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University Of Technology Sydney

With a population of 42,000 students from about a hundred countries, UTS spreads its diversity in a richly multi cultured way. Located in the heart of Australia, UTS is geared towards a dynamic style of teaching and learning.

University of Technology Sydney offers programs in Foundation Studies and higher education diploma which accommodates International students all around the World. Every year, about 80% of the diploma students attain the grades that they need to enter a Bachelors Degree.

Committing to supporting both local and International students in achieving their academic goals, the University provides opportunities that facilitate the growth and development of the students as they benefit from a combination of ongoing academic support, practical learning and classes.

Renowned for its influence in the education sector, the Public University is dedicated to social, cultural and economic change, spending money and time on research and innovations.

International Studies

The University has admitted International students who chose the University of Technology as their destination with various courses in higher education Diplomas, English programs, Pre-Masters Program and English Programs. Some of these areas include Diplomas which are ideal for students who do not meet the academic or English Language requirements and are delivered at a comfortable pace.

  • Diploma of Business which leads to a Major in any of the following courses; Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Management, Advertising and Marketing, International Business and Human Resource Management.
  • Diploma of Communication organized in small classes that lead to a Major in; Public Communication, Digital and Social Media, Journalism, Creative writing, Media Arts and Production, Social and Political Sciences.
  • Diploma of Engineering which allows students pursue a Major in the following Engineering courses; Civil, Software, Mechanical, Flexible, Electrical, Date Science, Civil Construction and Structure.
  • Diploma of Science with a curriculum that is flexible for students how are passionate about the Sciences in Applied Physics, Nanotechnology, Medical Science, Statistics, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Biomedical, Forensics, Advanced Pharmaceuticals and environmental.
  • Diploma Information Technology designed in collaboration with UTS Information Technology, offering courses in Business, Games Development, Computing Science and Information Technology.
  • Diploma of Design and Architecture which leads to a Major in Architecture, Product design, Visual Communication, fashion and Textiles, Interior Architecture.

Scholarships in UTS

The University of Technology offers various scholarships to students who do not have the financial capability to fund their education or students who are face economic crisis. UTS awards scholarships to students every year, providing support and motivating them to explore. However, these Scholarships are split into three categories.

3 Best Scholarships in UTS Australia

UTS Full Ride or Partial Scholarships;

This scholarship is offered to Undergraduate and graduate students and covers an educational fee from Bachelor’s to PhD. It is a fully-e4funded Scholarship that also lists a Partial scholarship for both local and International students. Some of these Scholarships are;

  • UTS Vice Chancellor’s International Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Undergraduate Academic Excellence International Scholarship
  • UTS Foundation Studies Scholarship
  • UTS College to UTS pathways Scholarship
  • UTS International Baccalaureate Scholarship
  • UTS Scholarship for European Undergraduate Students
  • Scholarships for Gaokao Students from People’s Republic of China
  • Diploma to Degree Scholarship

UTS Grants / External Scholarships;

Students apply for a study opportunity with partner colleges that give grants and external Scholarships like;

  • Churchill Fellowships
  • Clare Burton Scholarships
  • Frank Knox Scholarships
  • Korea Foundation Postgraduate studies Fellowship
  • Rhodes scholarships
  • Rezetta Institute
  • State super Scholarship
  • Fullbright Scholarships
  • Australia Federation of Graduate Women- New South Wales.

Countless Scholarships, Limitless Potential

These Scholarships are regarded as countless as they accommodate incoming students that wish to gain a Master’s or PhD programs.

Requirements for Admission

To register or apply for an admission, students must meet the requirements dependent on the type of admission;

  • Undergraduate Admission
  • Post Graduate Admission
  • Graduate Research

Requirements for International students

For entry into the Undergraduate coursework, a competitive pass in a University Examination, portfolio is needed.

For entry into the Undergraduate honors coursework, a bachelor’s degree and a research proposal must be submitted.

For entry into the Post graduate coursework, a research CV or portfolio along with a Bachelor’s degree is needed.

How to Apply for Scholarship in UTC

The process of application is different depending on the category you belong.

For International Students, here are some steps to a successful application;

  • Locate and Agent; with the help of qualified and experienced agents, students are advised on the College programs and requirements needed to apply , Visa process and accommodation arrangements to make.
  • Submit your application; while completing the application form, the agents can assist with the necessary documents needed such as:

Original language Transcript

Original Language award certificate

Copy of passport

UTS conditional offer letter

Visa and attendance record

  • Await your acceptance letter; which comes after all the documents have been submitted and requirements met.
  • Apply for a Visa; applying for a Visa is crucial to the migration policy that must be met.

For Domestic of local students

Here are a few steps to guide your application into UTS;

  • Submit your diploma application with the following documents;

Transcript of studies showing subjects and result

Completion certificate

A copy of the grading scale

A copy of your Australian passport

Birth certificate

Citizenship or Visa

  • Accept your offer which could be Full or conditional
  • Apply for FEE HELP; by logging into the school portal, students can apply using their student number and email password.

Benefits of Studying at UTS Australia

Being a student at UTS exposes you to the multi-dimensional traditions of the nation; making education fun and exciting for students are they get to interact with citizens in school and outside the learning environment. UTS is the place to be because;

  • of its Industrial success: Recognized for its partnerships with several industries and sectors, UTS has succeeded in blending the workforce and education lifestyle, familiarizing the students with future achievements and skills to do that.
  • Commitment to a family lifestyle: UTS is a place where family values are not lost with the flexible study options that allows a schedule that suits you and your time. Campuses are planted in strategic places that also give room for students to juggle between classes and work.
  • Career Support: The courses not only build the students toward a career that is worthy and growth –centered, the University helps student set up a career path that suits their interest or course of study. This support includes job search, job placement, resume reviews, letter reviews, and interviews.
  • Flexible Course options: UTS offer a range of programs that are not just flexible but diverse in nature. Diploma programs run for 8, 12 or 16 months duration. Pre-masters Program runs for over 4 to 8 months. English courses run throughout the year. Courses that suit the needs of the students are also available.
  • Campuses and Location: Being in the heart of the city means students are surrounded by numerous opportunities, fun activities, and young minds.
  • Access to Scholarships: with the many scholarships in Sydney Australia, it is inexpedient that students get access to scholarships that beckon to them, helping them grow in the field that they choose.
  • Awesome Accommodations:  students are given an option of living in with a local family where they get the chance to learn a new language, blend in and understand the culture faster than any other student. These are affordable compared to a Scape accommodation provided by a firm responsible for housing students.

Studying in Sydney is exciting and heartwarming as students are surrounded by innovative facilities. Majority of the Scholarships are fully-funded depending on the course of study.

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