10 Best Schools In Birmingham

10 Best Schools in Birmingham

10 Best Schools In Birmingham – The  United Kingdom is a country with one of the best education systems in the world. As a country, the United Kingdom is a conglomeration of different Kingdoms with top-notch schools.

Birmingham might not be compared with London which is the citadel of learning. The city has one remarkable history and revolution. 

Education is the whiling of any country, providing knowledge for people to advance its society and the world at large. The United Kingdom has provided people from all over the world with its shared knowledge 

The education system of Birmingham is quite impressive as it provides quite an impressive quality of education. After all, Birmingham is part of the United Kingdom which is part of the Bologna Process.

Higher Education in the United Kingdom is compared to all other European countries, this was a result of the Bologna Process of 1999. There is nowhere you go with your certificate in the continent of Europe and the world that it won’t be accepted.

There are several institutes of higher learning in Birmingham, we would be discussing the 10 best schools in Birmingham.

Birmingham, United Kingdom 

Birmingham is a city in England. The beautiful urban city is one of the largest cities in England. The city’s population is roughly higher, marked around  1,141,816.

Birmingham is the second-largest city in the United Kingdom, the city is a highly industrialized society with many manufacturing companies. It has been recognized as the first manufacturing town in the world. 

Birmingham facilitates other societies when it comes to industrialization. It sees the highest gun manufacturing company in the United Kingdom. 

Birmingham’s economy is the second-largest in the United Kingdom, with a GDP of $121 billion in 2014. Birmingham is a city with diverse people, with white as the major, followed by blacks.

The city is a vibrant city that enjoys a great reputation, it is well for its, great foods, arts, music and many others. It is highly visited by visitors. The city is the fourth most visited city in the United Kingdom.

Birmingham is a beautiful city, with many side attractions, and beautiful weather, and has the largest national nature reserve with many beautiful parks.

List of 10 Best Schools in Birmingham 

There are quite a several schools in Birmingham, five of it has been noted as the largest in the United Kingdom. Education, health, and public administration are the largest employer in Birmingham, while Birmingham has the largest in the United Kingdom.

Here is a list of the 10 best schools in Birmingham based on Webometrics ranking;

University of Birmingham 

Most of the schools in the United Kingdom are run by the United Kingdom government. The University of Birmingham was formerly known as the Birmingham School of Surgery and Medicine in 1825. After so many evolutions it was changed to the University of Birmingham in 1900 which gained the status of a University.

The institute has been ranked 44th best in the United Kingdom and 515th in the world, while the 7th largest University in the United Kingdom. The highly researched institute is located in Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom.

The school has contributed to many scientific successes through its numerous research, such as defining the structure of starch and basic components of Maltose, Lactose, and many more.

The University has five major colleges which are further scattered into several schools. These colleges include; Arts and Law, Life and Environmental Sciences, Engineering and Physical Sciences, Medical and Dental Sciences, and Social Sciences.

The school has a major focus on Science, engineering, and commerce as it has been ranked to provide academic excellence in these fields. The University of Birmingham is a great school with great and conducive learning environments.

Aston University 

Aston University located in Birmingham, England is a public institute that has devoted its training to the field of technology. The school started as Birmingham Municipal School of Technology in 1895 and later changed its name a couple of times until 1966 when it gained the status of a university and was changed to Aston University.

Aston University runs multiple programs, as the school is divided into schools, colleges, and departments. It has focused on the College of Business and Social Sciences, College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, and College of Health and Life Sciences.

Aston University has been ranked the best in the world and the United Kingdom. In the year 20420, The Guardian named the school the University of the year. While based on webometric ranking, Aston University ranked the 52nd in the United Kingdom and 629th in the world.

Aston Business School is one of the oldest and largest in the United Kingdom. The School is also a great place to combine fun and study, coupled with its conducive learning environment.

Birmingham City University 

The public institute is the second-largest university in the city of Birmingham, It has a main focus on art and design. It was formerly known as the Birmingham College of Art, established in 1843. 

The school has had a series of names changed, from Birmingham College of Art to the city of Birmingham Polytechnic, and then in 1992, it was changed to Birmingham city University when it was licensed for university status.

Birmingham City University comprises four schools, it has four faculties and multiple programs it runs. Faculty of Arts, Design, and Media, Faculty of Law, Business and Social Sciences, Faculty of Health, Education and Life Sciences, and faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment, are the four faculties in the school.

The Guardian has ranked the school in 202 as the 67th best in the United Kingdom while Times Higher Education World University Rankings has ranked it 83rd. It is also ranked the best centre for learning in the United Kingdom.

Newman University Birmingham 

Newman University was established in 1968 in the town of Bartley Green, Birmingham. The school is affiliated with the Roman Catholic, it was named after a religious figure John Henry Newman, who had contributed to the establishment of the institute.

Newman University is a public research institute with an excellent research framework. It has a total of six research centres which are targeted to provide excellence.

In 2019/20 it was recorded to have around 2,795 students. The institute is convenient and Eco friendly for learning. The Institute is notable for its teaching training program, as since the inception of the school, it has been able to train a large number of students with over 13,500 who are qualified working teachers.

In 2022, Newman University, Birmingham was ranked 101st best national university, based on Guardian ranking, also have been given a silver ranking for teaching excellence framework by the British Government Assessment.

Aston Business School

The Institute is one of the oldest and largest in the United which was established in 1947. Aston Business School is affiliated with Aston University, Birmingham.

The Institute runs a large number of programs. It also runs undergraduate and postgraduate programs. In 2017, the institute was given a Gold Award for Teaching Excellence Framework also, research has it that students who graduate from the institute are very skilled for employment or further study. 

The institute is an institute with an outstanding mark of excellence.

Other Best Schools in Birmingham

  • Birmingham Business School
  • South and City College, Birmingham
  • Sutton Coldfield College, Birmingham
  • The University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • The University of Law, Birmingham


Birmingham is a highly concentrated industrialized city, with many great innovations. The City is not far from the city of London. Birmingham has five notable schools in the city and is the largest in the United Kingdom. 

Studying in Birmingham is quite affordable, as the city itself is affordable compared to London its neighbouring city. With our list, you should have an idea of the best schools in the city of Birmingham and also provide you with options.


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