Top 30 Best Schools In Dwarka

best schools in Dwarka

Top 30 Best Schools In Dwarka-  If you are contemplating on where to situate yourself in India, you may want to consider Dwarka. Dwarka is a beautiful sub-city in South-West Delhi. It is also one of the fastest sub-city in Delhi. Most of what you desire in a city are present in Dwarka: good road networks, markets, accessible hospitals and even good schools that offer sound and quality education.

In this article, you will discover the best 30 schools in Dwarka where you can get world-standard education for your kids.

Top 30 Best Schools In Dwarka

  1. Ventakeshwar International School
  2. Sri Venkateshwar International School
  3. Bal Bahrati Public School, Dwarka
  4. Indraprastha International School, Dwarka
  5. ITL Public School
  6. Rajkiya Pratibha Vikas Vidyalaya
  7. Mount Carmel School
  8. Sachdeva Global School
  9. BGS International Public School
  10. RD Rajpal School, Dwarka
  11. NK Bagrodia Public School , Sector 4
  12. NK Bagrodia Public School , Sector 17
  13. Shanti Gyan International School Boarding School, Sector 19
  14. The Indian Heights School, Dwarka
  15. Delhi International School
  16. Modern International School
  17. Delhi International School Edge
  18. Goldfield Public School
  19. New Arya Public School
  20. Global Pratibha International School
  21. Shiv Vani Model Senior Secondary School, Delhi
  22. Queen’s Valley School, Dwarka
  23. New Era Public School, Dwarka
  24. St Gregorios School, Dwarka, Delhi
  25. Jinvani Bharti Public School, Dwarka
  26. Maxfort School, Dwarka
  27. Delhi Public School, Dwarka
  28. St. Mary’s School, Dwarka
  29. JM International School, Dwarka
  30. Shanti Gyan Niketan School, Goyla Village, Delhi

1. Ventakeshwar International School

Ventakeshwar International School is one of the leading schools in Dwarka. The school was founded in 2001 by the Sri Ventakeshwar education society. The school is an international school that offers global-standard education in a very conducive and serene environment.

The school is a co-educational one that employs English language as a language of instruction. It is well equipped with modern facilities to enhance learning. Some of these facilities include:  Tech-supported classroom, well-stocked classroom, science laboratories, state-of-the-art auditorium.

School is not all about academic work, there are extra-curricular activities to engage and develop the students. Some of these activities include music, art, sports (football, tennis, taekwando), yoga, dance, home science, fashion designing, etc.

To learn more, visit https: // www. vis10dwarka. com

2. Sri Venkateshwar International School

The school is one of the best schools in Dwarka.  It was established in 2006 in Dwarka. The school offers sound education in a very serene, conducive and friendly environment. The school is committed to character building and total personal development of the child in different areas like intellect, emotions, social, etc.

The school uses a learning approach that is global and child-focused . The curriculum is well-crafted and structured for integrated and project-centred learning. There are modern facilities in the school to facilitate learning. Some of the facilities used include 3D designmate labs, tech-enabled classrooms, etc.

Extra-curricular activities include sports (e.g football, basketball, volleyball, athletics), yoga, Space and Astronomy club , Art, Music, dance, theatre, etc.

For more enquiries, visit https: // www. svis. org

3. Bal Bahrati Public School, Dwarka

Bal Bahrati public school also falls among the best schools in Dwarka. The school was established as part of Child Education Society. The Child education society was established in 1944 with a mission to educating the young ones in the society. The society has 13 core schools, 12 project schools and one franchisee school.

The school follows the NCERT/CBSE curriculum for students between preschool and grade 12. There are modern facilities to enhance learning, some of which include smart classroom . Smart class room program allows teachers use digital resources like 3D images, animations, video clips, graphics, etc. in teaching students. This makes teaching and learning in the classroom very interactive and fun-filled .

There are different co-curricular activities in the school to ensure that the child is developed all-round. Part of the co-curricular activities include grouping of students into houses . This helps to build in them team spirit , mutual understanding and cooperation. Each house has its leaders both among the students and the teachers. Different inter-house competition takes place at regular intervals .

