Top 30 Best Schools in Queensland

Best Schools in Queensland – Australia is known for housing some of the best universities and schools in the world. New South Wales and some other regions in Australia have excellent schools like St. Mary’s Cathedral College, Trinity Catholic College, James Ruse Agricultural High School, Ascham School, Hornsby Girls High School and many other colleges regarded one of the best in the world.

Some of the top locations where foreigners are most interested in studying are the United States of America, the United Kingdom, China, Canada and Australia. The scenery, study environment, student cities, professionalism, quality staff members and professors at the colleges are some of the reasons why there is high interest to study in Australia.

Queensland, a state in Australia is particularly famous for its beaches and beautiful scenery. The environment in most of the cities is most perfect for students and there are student cities where the Pacific Ocean and the Coral Sea are at the borders, a most exciting state.

Also called the sunshine state, Queensland is almost perfect for students. Apart from foreigners, citizens of Queensland are also interested in knowing the best schools in Queensland. The bright students who are in middle school or just completed middle school, lower school or basic school and hope to study in some of the best schools are also in need of this information.

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This article has been carefully woven to cater to these needs, listing the best schools in Queensland according to international rankings.

Best Schools in Queensland

Among the schools listed below, we have included girls’ schools, boys’ schools, catholic schools, and all other types of schools. The schools are arranged in no particular order but are ranked the best schools in Queensland majorly due to student performance and other factors as teacher-to-student ratio, facilities, reviews, alumni and a few others.

  • Queensland Academy for Science, Mathematics and Technology, Toowong
  • Cannon Hill Anglican College, Cannon Hill
  • Brisbane Grammar School, Brisbane
  • Anglican Church Grammar School, East Brisbane
  • Brisbane State High School, South Brisbane
  • Ormiston College, Ormiston
  • Somerville House, South Brisbane
  • Brisbane Girls Grammar School, Brisbane
  • All Hallows’ School, Brisbane
  • Somerset College, Mudgeeraba
  • St. Peters Lutheran College, Indooroopilly
  • St. Margaret’s Anglican Girls’ School
  • All Saints Anglican School, Merrimac
  • Sheldon College, Sheldon
  • St. Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ High School, Corinda
  • Emmanuel College, Carrara
  • St. Joseph’s College (Gregory Terrace), Brisbane
  • AB Paterson College, Arundel
  • Whitsunday Anglican School, North Mackay
  • Hillbrook Anglican School, Enoggera
  • Loreto College, Coorparoo
  • Brisbane Boys’ College, Toowong
  • Marist College, Ashgrove
  • St. Rita’s College, Clayfield
  • Ipswich Grammar School, Ipswich
  • Townsville Grammar School, North Ward
  • Mattew Flinders Anglican College, Buderim
  • Mansfield State High School, Mansfield
  • John Paul College, Daisy Hill
  • Moreton Bay College, Manly West

The list above is a selection of the top best schools in Queensland. The next part of this article talks about some of these schools, their requirements, history, and qualities. In order to get some more information about the other schools, look up the school sites and their reviews.

Queensland Academy for Science, Mathematics and Technology, Toowong

Established in 2007, the Queensland Academy for Science, Mathematics and Technology, Toowong aims to inspire students to become great individuals. The school is a public school and has an enrolment of about 1300 students.

The current principal, Kath Kayrooz is working hard with other staff members to ensure that the school remains one of the top best schools in Queensland and its neighboring states. The idea of Queensland Academy was conceived in 2005 before the school was finally established in 2007. The school was established to improve education in Queensland and is now one of the best schools in Queensland, with the students performing well and excelling in exams, rated using the national or state average.

From when the college was established, the school has experienced four excellent principals; Stephen Loggie, Kath Kayrooz, Judy Neilson and Kath Kayrooz again. These principals contributed their best to the development of the school.

The IB scores of students from the Queensland Academy for Science, Mathematics and Technology are quite amazing. Nine students got perfect IB scores of 45, nineteen students got IB scores of 44, and ninety-two students got more than 40 IB score, a very high number.

