Top 20 Best Schools For High Functioning Autism

Best Schools For High functioning Autism

Best Schools For High Functioning Autism- High functioning Autism is a term used for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder who can live independently. They have ability to read, write, speak and handle basic things in life without assistance. This implies that the symptoms they have do not really interfere with their work, school or relationships.

Low-functioning Autism on the other hand causes behavior /symptoms that can hinder regular daily living. Kids with either high functioning autism or low functioning autism requires some attention in academics and daily activities.

Some schools have been specially set up to attend to the needs of these children and ensure they are not denied quality education. In fact, a number of times, Autistic children carry some great potentials that if well-harnessed can bring about great future in such children.

Below is the list of best schools for high functioning autism. The schools have specially designed curriculum to meet the special learning needs of these peculiar children.

Best Schools For High Functioning Autism

  1. The Autism Academy of Learning, Ohio
  2. Land park academy
  3. The Jericho School
  4. Lionsgate Aacdemy
  5. The Victory Center
  6. Camphill Special School
  7. Imagine Academy
  8. Heartspring School
  9. Shrub Oak International School,
  10. Gersh Academy at Coughar mountain campus, Washington
  11. The Greenwood  School, Washington
  12. The Jean Garvin School, Washington
  13. Mosaic learning centre, Washington
  14. Bayes Achievement centre , Texas
  15. Great lakes academy, Texas
  16. Monarch School, Texas
  17. Glen forest school, South Carolina
  18. Trident Academy, South Carolina
  19. New leaf Academy, Oregon
  20. Oxford learning, Okhaloma
  21. Academy of whole learning
  22. Alpine Learning group, Minnesota
  23. Brookfield schools, Minnesota
  24. Collier School, Minnsesota
  25. The Academy, Alabama
  26. Bob Jones High School, Alabama

1.The Autism Academy of Learning

The academy is one of the schools for high functioning autism. It is located in Toledo, Ohio and operates a curriculum specially designed for autistic children most especially high functioning ones. It was founded in 2001 by parents of autistic children.

The school provides a learning environment that fosters trust, success and enhances growth. Classes are small and thus each child can be reached. Different instructional materials.

Teachers, administrators and support staff all work together to ensure that the intellectual, social, behavioral and emotional needs of each child is met.

2. Land Park Academy

The school is one of the best schools for high functioning autism. The school is open to children with Autism Spectrum Disorders between 3-22 years.

The school provides intensive and personalized educational program for each student based on their learning abilities.

The child’s physical needs, emotional skills, communication skills, learning skills & academic skills is taken into consideration. Some of the interesting activities at the school include:

  • Coding classes: where they learn fundamentals of coding
  • Volley ball league: for ages 7 and 15
  • Dance & performing arts academy
  • Fitness club
  • Dance classes

For further enquiries, visit https: // www.

3. The Jericho School

Jericho School is a private non-profit school in Florida is one of the leading schools for high functioning autism. The school offers comprehensive personalized instruction to each child. The classroom programs have been designed to meet each child at their learning abilities. Each program is designed with the assessment of basic language and learner skills  (ABLLS) and Verbal Behaviour Milestones Assessment  and placement program (VB-MAPP).

The school runs a communication clinic, a part-time school program . It is meant for children in need of specialized attention in specific areas of development. Such childen do not need to be registered in the full-time school. There is a trained clinic therapist who will take up each child on a one-on-one basis.

For more details about Jericho school, visit https:// www.

4. Lionsgate Academy

Another school on the list of the best schools for functioning autism is Lionsgate academy. The school was established with a mission of promoting self-determination by providing an individualized education for learners on the autism spectrum.

The school is open to students between grades 7 and 12. There is a transition program for students between 18-21. The school’s curriculum has been designed to attend to the peculiar learning needs of students with high functioning autism.

The school’s environment is very supportive with compassionate and dedicated educators.

For further enquiries, visit https: // www.

5. The Victory Centre

The school is dedicated to helping children with autism and other related disability reach their dreams. Victory centre offers intensive therapy based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).

The class sizes are quite small, thus enabling each child to receive special attention from the educators. The programs at Victory centre have been designed to attend to the specific learning needs of each child. One of such programs is the Individual Education Objective Program (IEOP). IEOP constitute language, social skills, life skills and self-help.

Victory centre which stands as one of the best schools for high functioning autism was established in by Barry & Judi Nelson . The couple had a child with Autism and the need to find the right education for him led to the establishment of the school. The school was accredited by the advanced southern association of college and schools council in 2011.

For more details about Victory centre, visit https: // www.

6. Camphill Special School

The school was established in 1952 in South Africa as special needs school. The school was established with the mission of providing quality education and care for children with intellectual disabilities and other form of disabilities.

The school is open to learners between 5 and 19 years. Pupils receive quality personalized education in small classes. They also have access to different kind of therapies. The school provides a learning environment that builds confidence and hope in the learners. The school offers both day and boarding facilities to its students.

For more details, visit https: // www.

7. Imagine Academy

Imagine academy was established to cater for the needs of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and some other developmental disabilities. The school employs different kinds of proven therapies in its teaching methodologies.

The student to teacher ratio is 1: 1, thus enabling the students receive personalized attention from the educators.

Imagine academy was established in 2005 by parents who were fed up with the rigid of programming and old school approaches in its learning. They believe that the use of integrated approach in teaching would help a child reach its highest potential.

The academy offers:

  • Academic learning
  • Vocational skills training
  • Speech language therapy
  • Creative Arts Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy

To learn more, visit https: // www. heartspring .org

8. Heartspring School

Heartspring school is among the outstanding schools for high functioning autism. The school has facilities for both day and boarding options.

Heartspring offers differ therapies via different kinds of services &therapies via programs like:

  • Heartspring Therapeutic School
  • Family & community outreach
  • Outpatient services, etc.

The school has a vision of creating hope and opportunity improves the lives of children having special needs alongside their family.

9. Shrub Oak International School

It is a private coeducational school established for students with special learning disabilities. The school offers both day and boarding facilities to students between age 8 and 30.

The school offers dynamic educational opportunities in a supportive environment. The classrooms are furnished with modern tools that aids learning. The curriculum is based on the recent advances and approaches in Autism Spectrum Disorder Education.

Educators at the school are well-qualified and experienced.


Having a child with autism does not translate to the end of the road for that child. Once you fix the child in a suitable special school that will understand his/her peculiar learning needs and able to meet it. That child with autism today can do great exploits tomorrow if properly harnessed.

This article has been on best schools for high autism, hope it was helpful?

Frequently Asked Questions

Private schools is preferable in the choice of schools for high functioning autism. This is because most private schools offer small class, personalized attention on each child and lot of learning resources.

Colorado us one of the best state in terms of raising children with autism.

Autism is actually a developmental disability. But if the autistic child is well-harnessed, such disabilities can be conquered.


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