Best Scholarship Opportunities In Germany

Scholarships in Germany

With a population of about 80 million, the country keeps good relationships with neighboring countries, building their economy with the largest GDP in the world (2017). Aside from its unique culture and diversified populations, it is has a long standing tradition of academic successes around the World. Running three institutes; Universities, Universities of Applied Sciences and Technical, Art, Film and Music Colleges. Germany is a good place for research study. In addition, the country’s tourist attractions are worth seeing Art galleries to Berlin.

These Universities excel in both curriculum and infrastructure, providing professional and state of the Art facilities with technology to aid the contribution of professionalism and discipline in the school’s scheme. Programs taught in English are quite common in these Universities in order to encourage students from English-speaking International bodies for quality education that sets them in a good market space. With these high-ranked universities, Germany attracts about 350,000 foreign students every year, desiring to earn degrees, pursue academic goals and settling down for work. Students that study in Germany have rights to roam freely, study and work with permits.

Studying in Germany brings an opportunity that places international students in an environment that is open to their choice of career. With its numerous universities that provide undergraduate courses, Germany also offers a promising destination for students chasing a post-graduate degree. There is a long list of tuition-free German universities that makes learning easy for these students, easing off any financial hurdle and paving the path to a successful Diploma program.

Here are a few good scholarships for International students;

DAAD Scholarship (Deutschland stipendium Program)

This scholarship is funded by the Federal Government and a few sponsors of private nature. It is merit-based and awarded to all International students with great academic standing and good reports. This program is specially designed to support over 100,000 international students with the aim of growing graduates, doctoral students, post graduates and interns at the end of each programme. This Scholarship consists of a monthly payment of about 1000 Euros for graduates, doctoral and PhD students, a health insurance, personal upkeep and student support, free accommodation and probably a travel grant. This scholarship is awarded for two semesters, valid for two semesters.

Requirements and Eligibility for the DAAD Scholarship

To qualify for the Scholarship, applicants must or should beware of the following;

  • The Scholarship is awarded to students who wish to complete a full time course of study with full attendance in Germany.
  • Applicants should have at least two years of work experience
  • Applicants must have completed their Bachelors degree in the last six years
  • Applicants must have lived in his/her country for about a year while processing admission.
  • Applicants must have the following information ready before applying online;
  • Name and Nationality
  • Higher Education
  • Contact Information
  • Degrees held
  • Gender, academic title
  • Extracurricular interests
  • Leave of absence
  • Choice of host University
  • Professional work experience
  • Secondary school education
  • Letter of motivation
  • Reference letter with academic achievements

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarship

This Scholarship is open to both Germans and International students who wish to undertake a Bachelors, PhD or Masters studies in any course. Supporting creatives in advancement of their personal development especially in areas of politics. This scholarship provides students with 744 Euros per month, health insurance and a family insurance.

Requirements and Eligibility for the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarship

  • Applicants from countries in Asia, Latin America, Africa are eligible
  • Applicants must demonstrate sufficient language skills
  • Applicants must have applied before or at the beginning of the first semester
  • Applicants should possess outstanding school or academic merit and the following;
  • Contact Information
  • Degrees held
  • Gender, academic title
  • Extracurricular interests
  • Leave of absence
  • Choice of host University
  • Professional work experience
  • Secondary school education
  • Applicants must also possess commitment to the values of social democracy

Heinrich Boll Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students who wish to earn a graduate, Undergraduate and PhD degree, granting about 1400 Scholarships to both German and International students. Its aim is to nurture and foster political and democratic rights, preventing the destruction of global system, securing peace through conflict-preventing in crisis zones. 950 scholarships are awarded for all subjects from social sciences, art and culture, mathematics, law, engineering and Journalism. The scholarship is awarded for two years with an option of extension once or twice a year.

Requirements and Eligibility for the Heinrich Boll Scholarship

  • Applicants must or should have proof of the required level of German Language
  • Applicants should have some level of self reflection and goal-orientation
  • Applicants must possess school grades and academic standing plus other documents like Passport, recommendation letter, etc.
  • Applicants must be reliable, motivated and willing to play
  • Applicants must identify with the goals of the Scholarship program

Benefits of Studying in Germany

Haven recently abolished all tuition fees for International students; Germany’s population has increased greatly, positively affecting the economy and growth of the nation. Students from around the world choose to travel to Germany to learn not just something new but a new language. Both public and Private Universities now admit International students with free access regardless of their religion, race or origin.

Here are some reasons why students choose Germany;

  • Students get to stay in Germany after studies. International students are allowed to stay and work for an additional period of a year and six months or longer.
  • They get the chance to explore Germany either on school trips, excursions or field trips. Students are opportune to visit places of culture and involve in sport activities like cycling, hiking, skiing and many more. This builds their athletic lifestyle and also creates an attachment between the students and its people, forming worthy relationships.
  • During or after studies, students get free opportunities to work and earn, supporting themselves even though they are free of tuition. Internships are also a plus.
  • Students get to learn a new language if they so wish. English is widely spoken but with the level of interaction in the school, markets, outings and events, the chance to learn and improve on a new language is not far-fetched.
  • The degrees are internationally recognized, ensuring and securing a future for the students.
  • Access to the University’s infrastructure and facility, making learning and assimilating easy. This also helps bust students maintain the school’s grade.
  • Students get to study without paying tuition. In addition, they are given monthly stipend for upkeep, book allowance, student support, etc.
  • Low cost of living
  • Access to many scholarship programs which benefits and suits the students choice of study
  • Safe and secure environment for learning and exploring as its economy is stable
  • The strength of the Student Visa which allows students to travel while in Germany, navigating around Europe on day trips and hangouts

How to apply

To apply for a scholarship in any of the Universities mentioned above, here are the steps;

  • Fill out the online application on their website
  • Provide the necessary information and documentation required
  • Submit and expect a mail with an admission letter.

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