The Queensland Academy for Science, Mathematics and Technology was established and partnered with the University of Queensland, mainly to tutor students in mathematics and science courses. The school has Toowong included in its name because the site where the Queensland Academy is located was previously Toowong College.

The site was favoured because it was though that there would be benefits, considering its close proximity with the University of Queensland. The school was full of quality staff members and had its first set of graduates in 2008.

Contact Information

Telephone: (61) 7-3377-9333


Fax: (61) 7-3377-9300

Contact Address: 78 Bywong Street, Toowong QLD 4066

Postal Address: 78 Bywong Street, Toowong QLD 4066


Cannon Hill Anglican College, Cannon Hill

Initially called Cannon Hill College, the Cannon Hill Anglican College was established in 1989 and motivates students into believing in themselves. Excellence alongside confidence is a great ingredient for leaders and successful persons.

The school has an enrolment of about 1200 students, a very reasonable amount of growth compared to when the school was first opened with 89 students. The school caters for each and every student and the facilities are built to the tune of the enrolment size.

For example, there is an auditorium that will take all of the students and staff members all at once comfortably, meaning the school works in line with its enrolment capacity.

Cannon Hill Anglican College became an Anglican college five years after its establishment, in the Brisbane Diocese. From its establishment, the school has had really exceptional principals who had the interest of the school at heart.

Starting with Rod Wells and followed by others; Suzanne Bain, Greg Wain, Robyn Bell, and Gary O’brein who is the current principal. The contributions of these individuals including its founder, Suzanne Bain have made the school one of the best schools in Queensland today.

Students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities with the varieties of sports facilities made available by the school management. Students can actively participate in basketball, hockey, rugby, touch football, track games, cricket, netball, soccer, tennis and volleyball.

Some of the well known alumni of the Cannon Hill Anglican College are Seja Vogel, Josh Bristow, Matt McGuire, Rachael Watson and many other successful personalities.

Contact Information

Telephone: (61) 7-3896-0444


Contact Address: Krupp Roads/Cnr Junction, Cannon Hill, QLD 4710, Australia


Brisbane Grammar School, Brisbane

Brisbane Grammar School has great history, being the oldest boys’ secondary school in Brisbane. This school is well known for many things and became even more popular in the 1980’s for wrong reasons. The Brisbane Grammar School was established in 1888 and like all old schools; the quality offered is very impressive.

The Brisbane Grammar School has an enrolment of about 1700 students and is considered one of the best schools in Queensland. The school is associated with top Australian schools associations like ISQ (Independent Schools of Queensland), ABSA (Australian Boarding Schools Association), GPS (Great Public Schools Association) and some others.

The school is now more than 150 years old. It was started with just 94 students and has had more than ten headmasters since then. Starting from Thomas Harlin, there came others; Reginald Heber Roe, F.S.N Bousfield, S. Stephenson, Carson Cooling, H. R. Pigott, A. E. McLucas, H. R. Newell, Maxwell Howell, Peter Lennox, Brian Short, and presently, Anthony Micallef.

The school has had a rather shady past but the impressive results the students provide is enough for history to overlook it. Between 1976 and 1988, Brisbane Grammar School had a counselor who turned out to be a paedophile, sexually harassing boys who were sent to him for counseling.

Kevin Lynch was a sexual offender who managed to keep his activities secret in Brisbane, moving to St. Paul’s School where he later got charged in 1997. He committed suicide right after he was charged.

However, this is a long gone incident in the history of the school. Students of Brisbane Grammar School are always excellent at state exams. Ninety-five percent of the students get admission offers from universities after graduation.

Contact Information

Telephone: (61) 7-3834-5200


Contact Address: Brisbane Grammar School, Gregory Terrace, Brisbane, QLD 4000, Australia.



Queensland is known for its beauty and landmarks. The capital Brisbane is lined and filled with beautiful places, attracting visitors to Australia. Queensland is offshore Great Barrier Reef, one of the most popular coral reefs in the world. The Great Barrier Reef is the biggest coral reef system in the world, housing lots of organisms and bodies.

The attraction to Queensland also affects the educational sector as it does other sectors of the Queensland economy. So many people are interested in studying in Queensland. This article narrows the list down to the best schools in Queensland to help prospective students make a choice.

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