Top 15 Best Schools In Collingwood

Top 15 Best Schools In Collingwood


Best Schools In Collingwood- Are you about settling in Collingwood, Ontario province of Canada? Are you in search of the best schools in Collingwood for you and your kids?  Look no further! This article has all the answers you need. We have carefully compiled the best schools in Collingwood just for you. No matter the level of education you desire, you will surely find a school fit for you and your kids.

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Schools In Collingwood

Collingwood, even though a small town, is one of the best places to live in Canada. The top features of this town include demographics, culture and community. It is a great place to start a business and also retire, lots of spots to relax and catch some fun. The people of Collingwood are so warm, welcoming and friendly. In one word, Collingwood is a home of recreation.


Aside recreation, Collingwood is also home to some schools that offer quality education. These schools are in three levels; Elementary schools, high schools and post-secondary schools (colleges and universities).

Best Schools In Collingwood

Elementary Schools In Collingwood

  1. Admiral Collingwood Elementary School
  2. Cameron Street Public School
  3. Connaught Public School
  4. St. Mary’s Catholic School
  5. Mountain View Elementary School

  • Admiral Collingwood Elementary School

The school was established in 1925 and named after Lord Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood, a commander in the army who died in active service of his dear country.

The school is a public school located in Collingwood in the province of Ontario, Canada. The academic curriculum of the school covers early childhood education, kindergarten, elementary and junior secondary school.

  • Cameron Street Public School

The school is one of the elementary schools in Collingwood. The school offers an academic curriculum for students between kindergarten class and 8th grade. The school is funded and managed by the government.

  • Connaught Public School

The school fondly called; Home of the Cougars is one of the best elementary schools in Collingwood. The school is a public school located in Collingwood in the province of Ontario, Canada. The academic curriculum of the school covers early childhood education, kindergarten, elementary and junior secondary school.

The school which stands as one of the best schools in Collingwood employs excellent teaching techniques to ensure students are academically sound. Equity, diversity and inclusion are some of the priorities of this great school.

  • Mountain View Elementary School

The school is also a public school located in Collingwood, Ontario province, Canada. The school offers a curriculum for kids between JK to grade 8. The school is a part of the Simcoe county district school board.

  • St. Mary’s Catholic School

St. Mary’s Catholic School is one of the elementary schools in Collingwood. The school is a part of the Simcoe county district school board. The school provides quality elementary education to its students.

High Schools In Collingwood

  1. Collingwood Collegiate Institute
  2. Our Lady of the Bay Catholic High School

Collingwood Collegiate Institute


The school is a public secondary school established in 1858 in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. The academic curriculum of the school is for children between grades 9 and 12. There are about 1399 students on enrolment at the school.

 Some of the subjects offered in the school include English, arts, technology, physical education. There are extra-curricular activities in the school to engage the students, which include rugby, football & hockey.

Our Lady of the Bay Catholic High School


Our Lady of the Bay Catholic High School is located in Collingwood, Ontario in Canada. It was established in 1985 as Jean Vanier Catholic High School in honor of Jean Vanier. However, in 2020, the name was changed to the current one due to some bad post-humus report that was received concerning the man.

The school offers academic curriculum for students between grade 9 and 12.

For more details on elementary and high schools in Collingwood, visit https: //


Post-Secondary Schools In Collingwood

Post-secondary schools in Collingwood include:

  • Georgian College
  • Lakehead University
  • Modern College of Hairstyling & Esthetics
  • Redwood Beauty college

  • Georgian College

Georgian college was established in 1967 as a public university in Collingwood in Ontario province of Canada. The college was created during the formation of Ontario’s college system.  The main campus is located in Barrie while the other campuses are in Orillia, Owen sound, Midland, Muskoka, South Georgian Bay and Orangeville.

The school focuses majorly on subjects relating to arts and technology. Learning is quite easy at this school as the class sizes are small with a maximum of 26 students in a class.


Programs offered at Georgian college include; Academic upgrading, Apprenticeship training, Diploma

Certificate, Graduate certificate College degree and university programs and part-time studies (in collaboration with some universities).

The degrees obtainable at Georgian college are:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration- Management and leadership (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration- Automotive Management (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration- Golf Management (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Interior design (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Police Studies (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Georgian college in partnership with Lakehead university offers the following degree-diploma programs:

  • Honours Bachelor of Science- Applied Life Sciences degree with Biotechnology health diploma
  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Degree with Electrical Engineering Technology Advanced Diploma
  • Honours Bachelor of Arts and Science-Environmental Sustainability degree with Environmental Technician Diploma.
  • Honours Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree with computer programmer diploma.

