Top 10 Best Schools In Adelaide

Top 10 Best Schools in Adelaide 3

Top 10 Best Schools In Adelaide – The Australian education system is one of the best in the world. Australia is the best destination when you think of having a great time while studying.

Coupled with its highly advanced community, beautiful environment and advanced learning environment. Australia is one of the best places in the world to study.

Many seek to study in a country where the return would be great, countries like the United Kingdom, United States of America, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, New Zealand and many others offer the best when it comes to education.

Australia like the above mentioned is a great place for study, six states in Australia cater for quality education, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, and New South Wales. 

Adelaide is a city and the capital of South Australia, one of its major sectors is the education sector, and the number of students that come into the state to study cannot be equal to other cities.

Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide is the fifth most populated city in Australia. The city is located in the state of South Australia. Adelaide serves as the capital of the region. it has over 1,376,601 residents as of the 2020 census.

The city was named after the United Kingdom Queen, Adelaide. it was created in 1836, as a region for the British settlement in Austria. The city has many beautiful places, such as Elder Park, St. Peter’s Cathedral, Mount Lofty, Rymill Park and Light’s Vision which has been listed as one of the Australian national heritage.

The city has been known to have the highest peak in religion. it has been named the city of churches with its multiple faiths.

Before the Europeans occupied, the Kauma of the Aboriginals were the inhabitance of the region. The city remains the third-largest city in Australia.

Adelaide’s economy is equally stable, contributing largely to the economy of Australia. The city is also known to employ more health care and social assistance. while in South Australia, the second largest employer is the Retail Trade contributing 12 per cent to the state.

The South Australia region is also known for its manufacturing power, defence industry, technology and export. It is also recorded that most of its vehicles driven in the region were manufactured in South Australia. 

The city is one of the most livable cities in Australia with so much convenience, the city provides free Wifi which covers the whole of Adelaide, enough and highly advanced transportation service, and the city has two major commercial airports and other airports.

Its health sector is equally compatible to provide people with guaranteed services. The city is a great place to live. we are yet to talk of it education sector which places a major role in the region and Australia at large.

There are several institutes in the City, most of which have been ranked best. The education sector is run by the South Australia Authority. Public and Private education is run by the SA authority, all schools in South Australia provide students with an International Baccalaureate certificate which is the highest in Australia and the South Australia Certificate of Education.

The City has three major Public Universities, which have been ranked the best in Australia and the World. while there are other great institutes in Adelaide. The University of Adelaide is the third oldest University in Australia. Education plays a very integral part in the region’s economy.

List of Top 10 Best Schools in Adelaide

Though there are limited numbers of institutions in Adelaide. Adelaide holds the oldest university in Australia, the University of Adelaide which carries out a lot of research works.

Here is a list of the top 10 Best Schools in Adelaide, Australia;

University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is the oldest in Australia. it was established in 1874, in the North Terrace of Adelaide. The Public School is affiliated with the Association of the Commonwealth Universities and Group of Eight which comprises institutes with high and intensive research works.

The research school enrols a large number of students every year, in 2018, the institute admitted over 27,357 students both undergraduate and postgraduate students. it has its campuses in other places, which include, Waite, Therbaton, Roseworthy, and Ngee Ann (Singapore) one of its first campuses overseas.

The University is divided into five faculties that are further divided into several schools and runs several programs. The highly intense research institute has the highest research work in Australia. In the Australian Universities ranking the University has been ranked 8th. while 111 in the world. 

The Institute provide students with an advanced learning environment and has great places for socialisation, coupled with its great extracurricular activities.

University of South Australia

Adelaide has some great schools in its region. The University of South Australia is one of the public research institutes that has been ranked one of the best in Australia. 

The school is a conglomerate of Universities, the South Australia School of Mines and Industries and the South Australia College of Advanced Education. It was established in 1991, and though one of the youngest Universities in Australia.

The School has two campuses in Adelaide and others in South Australia region. University of South Australia also runs multiple programs and also, and the institute has three major research institutes.

The University of South Australia is a great place for learning and fun with several affiliations, which include, Engineers Australia, ACU, Australia Technology Network, Open Universities Australia and others.

Flinder University

The city of Adelaide has around three public universities. Flinder University is one of the recognised universities in South Australia. It was established in 1966. it was named after a notable individual called Mathew Flinder who explored South Australia.

Flinder Unversity is a research institute that has affiliated with the Innovative Research Institute. The institute enrols around 26,139 students (graduate and Postgraduate). The school provides multiple programs at Bachelors’s and Doctorate levels.

Flinder University is notable for its strength in Medicine and the Humanities, as it has been ranked top 10 in these fields. like every other university in South Australia, the institute has its campuses scattered around South Australia.

Flinder Unversity is an advanced institute with over 160 programs which are divided into colleges, currently, the institute has six colleges.

Torrens University

Torrens Unversity is one of the best international vocational schools in Australia with multiple campuses. It has one in Brisbane, Melbourne, Auckland, Sydney, Adelaide and also, in China.

The institute was established in 2012. The Private school institute began teaching in Adelaide in 2014, with over 19,000 students in 2021. The School is divided into schools.

Currently, the institute has 8 schools, which include; APM College of Business and Communication, Media Design School, Real Madrid Graduate School, Torrens University Language Centre, Chifley Business School, Billy Blue College of Design, Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School, and William Blue College of Hospitality Management.

In 2019, the University was ranked the 40th best University in Australia. The Institute is a high research institute with multiple course programs.

Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University is a private university that was established in Pennslyvania, USA. The international university is a high research institute with several campuses in large cities. The John Heinz III College Campus was established in 2006.

Carnegie Mellon University is the first international American University to open a campus in Australia, the institute is a high research institute with several programs it runs, and the school also allow students to take global programs.

 Carnegie Mellon University has several campuses in over 29 countries. The school is an advanced institute with a great learning environment.

  • Technical and Further Education (TAFE), Adelaide.
  • Adelaide College of Divinity, Adelaide.
  • Adelaide College of Ministries, Adelaide.
  • Tabor College, Adelaide.
  • Elder Conservatorium of Music, Adelaide.

These are some great schools in Adelaide you can decide to enrol with if it fits your program.


Education in Adelaide is very crucial as it also contributes largely to the progress of the city. Adelaide is an advanced city in the region of South Australia. Adelaide is the third-largest city in Australia. Adelaide has one of the oldest universities in Australia, University of Adelaide, is a public university that provides a standard and highly recognised certificate in Australia and the world. 

Adelaide is a livable and very affordable city with many side attractions. Schooling or t study in Adelaide is a great one, as many institutes in Adelaide are highly recognised and well equipped. that is why we have provided you with several great schools in Adelaide.


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