School Lockdown: See What UNICAL Campus Shuttle Buses Is Now Used For

School Lockdown: University of Calabar (UNICAL) Campus Shuttle Buses Is Now Used To Convey Cows And Other Animals

Schools around the country has been on lock down since March 2020 and this has made students and lecturers alike bore, tired and anticipating the return of school activities. Nigeria as a country though is without drama as week in and out we have various forms of drama that keeps us entertained on a daily basis. came across a picture on Nigeria popular online forum, Nairaland. The picture depicts what many could term funny while others may not be happy seeing such picture emanating from none of Nigeria best university, University of Calabar.

UNICAL Campus Shuttle Buses Now Used To Convey Cows

In the picture, it could be seen that the University of Calabar (UNICAL) Campus shuttle has been converted to a goat and cow carriage. The bus could be seen conveying animals from one location to another.

The Nairaland User wrote,

It is funny actually but I do understand the plight of the drivers of the buses and all those depending on the buses for their daily bread. Man cannot die of hunger because say school dey lockdown. Man must wax. This is why those drivers have converted the buses to whatever can bring in money and consequently provide food to their table at the end of the day. The other day, I also saw one conveying woods and sawdust from timber market to only God knows destination. Ideally, these buses should be in school conveying students from main campus to new library area and back with a fee of N30/shuttle but since school has been on lockdown and presently nobody even knows when it will resume, the drivers have decided to take their destinies into their hands. After all, no be unical dey feed them nor government. Man must go look for food.
Note: Unical is my Alma mata. Great malabite!

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