Top 12 Best Scholarships for International Students in Canada

Scholarships for International Students in Canada

Scholarships for International Students in Canada-

There are fully funded scholarship programs to study in Canada for students who have high admission average. There are also many scholarship programs for postgraduate students in Canada. Students can study BSc, MSc, and doctorate programs.

Canada is one of the top locations to study abroad for many people as the country has some of the best universities. This is apart from the average cost of living and studying that Canada provides. International students who are looking for the best scholarships for foreign students in Canada will have all their questions answered in this article. Below are the best scholarships for international students in Canada.

Scholarships for International Students in Canada

Here is the list of the best scholarship programs for international students in Canada:

  • University of Alberta Scholarships
  • University of Victoria Scholarship
  • Carleton University Scholarship
  • University of Winnipeg Scholarship
  • University of Manitoba Scholarship
  • University of British Columbia Scholarship
  • University of Ottawa Scholarship
  • University of Saskatchewan Scholarship
  • Brock University Scholarship
  • Dalhousie University Scholarship
  • Canadian Government Scholarship
  • University of Waterloo Scholarship

The Canadian universities mentioned above are some of the universities that support scholarships for international students in Canada.

University of Alberta Scholarships

Every year, the University of Alberta administers up to $34 million in scholarships. This reflects in the fact that twenty percent of students in the University of Alberta are on scholarships.

There are categories of scholarships for international students in the University of Alberta, and all of them are explained below.

Automatic Admission Scholarships

According to UAlberta, this scholarship category does not require any application. All you have to do is apply for admission into this institution. You will be naturally screened to see if you qualify for the scholarship.

If you are eligible for any of the scholarship programs, the University of Alberta will contact you.

International Admission Scholarships

Students who have very good admission average and perform well in their first year can be awarded international admission scholarships, a program that can pay students up to $5,000 CAD.

International Leader Scholarship

Students who show extreme leadership skills and are excellent in academics can receive scholarship awards worth about $10,000 CAD.

Regional Excellence Scholarship

Depending on the admission average, top students from some regions can also get scholarship awards of up to $5,000 CAD.

Gold Scholarship

The Gold standard scholarship in the University of Alberta gives the top students in every faculty of the school up to $6,000 CAD each.

Presidential Award Scholarship

Students who have shown great leadership qualities in their first year and have very high admission average with a study permit can get up to $120,000 CAD on scholarship.

May Quon Scholarship for Undergraduates

Undergraduate students that have high admission average and declare themselves in need of financial aid while in their first year and have a student permit can get a highly valued scholarship award of $100,000 CAD, a program that can go on till graduation. This scholarship is given to Chinese students in the University of Alberta.

If you do not know which of the scholarships will be suitable for you, the University of Alberta makes it easy. All you need to do is fill the scholarship application form here and see which scholarship programs you are eligible to apply for. You can check for more information on the UAlberta scholarships here.

The University of Alberta scholarships can be considered the best scholarship for international students in Canada.

University of Victoria Scholarship

The University of Victoria awards entrance scholarships to excellent students every year. The annual worth of these scholarships is valued at $3.5 million. To apply for these scholarships, candidates must meet the admission requirements for the UVic (University of Victoria).

There are scholarships based on admission average, scholarships based on other factors including admission average, and departmental scholarships.  There are many scholarships for international students in the University of Victoria.

For the undergraduate scholarships for international students, the University of Victoria has a varying figure for the number of students offered scholarships every year. However, before applicants can be considered for these scholarships, they must already be a student in the University of Victoria.

After application, applicants who are eligible for the scholarships will be referred to the financial aid section of the institution. Applicants are also required to submit temporary or permanent transcripts depending on the year of secondary graduation.

Some of the scholarships available are the International student support award, the Nelson family award, Aga Khan Academy scholarship, East China Scholarship, International bursaries, President Vietnam Scholarship award, and a few others.

Candidates can apply for any of the above. To learn more about the University of Victoria scholarships, check here.

Carleton University Scholarship

There are scholarships for international students in Carleton University awarded annually. The three scholarship categories are the entrance scholarships, international scholarships and prestige scholarships. There is no separate application needed to be considered for the Carleton University scholarships.

For the entrance scholarship awards, students who have admission average of 80% or above and pass the literacy and communication requirements will be recommended for the scholarship. If you are entering Carleton University for the first time, the scholarship will be renewable. However, this scholarship will affect your first year only. The value of the scholarship award is determined by the admission average, meaning that the scholarships will vary.

The international scholarships are for students who are applying by the end of the year (September). Students who apply then will be evaluated to see if they are eligible for either the international award of excellence or the international award of merit.

The prestige scholarships are the most valuable scholarships in the Carleton University. Only students who have a 90% admission average or more are considered for this scholarship. Students who are applying for admission directly from high school are the only ones eligible for this award.

The candidates will be screened based on secondary school activities, but a large percent of the candidates get the prestige awards.

University of Winnipeg Scholarship

The University of Winnipeg is very committed to making sure that all students have the same opportunities and chances. This explains why there are various scholarship programs that can help international students in Canada throughout the program.

According to the University of Winnipeg, all international undergraduate students are eligible for some scholarship awards. International students who apply for the Master’s degree in Development Practice will be given scholarship bursaries.

The entrance scholarships at the University of Winnipeg are for applicants of the school who are coming for the first time, from high school, college, or are transfer students. There is no need for separate application for these scholarships. Students who apply to the school will be automatically evaluated to check if they are eligible for any of these scholarships.

There is also the president’s scholarship award in the University of Winnipeg. This award is given to students who demonstrate strong leadership features in their first year. The award is given to international students in any degree level of the institution.

There are also scholarship awards for stale students. There is no need for separate application for this scholarship, as students are automatically evaluated after enrolling for classes.

The scholarships in the University of Winnipeg are considered some of the best scholarships for international students in Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Here are some answered questions you may have about scholarships for international students in Canada.

How do I qualify for scholarships in Canada?

In order to qualify for most scholarships in Canada, applicants must have a high admission average. This is the most important factor while seeking for scholarships in Canada.

Which University gives free scholarships in Canada to international students?

The University of Alberta is known as the Canadian university with the most scholarship offers and students.
There are so many scholarships in the University of Alberta that one out of five students in this university gets a scholarship.

How can I study in Canada for free?

It is easier to study in Canada for free if you are a native Canadian student. International students are likely to get scholarships that give tuition waivers when they get to level two or above. However, students with very high admission average can secure fully funded scholarship to study in Canada for free.

Can international student get full scholarship?

There are many scholarships for international students to study postgraduate courses. There are, however, fewer scholarship programs for undergraduates. The most popular scholarship program for international students in Canada is the Fullbright scholarship, a program that gives up to four thousand students scholarships every year.


There are many international students looking to get financial aid to aid their studies in Canada. There are many of these scholarships available but it is sometimes difficult for applicants to get the awards due to high competition.

This post helps international students looking for scholarships in Canada by listing the easy-to-get and best scholarships for international students in Canada. All the universities mentioned above make it easier for international students to get scholarships to study in Canada.

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