Georgian College also offers some other courses in partnership with some other universities like Central Michigan University, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, and York University.

Scholarships and Bursaries are available to students on a yearly basis to aid their academic pursuits at the college.


For more information, visit https: // www.

  • Lakehead University

This is one of the best post-secondary schools in Collingwood. It was established as a public research university in 1965 with campuses in Orillia and Thunder Bay in Ontario province of Canada.

Lakehead University run its academic programs via 9 faculties;

  • Business Administration
  • Education
  • Health and Behavioral science
  • Engineering
  • Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Natural Resources Management
  • Medicine
  • Graduate Studies
  • Law

The school offers scholarships to Aboriginal, First Nations and Metis Students. New students who score 80% and above in their entrance examination also get scholarships.

Students are free to participate in extra-curricular activities in the university such as community service, student union government, athletics and others.

For further enquiries, visit their website on https: // www.

  • CTS Canadian Career College

The college offers post-secondary school trainings for careers in industries specific to the geographic area. Certifications and diploma programs are available in the following fields:

  • Paralegal
  • Business
  • Health sciences
  • Information technology
  • Police foundation course
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Medical Laboratory Technician
  • Office Administration
  • Medical Office Administration and Business Administration
  • Law Clerk

For more details, visit https:// www.

  • Modern College of Hairstyling & Esthetics

The college which is located in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada offers career-focused programs in two disciplines: Esthetics and Hairstyling.


Hairstyling program covers recent trend and techniques in hairstyling, hair care, colouring, moisturizing and much more.

Esthetics program entails all aspect of Esthetics including nail care, body massage, make up artistry and much more.

The two programs combine outstanding instructions and hands-on experience in its on-campus salon and spa. Aside the professional aspect, you will also get to learn customer service, marketing, retail skills which will make you stand out when searching for job or establishing your own beauty outfit.


For more information, visit the college’s website, https: //www.

  • Redwood Beauty college

If your interest after high school is in the beauty industry, then you should attend Redwood Beauty college. When it comes to matters of beauty, Redwood Beauty College is one of the best schools in Collingwood. The college is highly committed to assisting prospective beauty professionals find their way around in the beauty industry.

Some features of this beauty school include:

  • Small class sizes
  • Quality beauty education
  • Modern and trendy tools and techniques

Some of the courses offered in this beauty college include:

  • Skincare Therapist Diploma
  • Botox Course: a 2-day course for professionals to increase their knowledge on Botox Cosmetic and Dermal fillers application.
  • Certificate courses in Dermaplaning, Chemical Mechanical Exfoliation, Mirconeedling and collagen induction therapy, Microblading Technician with BBP Certficate.

For further details, visit https:// www. redwoodbeautycollege. Ca/

30 Interesting Places Near Schools In Collingwood

The 30 top places of attraction in Collingwood include:

  1. Sunset Point Park
  2. Georgian Trail
  3. Side Launch Brewing company
  4. Collingwood Arboretum
  5. St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church
  6. Collingwood Museum
  7. Millennium park
  8. Tremont studios
  9. Collingwood Brewery
  10. The Beer Bus company
  11. Collingwood Olive Oil Co.
  12. Xtreme Adventures
  13. ATV Adventure Tours
  14. The Historic Gayety Theatre
  15. Simcoe Street Theatre
  16. Blue Mountain Foundation For the Arts
  17. The Collingwood Trails
  18. Harborview Park
  19. Theatre Collingwood
  20. Nottawasaga Island Lighthouse
  21. Northwinds Brewery
  22. Butter Gallery
  23. Alexander Art School & Art Supplies
  24. Paint Bar
  25. Collingwood farmer’s market
  26. Seed
  27. Living shore Spa
  28. Curries Farm Market
  29. Collingwood Charters
  30. Collingwood Adventure Voyages

Last Note

Collingwood is a small but great town, it is a perfect place to stay in Canada. There are schools in Collingwood that offers academic program at different levels of education ranging from elementary up to tertiary education. And of course, during the holidays, there are interesting places to relax and have fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

What school district does Collingwood schools fall?

Simcoe County District School Board

What is Collingwood famous for?

The town of Collingwood is a famous winter ski resort. It is also well-known for its blue mountain pottery, gotten from local red clay and some other interesting sceneries.


Is there beach in Collingwood?

Collingwood does not only have beaches, but some other interesting scenes like Sunset point park, shoreline park, etc.

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Collingwood does not only have beaches, but some other interesting scenes like Sunset point park, shoreline park, etc.

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