Top 10 Best Schools In Canberra

Top 10 Best Schools In Canberra

Are you getting ready to send your kid to school? It’s thrilling, but it can also be frightening. Choosing a high school is critical to provide pupils with a high-quality education and the greatest life changes. Students, after all, spend a significant amount of time in school studying, learning, and making new friends. This stage of schooling is critical for them to develop into capable, self-assured young people. It’s also critical to assist students in deciding on the best job route. In this article, we have listed the top 10 best schools in Canberra.

Top 10 Best Schools In Canberra

1. Campbell High School

Campbell High School is among our top 10 best schools in Canberra. It is open to kids in grades 7 through 10. If you’re searching for a high-quality school that follows the Australian Capital Territory’s educational system, this school could be worth looking into.

The school is strategically positioned at the foot of Mount Ainslie, only minutes from Canberra’s downtown area. It has a capacity of around 745 students. Their teachers are dedicated to assisting their pupils as they transition from childhood to adulthood. Furthermore, they value the development of a strong feeling of belonging and pride in the school community.

The school offers a fully equipped gymnasium, a large fitness lab, a rock climbing wall, and field facilities. There are recently renovated science and technology labs, darkrooms for photography, and air-conditioned computer labs with comprehensive access to information technology through an automated library. The National Art Gallery, National Library, and Science and Technology Centre are close to the school, as are various athletic facilities and national cultural resources.

2. Canberra Grammar School

Canberra Grammar School was founded in 1929 and is located on 22 hectares in the center of Canberra. Canberra Grammar School is an independent Anglican school that provides exceptional academic education, co-curricular activities, and spiritual care to day and boarding students of all origins and beliefs in a Christian-based community. 

The only co-ed boarding school in the ACT is Canberra Grammar School. The only school in the ACT to provide the NSW Higher School Certificate is Canberra Grammar School, an International Baccalaureate World School.

Canberra Grammar School has one of the most dynamic and unique learning facilities, drawing on its teachers’ professional skills, the devotion of its community, and the resources of the nation’s capital.

Canberra Grammar School trains its pupils to be bright, inventive, and global; to be self-assured, creative, and compassionate future leaders. All students are valued as individuals at the school, and they strive to inspire, encourage, and celebrate their efforts in achieving their academic, spiritual, cultural, social, and physical goals.

3. Lyneham High School

Next in school in our top 10 best schools in Canberra is the Lyneham High School. This well-known public secondary school was established in January 1959. It can house up to a thousand students and is conveniently placed in Lyneham. The principles of compassion, excellence, and innovation are deeply ingrained in the school community.

The institution is also noted for its three well-known flagship programs. Among its offerings are Lyneham Enriched Academic Program (LEAP), Sporting Excellence at Lyneham (SEAL), and an award-winning band and music program.

When the Pathways program was initially introduced, it was embraced by Lyneham High School in north Canberra. Pathways Planning was adopted at the school, guided by the school’s career practitioner, to increase pupils’ awareness of career alternatives, future education and training, and decision-making abilities. This was especially crucial as students prepared for and went to college following Year 10.

Pathways are divided into three planning phases based on the developmental requirements of young people at various stages of their path to higher education or work.

4. Radford College

Radford College is a coeducational, independent Anglican day school in Bruce, Australian Capital Territory, Australia. The institution was founded in 1984 and is named after Bishop Lewis Bostock Radford. Currently, the school has about 1,600 students enrolled in grades Pre-K through 12, with an equal number of boys and girls.

Radford College is a vibrant independent institution devoted to teaching and assisting students in becoming compassionate, adaptive, and global citizens. The school is a contemporary Anglican coeducational day school that values each student’s potential. They assist students in realizing their full potential by providing world-class education and chances to study outside the classroom via co-curricular and community service initiatives.

Radford routinely rates strongly in the ACT academic rankings despite having a non-selective admissions procedure making the have a spot among the top 10 best schools in Canberra. Radford values modern and constructive teaching techniques and its students are encouraged to be responsible, motivated, and involved in their education. 

5. The Brindabella Christian College

The Brindabella Christian College (BCC) is a non-denominational Christian co-educational early learning, primary, and secondary day school in the Canberra suburbs of Charnwood and Lyneham, Australia.

The school, founded in 1980 as O’Connor Christian School, provides religious and general education to pupils from early childhood through Year 12. Debating, public speaking, theater, dancing, athletics, Christian worship, ISCF, Amnesty International, choir, and other activities are available at the college.

