School Reopening: UNICEF Approves Purchase Of Sanitary Buckles For Schools

Following speculations of plans by the government to reopen schools in Ebonyi state UNICEF Enugu Office has approved the purchase of sanitary buckets fitted with taps for schools in the state.

State Universal Basic Education Commission (SUBEC), UNICEF Desk Officer, Mr Christogunus Nweke, revealed this yesterday, said that the facilities were already in the SUBEC stores.

He explained that the beneficiaries would include nursery schools attached to public schools.

The Desk Officer spoke on the occasion of meeting of School-Based Management Committee (SBMC) at Community Primary School Ndufu Igbudu Ikwo in Ikwo local government area of Ebonyi state.

Nweke sensitized them on the need to prepare the school environment, the facilities and measures that would ensure safety of the pupils in the event of resumption of schools.

The SBMC meeting attended by 12 persons revealed the plans of the Committee as concerns preparation for safe reopening of schools.

Head Master of the school and member of the committee, Mr. Olebe Nworie stated that “As you can see we have cleaned the environment, cutting trees and the SBMC has been meeting and we are planning to procure sanitizer, and other facilities like Veronica buckets”.

He said that, “Our major challenge is how to effectively conduct social distancing. The school population is 879 and some of our buildings have dilapidated too much but we are thinking of the best ways out”.

Mrs. Gladice Chukwu in her contributions said, “we might have to adopt two sessions. Pupils in junior classes will attend School in the morning hours while the senior will attend in the afternoon. We can as well reduce the school hours. It used to be from 8.00am to 1.45 PM. We can reduce that for now if the school management authorities agree oh”.

Mrs. Chukwu added that, “We shall meet some of our sons and daughters in government to help us renovate the dilapidated school buildings and they can even help us hire more teachers as to reduce the ratio of teacher to pupils”.

Mazi Kenneth Ogeh, Mobilization Officer, SUBEC explained that, ” we should prepare to do certain things for ourselves like repairing the spoiled hand pump that was built for us by UNICEF. We won’t rely solely on UNICEF or government. Nonetheless the state government has planned to distribute face masks and some other things but we need to complement”.

The meeting adjourned to meet at a later date to deliberate on the outcome of their meetings with their shareholders.


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