Top 10 Best Scholarships In the USA

USA Scholarships

The United States has a high population of international students who chose to obtain an International degree and broaden their exposure to education. In a vast country with a standardized method of teaching with its rich culture, historic economy, and unique climate, state by state information is passed across to guide International students.

Known as one of the most desired places to study, live or work, the United States of America provides several grants and scholarships that benefit and suit students. Although admission isn’t easy due to its complexity in the process, it requires a lot of hard work and commitment. Students are advised to prepare ahead.

Studying in the US

Many schools in the US offer online Degree programs, allowing the students to learn and grow from the comfort of their environment, earning a degree in the process. Students who cannot also afford to travel and learn dues to some financial problems are assisted with financial aid or undergo online classes.

Scholarships in the USA

Scholarships are available in top Universities in the USA, encouraging global education as well as academic growth and development. Students are encouraged to apply for fully-funded Scholarships at Universities like Clark, Berea College, and Harvard.

Top 10 Scholarships in the USA

Here is a list of Scholarship programs in the US;

Clark Global Scholarships: a fully funded Undergraduate program that Covers $15,000 to $23,000 per year for a period of four years. This Scholarship is hosted by Clark University and offers an Undergraduate course degree that starts its application on November 15, 2022. To qualify for this program, applicants must be first-year applicants, show excellent academic results, and have good leadership skills.

Program Period: 4 years

Level of Study: Undergraduate

Location: Massachusetts, USA

The HAAA Scholarship: a fully-funded scholarship that is available to Arab countries/recipients based on the criteria established by the Harvard Arab Alumni Association. To qualify for this scholarship, applicants must be Arab in nature or come from an Arad nation like Egypt, Kuwait, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Algeria, Mauritania, and others. The students must also demonstrate a financial need to study.

Level of study: Undergraduate

Location: USA

Yale University Scholarship: a fully-funded scholarship that is offered for Undergraduates, Masters, and Ph.D. programs. Varying from $50,000 to $65,000, the Scholarship also offers financial aid support for students. Having been a part of the Ivy League Schools, the University is ranked among the top Universities in the World. Graduate funding is determined by the department giving room for more undergraduates to be accommodated.

Program Period; 2 to 5 years

Boston University Presidential Scholarship: an Undergraduate Scholarship that covers an amount of $25,000 per year and is renewable for undergraduate study. This is a private research university that offers a range of undergraduate, graduate, and Professional Programs for students who wish to attain a degree in the USA. All nationalities are eligible to apply as long as applicants follow the guidelines and steps.

Level of study: Undergraduate

Program Period: 4 years

Musser Fellowship in Entrepreneurship Studies: a fully-funded Master’s scholarship for international students that covers a tuition fee of $25,000 for the period of the research study. This is open to all students who wish to undergo a post-graduate study at Penn State Great Valley School. Created to support part-time and full-time students, the fellowship is designed to improve the skills and knowledge of individuals who are passionate about starting up a company or leading a business.

Program Period: One year

Level of study: Masters

Location: Penn State Great Valley School

University of Miami Stamps Scholarships: a fully funded undergraduate scholarship for International students that covers expenses such as tuition fees, allowances, textbooks, and study allowances with an amount of $12,000. To assist students, the University is partnering with other Stamps Scholars programs, enhancing economic growth, educational values, and research activities.

Program Period: 4 years

Level of study; Undergraduate

Stanford University Scholarship: a fully-funded scholarship offered for master’s and Ph.D. studies covering full tuition fees, traveling allowance, academic and living allowances, attracting promising students from around the World. This scholarship is funded by the Knight Hennessy Scholars to provide studies that promote self-discovery and improvement. Some of the benefits of this program are; travel fares, living and academic expenses covered, a fellowship applied to cover tuition, and some others.

Program Period: The Knight Hennessy Scholars program funds the first three years of graduate education and more for MD or Ph.D.

Level of study: Masters, PhD

University of Memphis: a fully-funded scholarship program for international offered for undergraduate and Master’s studies that covers various costs depending on the course of study. The research University is located in Memphis, Tennessee.

Program period: Undergraduate – 4 years

Masters – 2 years

Illinois Wesleyan University Scholarships: a fully funded undergraduate scholarship ranging from $16,000 to $30,000 per year. This scholarship is created to support International students with financial needs who wish to earn a bachelor’s degree. There are merit-based and President’s Scholarships that also aid student education.

Program period: 4 years

Level of study: undergraduate

Location: Illinois Wesleyan University

University of Mississippi Scholarship: a fully-funded scholarship awarded to undergraduates ranging from $3,900 to $23,400 that covers tuition and other allowances. The University of Mississippi remains the state’s only public institute for higher learning, transforming lives and communities with academic and leadership opportunities for students to progress. Some courses offered are;


Business and Accountancy


Communication and Media



Health and Social services

Sciences, Mathematics and Technology

Social Sciences, Law, and policy

Program period: 4 years

Level of study: Undergraduate

Requirements to apply for Scholarship

For international student who wish to study in the USA, here are following requirement;

  • Copy of student’s passport
  • Original copy of bank statement
  • Evidence of English Proficiency
  • Transcripts for graduates
  • Visa Copy
  • An application fee
  • Writing Sample
  • Passport Photo
  • Resume

How to Apply

  • To apply for a scholarship in the USA, applicants or students must;
  • Consider the choice of University
  • Consider the choice of course to study
  • Prepare to apply
  • Check for language requirements
  • Ensure that you apply before the deadline
  • Await an acceptance mail from the school

Benefits of Studying in the USA

Known for hosting numerous International students with quality education, Unique, and diverse environment, and opportunities, here are some reasons why students make the USA their choice of study;

A flexible educational System: After choosing from the sea of Universities and colleges to study, students are free to select their course and the structure of learning. As undergraduates, there is the freedom to pursue different courses before majoring in one at the end of the second year. This helps the students to familiarize themselves with the course and make their preferences.

Support system for International students: Universities in America conduct programs, orientations, workshops, and seminars for students, offering assistance so they can get familiar with the school and living environment.

Cultural Diversity: Accommodating students from around the World is an indication of cultural unity as students meet and interact irrespective of their tribe or country which makes learning a stimulating and enlightening experience.

Academic Excellence: The USA has provided advanced facilities and equipment that aid the research and learning experience of both the students and Professors. With such an advantage, it is sometimes difficult for applicants to choose what course to study.

Improves speaking: students from wherever get the opportunity to polish their spoken English as the U.S.

Studying in the USA is every student’s dream as diverse cultures and traditions meet and blend into a cosmopolitan educational system.

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