Scholars Give Remedy To Student’s Phobia for Maths

scholars give remedies to students phobia for math
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In Nigeria it is such a common things to see many students join the arts or commercial classes.
Most of the times, they choose these ‘less hectic “Classes because they are very scared of subjects like mathematics , physics, can others that involves calculation.


The reverse has actually been the case this time.

An institute that specializes in coaching and assisting students when it comes to preparation for major national and international examination like has done something incredible.

According to the director of the institute “Erudite Gap Year Institute” Saheed Oladele, has said that they finally reach their goals with most of the students they worked with.

The institute helped students come over their fear of mathematics , helped them pass their WAEC and of course, helped them put smiles on their parents faces.

He shared a story of what really happened!

These were his exact words:

“This girl was the scariest assignment Erudite got in recent time! She attended one of the best secondary schools in Nigeria but didn’t make her maths in WASSCE. Being an ARTS student, she had phobia for maths. She lost an admission for not having maths and the family was disturbed.

“Then a family friend, whose two daughters have passed through our system, recommended Erudite. He said he had no doubt in our ability to deliver. The girl’s parents brought her in and asked us to give them assurances. We promised to deliver at least a C6 in maths within 3 months!

“Work started and we had to teach 8 subjects for a possibility of having all her results at a sitting within the 3 months. At a point, the father lost hope and asked us to register her for 2022 May/June WASSCE as a backup. The family friend also called twice to say we should not ‘damage his face’ in Yoruba. I began nursing some fears and had to put my staff under pressure to deliver.”

According to him, the family friend was the first person to call him the day the result came out, asking whether he had checked it.

He further went on to say:

“The day the result came out, the family friend was the first person to call. ‘Baba, the result is out. Hope you have checked it? Se e o ti ba oju mi je? This girl’s father is my mentor”

“We checked the result and found out our student got b and c’s in all her 8 subjects. She got a C6 in mathematics! She doesn’t need May/June WASSCE again. She has joined our Cambridge A’ Level class. To God alone be the glory.”
Oladele, who was extremely happy, congratulated his team for the nearly impossible achievement as he also thanked the family friend for believing in the institute.

The father of the girl, according to him, gave a sum of money to throw a small party for the staff members of the Erudite to show his appreciation.

“Congratulations to the Erudite Team, the girl, her parents and the family friend. We specially thank the family friend for believing so much in us and we are grateful to God for blessing our little efforts.

“We also appreciate the father for giving us a sum of money to throw a small party for our staff members. “

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