a complete add of $10.5 million as well as the money I got from my dad’s business and contracts remuneration.

While I was coming back here, the African guy told me to return with enough cash for investment and that I even attend the extent of mercantilism in my inherited house simply because I would like to go away from the State.

Now, I am in would like of your facility, I’ve got enough cash to run myself once I get to the State, I would like to return over to your finish and that we will begin a replacement life along, I do not wish to measure here any longer.

As you recognize I am a foreigner here and it’s completely dangerous on behalf of me out here. That’s why I want your gesture to help.

How I would like you to assist me? As I am terrified of being set up by this African guy, I had to act quickly for safety. I place this cash during a box and got it fast up with a security code proverbial to ME solely.

Also, I deposited the box with a number of my movement baggage with a Security and underwriter WHO render non-public diplomatic delivery service and that I told them that the 2 boxes area unit my movement luggage, that I would like to send forth to the State as a result of I am returning home, then I paid them up to their custody and security fee, however, I didn’t tell them that the boxes contain cash so as to form everything secure and safe.

Furthermore, I am wishing on your trust and I will appreciate your trust in this. I hope to listen to you and to fulfill your head to head.

Please write to me as shortly as attainable, in order that I will provide you with the deposit details and therefore the contact of the safety company to rearrange the cargo ASAP.

With all care,


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