Schools Offering Mechanical Engineering In Nigeria

Schools Offering Mechanical Engineering In Nigeria.

Several schools are offering Mechanical engineering in Nigeria, these numbers are high. However, getting the best can be convincing.

Schools Offering Mechanical Engineering In Nigeria.

Mechanical engineering, one of the most sort of programs in schools, can be very demanding, as it needs total concentration and creativity. Today, most of what we enjoy, from aeroplanes, cars, devices, robots and modern tools we enjoy are the results of creative mechanisms.

Imagine a world where most of these modern machines weren’t available. That would have been very difficult.

Meanwhile, taking programs might not be all because you have an interest or it is your thing but is it marketable. Many programs are equally not marketable in this part of the world. However, these are demanding programs in Nigeria. Making a top 20 programs list, Engineering is on the list.

Mechanical engineering is a great program and has a promising future for students who are determined to do well in it.

That is why we have chosen to explain and list great schools in Nigeria that offer engineering programs.


Engineering in everyday life is a great deal, as the world itself has gone modern. Many cities in the world run on modern tools. Health, Education, Business, transportation, and others, are all functions of creative mechanism. We can’t do without the intelligence of an Engineer, because this is part of modern life.

Engineering is a part of science that uses scientific principles to design and build machines, structures, and other items which include bridges, vehicles, buildings and roads. As an engineer you must have a lot of analytical skills; this would help in the long run.

Engineering has been man’s thing since ancient times when the need to do things at ease. We have seen beautiful structures of the past, colossal the ancient pyramids and others are great examples of good engineering.

Engineering can be classified into different branches, today we have seen several developments, people who specialized in an aspect of engineering, the reason we can talk of the different aspects of engineering.

This would include; Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering (one of the oldest engineering), Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Bioengineering and others. 

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest engineering, which emerged in the 18th century, due to the inception of industrialization. 

Mechanical engineering has to do with anything that concerns movement. It is a branch of engineering that combines engineering physics and mathematics principles with material science to design, analyze, manufacture and maintain mechanical systems.

In other words, Mechanical engineering has to do with physics, mathematics knowledge with creativity to come out with something great.

Importance of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is an important field in our modern world as it is crucial to the continuity of the modern world. We continually seek to advance in the tools we have. Mechanical Engineers are very needed.

Without mechanical engineering, we won’t be talking of things like engines, cars, aeroplanes or all kinds of vehicles, mechanical engineers create all kinds of ideas which contribute to the advancement of technology. Without their great ideas, we won’t be here in more modern society.

Mechanical Engineering Study in Nigeria

Mechanical Engineering is a high paying profession in Nigeria, as an entry-level engineer, you could earn around 150,000 – 500,000 monthly. Though the program can be very competitive, as it requires good quality results to gain admission into universities that offer the program.

To study the program, the student must possess five credit O Level results in English, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and any other. Students must pass the UTME and other requirements by the school offering the program.

Mechanical engineering is a program that runs for four years. To become a professional or a registered engineer, students can register with the Recognized body of engineering in Nigeria, which is The Nigeria Institution of Mechanical Engineers (NIMECHE).

Schools Offering Mechanical Engineering

Several schools are offering Mechanical Engineering in Nigeria, the program in most public and private-owned universities. Some are even technical schools that are specifically for the program. 

However, you would want to pick schools that might suit and are very affordable for you to complete, most of these schools are quite affordable. 

Nigeria has over 100 universities, both private and public, if you can afford the privately owned schools that run the program then it is a great choice.

Here are some great schools offering Mechanical Engineering in Nigeria;

University of Benin:

The University of Benin has one of the best technical programs, the school is well known for its intensive research work, and provides quality studies.

In 2014, the school won an award in an international competition, this was for the most innovative vehicle design, and they are also other records

. Mechanical engineering is a department in the faculty of Engineering. The course is run for 5 years. The school is a great choice for the program and also has a wonderful environment for study.

Federal University of Technology, Akure:

The federal university of Technology, Akure, Is one of the best technical schools in Nigeria. It was established in the year 1981 in the city of Akure, Ondo state.

It was created to provide students with practical and theoretical knowledge of technology. The institute has six Major schools, and the Department of Mechanical Engineering is in the School of Engineering.

The school has been ranked the 8th best university in Nigeria. Also, the program runs for four years and also allows two sitting for its O’Level result.

Federal University is no doubt one of the best schools offering Mechanical Engineering in Nigeria.

Federal University Of Technology, Owerri:

Here is another great institute created around the time other technology schools were established in Nigeria, in the year 1980.

It is always great to go to schools that specialise in a certain field. The reason this is a great school to study the course. The institute is located in the eastern part of Nigeria, Owerri, Imo state.

Also, It has around 11 schools in the university and has been ranked one of the best in Nigeria. If you are within the eastern part of Nigeria, then you can consider FUTO.

University of Lagos:

It is fun to study in an urban state. University of Lagos is one of the best universities in Nigeria, Africa and the world. It has one of the best and most intensive research works in Nigeria. The school has been recognised around the world and produced notable individuals.

It was established in the year 1962 and is one of the pioneer universities in Nigeria. The University has 12 faculties. It is a highly competitive program that runs for 4 years. It requires 5 credits in your O’Level in one sitting and scores very high at least 240 in your JAMB.

The institute is great to combine fun and academic. And also has an affordable rate for the program compared to other schools.

Obafemi Awolowo University:

Located in the ancient city of Ife, Osun State. It is also one of the oldest universities in Nigeria and has a high reputation in terms of technical programs.

The institute has intensive research work, as it has one of the first ILabs in Africa, which is an extension of MIT. Since the introduction of this ILab in 2004, there have been great innovations carried out by the school.

OAU is a pioneer university, established in the year 1961, and has 13 faculties with over 60 departments, the school environment is a beautiful and conducive place to study. This school is a great school to study the program.

University of Ibadan:

Apparently, the first and best university in Nigeria; the federal owned institute house a large number of facilities, around 16.

The institute is located in Ibadan, Oyo state, and has a reputation for intensive research and quality education. The school has produced several well-known graduates who are known around the world. 

The University of Ibadan was established in 1948. Unlike every other university in Nigeria, the University of Ibadan requires you to provide 5 credits in your O’Level. Meanwhile, two sittings are allowed and a good UTME result. The course runs for four years; the school is a great choice with a beautiful and convenient study environment. 

Other great schools are offering Mechanical engineering in Nigeria, some of them are;

  • Federal University of Technology, Minna
  • University of Nigeria, Nsukka
  • Bayero University Kano
  • Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria
  • University of PortHarcourt
  • University of Jos
  • University of Uyo
  • Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka and others.


There are also others not mentioned however, with this list you certainly have a great choice to pick from.

This list presents you with the best and finest universities in Nigeria. Also with a combination of fun and academics, after fun and study go well in producing a great student.

Mechanical engineering is a competitive and highly recognized program in many countries, whichever university you decide to take the program from the list, you certainly get the best.

As you don’t have to think twice before picking. So enjoy your time picking and have a great time schooling.

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