4. Indraprastha International School, Dwarka

Indraprastha International School, Dwarka was founded in 2003 with the motto : “teach child, develop whole child”. It is a private coeducational day school that runs an academic curriculum for kids between nursery and grade 12. The curriculum used is CBSE and Montessori.

The faculty consist of dedicated and professional teachers who are willing to guide the students through. Different extracurricular activities that helps build each child takes place in the school. Some of these include classical dance, fine arts, hand crafts, chess, debate , music, etc. Sport activities are also available in the school.

5. ITL Public School

ITL public school is one of the best schools in Dwarka known for quality education . It is equipped with modern facilities to enhance learning. The learning environment is serene, conducive and motivating. The school has a vision of developing young minds and preparing them for the dynamic world.

The school is equipped with modern facilities to enhance learning . Some of which include a large auditorium, language laboratory, swimming pool, etc.

There are lots of co-curricular programs that balances out the students learning and development. The faculty consist of well-qualified and experienced teachers. Some of the subjects offered include: English, Mathematics, EVS, computer, Arts and Crafts, etc.

To learn more, visit https: // www. itlpublicschool. net

6. Rajkiya Pratibha Vikas Vidyalaya

Rajkiya Pratibha Vikas Vidyalaya is a school system administered by the government through the directorate of education n Delhi, India. Schools under this system include:

  • RPVV, Dwarka Sector 5
  • RPVV, Dwarka Sector 10
  • RPVV, Dwarka, Sector 19, Delhi 75

7. Mount Carmel School

The school was established in 1997, recognized and approved by the directorate of education. It is also affliated to CBSE. The school offers curriculum for kids between preschool and grade 12.

The school employs the syllabus of All India Secondary & Senior secondary examination of the CBSE. Language of instruction is English. Although , Hindi is the second language. French, Spanish are also taught as secondary languages.

Extra-curricular activities are available to ensure total & balanced development of the child. Aero modelling, cultural, Dharohar, Matham Paper Scissors, rock hill. Part of extra-curricular activities is the assigning of houses to the students. There are 8 houses. Some of the activities conducted inter-house include inter-house dance , drama , music, sport, etc.

For further enquiries, https: // www. mountcarmeldelhi. com

8. Sachdeva Global School

Sachdeva Global school is one of the leading schools in Dwarka.  It was established in 2007. The school offers intensive and innovative academic program in an environment that is multicultural . The school is accredited by the department of education.

Students are motivated and supported by a team of qualified and experienced teachers. These teachers believe that education is not just restricted to passing knowledge. Students are also taught logical reasoning, problem solving, task execution, responsibility.

For further details, visit https: // www. sachdevaglobal. in

9. BGS International Public School

BGS is one of the good schools in Dwarka, offering curriculum for kids between pre-nursery and grade 12. The school is a private co-educational school that uses the CBSE curriculum with English as the language of instruction.

The school was established in 2003 and is a part of the BGS group of instituition. The school is under the administration by Adi Chunchina giri Shikshana Trust.

The school is equipped with facilities that enhances learning. Some of which include sport facilities (for Badminton, football, Basketball, table tennis, etc.), science laboratories, maths lab, computer labs, etc.

For more inquiries, visit https: // www.

10. RD Rajpal School, Dwarka

It is one of the good schools in Dwarka. It is sited in the heart of Dwarka over a large expanse of land with beautiful lovely landscapes and plantations.

The school is co-educational and offers CBSE curriculum ( a learner-friendly one ) for students between nursery and grade 12.

The school offers a conducive and serene environment with state-of-the-art facilities to enhance learning. Aside academic activities, there are also sporting activities which comprises both indoor games and outdoor sports. Indoor games includes table tennis, Chess, Gymnasium while outdoor sports include basketball, tennis , badminton, cricket, athletics and football.

Final Note

Dwarka is one of the smart sub-cities to live in India. With its good road network, large markets, hospitals and good school, it makes it a perfect fit for you and your family. So, if you are moving to India, you may want to register your kids in one of the best schools in Dwarka.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Dwarka is among the posh area in Delhi, the capital city of India to dwell. The sub-city has some of the best residential apartments. Also , the city has a large population of people from different ethnic background

There are over 60 schools in Dwarka

Sector 12 of Dwarka is the best and most strategic . With over 10 schools, a big market , hospital and city center, there is no better place to stay around Dwarka.


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