Top 10 Best Schools In Brisbane

10 best schools in brisbane

Best Schools In Brisbane – Thousands of schools out there provide students with standard and quality education. These are schools that are ranked best and are highly recognized for their research works, online presence, and others. 

Brisbane is a beautiful city in the country of Australia, the Australian continent. Brisbane is a large city in Queensland that is also highly advanced with lots of great and beautiful places.

As an international student who would like to school in the beautiful country of Australia, Brisbane is a city to target. There are a lot of schools to look at.

That is why we would be making a list of the best schools in the city of Brisbane.

Brisbane, Australia

Studying abroad does not just come with you going to study in a foreign country. it is an opportunity to explore a new environment, get to know the people, meet or make new friends, gain academic knowledge and probably have the opportunity to reside and work in the country after studying.

Brisbane is a beautiful city in the country of Australia. Australia is a unique country that remains one of the world’s largest has been ranked to be sixth in the world. It lies in the continent of Australia, which is the driest, and old continent in the world.

Australia is a highly developed country, it has its capital in the city of Canberra. Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide are the five largest cities in Australia. English is the national language spoken in the country, it was formerly colonized by the British empire. 

it still maintains its stay with the commonwealth. As The Queen of the United Kingdom still sits as the Monarch’s head of the country. Australia’s economy is one of the strongest in the world, it was ranked 13th largest in the world.

Mining is one important sector in Australia’s economy as it contributes heavily to its economic growth. While the technology sector is fast catching up to the world’s most advanced countries.

Australia has been ranked one of the safest places in the world with a little crime rate. 

Brisbane is a highly urbanized city, with great food, culture, lifestyle and lots of great places to visit. The city’s economy is a stable one and the largest in the Asia Pacific cities. the city has strength in Insurance, Finance, Mining, food, transportation, Information technology and real estate.

List of 10 Best schools In Brisbane

looking to study in the country of Australia, Brisbane is one great destination to target. as there are lots of higher educational institutions, both colleges and universities and others.

it is recorded to be around 1,100 educational institutions, 43 Universities both private and public, and others. here is a list of the 10 best schools in Brisbane, Australia;

University of Queensland

The University of Queensland is one of the most highly recognised schools in Australia. The Public research school has been ranked second best in Australia (Oceania) and 55th in the World, this is based on Webometric rating.

The school was established in the year, 1909. The school offers several Undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs. The school is divided into faculties, it has six faculties, Business, Economics and Law, Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology, Art and Behavioural Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Science and Medicine. all of which are broken down into Schools.

The School has a strong focus on Science, Medicine and Technology. The University of Queensland is a conducive school for fun and learning.

Queensland University of Technology

The high research public institute is devoted to technology programs. It is located in the coastal urban city of Brisbane. It was established in 1989. The Institute is affiliated with the University of Australia, The Association of MBAs and others.

In 2020, the school admitted around 52,679 students, both undergraduate and postgraduate. The institute provides course works such as Business, Health, Communication, Architecture, Creative Industries, Science and Engineering, Law and Justice, Mathematics, Design and others.

It is an institute with high research work. In a recent ranking by Webometrics, The institute has been ranked no. 12 in Australia and 206 in the world.

Like every other great school in Australia, QUT provides students with a beautiful eco-friendly learning environment.

Griffith University

Griffith University is a highly technologized institute, while you are thinking of what program is the institute great on, if you are planning to take any science program then you are on a sure path.

The young institute has many programs it offers. It was established in 1971 and has been ranked best in Australia and the world at large. 16th at the national position and 244 in the world.

The school has been ranked second in the world in the field of Nursing Midwifery and 1st in Australia. The institute has great social and extracurricular activities. Also a safe place for learning.

Central Queensland University

Ranked no. 39th in Australia and 933 in the world, Central Queensland University is a public school formerly known as Queensland Institute of Technology. It was, however, changed to the Central Queensland University in 1995 after it was given the status of a University.

The School has a wide range of programs it runs in various disciplines, Health, Apprenticeship, Trades and Training, Business, Law and accounting and many others.

There are six schools in the school which include, the School of Education and the Arts, School of Business and Law, School of Engineering and Technology, School of Nursing and Midwifery, School of Medical and Applied Sciences and School of Health, Human and Social Sciences. 

Central Queensland University also known as CQU, has campuses in various parts of Australia such as Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns, Emerald and many others. The Institute is affiliated with the Regional Universities Network (RUN) which are seven universities in regional Australia.

Australian Catholic University

With so many campuses around Australia. The Australian Catholic University is one of the world’s recognised Universities. Ranked at 724th in the world and 34th in Australia. Established in 1991, it is one of Australia’s young Universities that is striving.

The Institute was formerly known as the Catholic College of Education from 1982 to 1990, however, it was changed. The School has a wide range of programs, however, it is divided into four faculties. Education and Arts, Health Sciences, Law and Business and Theology and Philosophy.

Australian Catholic University is a place to combine study and fun, as it provides students with great social activities.

Other institutes include:

  • James Cook University, Brisbane
  • APM College of Business and Communication, Brisbane
  • Charles Sturt University Study Centre, Brisbane
  • Axion College, Brisbane
  • Brisbane North Institute of TAFE

Education In Australia

Like every other country education in Australia is mostly funded by the state and territories. However, the Australian government also contributes partly. In Australia Education is compulsory from the age of four depending on the States or territories till the age of Sixteen or Seventeen.

Education levels are divided into four stages, Early childhood, Primary education, Secondary education, and Tertiary education where you have (Universities and Registered Training Organisations).


Schools In Brisbane – Education in Australia is quite standard compared to other advanced countries. Brisbane which is a city in Queensland has several institutes for learning, both, Universities and Training organisations.

There are around 43 universities in Australia. Brisbane has one of the oldest and most highly recognized universities in Australia which is the University of Queensland. If you choose to study in Australia, our list can guide you in picking a great location and school to pick in Australia.


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