All kids are allocated to a house and pastoral teachers who are members of the faculty. Students from various year levels are encouraged to participate in activities together. All community members are encouraged to show respect, obedience, confidence, and compassion. 

From Year 7, students are taught information skills as part of a normal curricular program to ensure they have the necessary abilities to obtain, analyze, and present data. In Years 9 and 10, students participate in work experience. The counseling on careers is part of the Year 10 curriculum.

6. Daramalan College

The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (MSC) created Daramalan in 1962, and it has had a rich heritage of offering Catholic education to kids in Canberra since then. Daramalan started as a boys’ school for students in Years 5 to 12, but it has evolved into a prominent co-educational institution for students in Years 7 to 12.

Daramalan is a compassionate and active school community dedicated to promoting and living out the MSC charism. The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart’s charism is centered on the love that Jesus gave us through His life and death, as well as the notion that by experiencing and exhibiting compassionate love to all people, we may contribute to making the world a better place.

They put great importance on offering high-quality learning opportunities for all students as an educational community. Their students obtain outstanding academic outcomes and have a reputation for being well prepared for post-secondary education or career. In addition to the academic curriculum, there is a robust co-curricular program.

7. St Edmund’s College

St Edmund’s College, Canberra is a private Catholic primary and secondary school for boys in Griffith, a suburb of Canberra in Australia’s Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

St Edmund’s strives to produce well-balanced, hardworking, spiritually grounded, and joyful young people equipped to meet contemporary life’s difficulties. The College aspires to help students become high-performing learners by equipping them with the tools they need to think and act like academics in all aspects of their studies. 

Small class sizes, competent, a passionate teaching staff that gives a high level of individual attention, and a fully established co-educational atmosphere all contribute to success. Sixth Form students at the College consistently get acceptance to prestigious colleges.

St Edmund’s College strives to educate the full person by offering a diversified and broad range of co-curricular activities such as theater, music, and sports. At the College, students participate in rugby, football, cricket, athletics, netball, rounders, hockey, tennis, and swimming, among other sports. 

Schola Cantorum, College production, and orchestra are only a few of the interesting activities offered by the music school. St Edmund’s is also interested in developing pupils outside of the classroom, offering a variety of fascinating excursions and activities, such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and the Combined Cadet Force.

8. Alfred Deakin High School

The Alfred Deakin High School is situated in Deakin, a key district of Canberra. It is a multicultural school for kids in grades 7 through 10, with 10% of pupils speaking a language other than English as their first language. As a result, Deakin High School provides small-group English sessions for intense English training.

The school provides a strong visual arts curriculum, including film production, textiles and fashion, painting or pottery, and a performing arts program that includes music (orchestra and strings), theater, and dance. Students may study animation, programming, wood and metal science, electronics, cuisine, culinary science, CAD, and jewelry design in the subject of technology and IT.

Every week, all students must participate in two and a half hours of athletics and outdoor education. Swimming, cross-country, and the yearly sports carnival are all quite popular. There are now 860 pupils at Alfred Deakin High School, representing 41 countries. As a result, more internationals are welcome.

9. Marist College Canberra

The Marist Brothers created Marist College Canberra in 1968 as an autonomous Roman Catholic primary and secondary day school for boys. Marist College is a comprehensive, independent liberal arts university with campuses on the banks of the historic Hudson River and in Florence, Italy.

Marist College has been able to expand and adapt since its founding on basic principles and a dedication to education. The Marist Brothers, who arrived in Poughkeepsie in 1905, created the college. The Marist Brothers are known for their ability and devotion as educators. Although the college is no longer religiously associated, its principles remain vital to what it stands for.

Marist College, regarded as one of the most creative institutions in the country, provides students with a competitive education that prepares them for global business after graduation.

10. Telopea Park School 

Telopea Park School is an international primary and secondary school run by the Australian government in Canberra. Telopea Park School is the only bi-national school in Canberra and one of the few public schools in the Australian Capital Territory that teaches pupils from Kindergarten to Year 10.

Based on best practices and excellent teaching principles, Telopea Public School strives to create a safe, exciting, and supportive learning environment for all students and staff. They believe working together strategically with their school community will help their students and community become more confident and critical lifelong learners. 


Education is very vital and finding the best ones for your kids is ideal. That is why we listed the top 10 best schools in Canberra to help you make the right choice for your children.


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