How To Screenshot On SnapChat Without Them Knowing

How to screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing

How To Screenshot On Snapchat Without Them Knowing- Snapchat is a social media platform that allows you to relate with your friends in a very casual and funny manner. You can share photos, videos and any social media content with your friends. You can also view other people’s snaps. But there is a constraint with this app. It doesn’t allow its users to take screenshots on Snapchat without the sender knowing. Immediately you screenshot a snap, it notifies the sender. This can really be an issue especially in times when you need a screenshot of a snap without the sender being aware. Well, in this article, you will be learning 10 tips on how to screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing (your contacts).

How To Screenshot On Snapchat Without Them Knowing

What You Should Know About Snapchat

Snapchat is a social media app that enables you share your photos and stories with others. It is much popular among young people. It was created by 3 Alumni of Stanford University: Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown. It is an instant messaging app. There are so many interesting features on the app. Snapchat is basically used for creating short multimedia messages known as Snaps.

 A snap could be a video or photo and can be edited using some features on the app such as filters, effects, text captions and drawings. Snapchat allows you to record for up to 60 seconds. There is also snap cash, a feature that allows users to send and receive money to each other through private messaging. There is also the screenshot feature which allows you screenshot a snap. But the constraints of the feature is that it notifies the sender whenever a snap is being screenshot. This can really be annoying as there would be times you would need to secretly save a snap without the sender being aware.

In the next paragraphs, I will be sharing with you some tips on how to screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing (I mean the sender).

10 Tips  To Screenshot On Snapchat Without Them Knowing

Tip 1:    Use Built-In Recorder

Built-in recorder is available on both Android and IOS device.

If you are using an Android device:

  • Go to notification panel
  • Then swipe to the quick settings panel
  • Swipe right on the panel till you see the screen record icon
  • Click on it to get started
  • Your android phone is now ready to screenshot any snap chat story without anyone knowing.

If you are using an IOS device, you will have to enable the screen record feature from the control center first before you can use it. But if this feature is absent in your control center, no need to worry. Just follow these few steps:

  • Go to the settings and search for the control center option
  • Tap it and then select the customize control option
  • Then add the screen recorder option
  • And boom! You can now start screenshot on snapchat without them knowing (I mean your contacts).

Tip2:   By Using Google Assistant For Android Devices

With the aid of google assistant, you can take snapshots secretly on Android device. It is quite easy:

  • Open the snaps that you want saved from snapchat
  • Call on Google assistant by long-pressing the home button or with just a simple “OK, Google”.
  • Then verbally ask the digital assistant to take a screenshot verbally or by typing the command.
  • There you go! Your screenshot from snapshot without any notice!

You need to know that in using google assistant, you won’t have the option of saving the screenshot to your gallery. Rather, you will be asked to share it with other platforms. It is from those platforms that you can now save to your gallery.

Tip3:   Use Of Quick Time On Mac

You can use your Mac to screenshot on snapchat without them knowing. Follow the steps below:

  • Connect your iPhone to your Macbook and then open the Quick Time Player.
  • Tap on the option of file and then select the ‘new movie recording’ option.
  • Pick any of the different recording options available and select your iPhone as the movie recording output. Your iPhone gets mirrored onto the Mac.
  • Once down, tap the record button, open up snapchat and then start screenshotting any snap of interest without anyone knowing.

Tip4:   Use A Screen Recorder App

You can install a screen recorder app from google play store on your device. With a recorder app, you sure will be able to screenshot without anyone noticing.

Tip5:   Use of Airplane mode

You can use airplane mode to screenshot on snapchat without them knowing. This is what you should:

  • Open up your snapchat and ensure all the snaps are loaded, but don’t view them yet.
  • Then turn off your Wi-Fi, mobile data and Bluetooth.
  • Turn on the airplane mode
  • Then go back to your snapchat
  • Screenshot the snaps of interest
  • After about a minute, turn off the airplane mode and put on your data.

Tip6:   Use of Third-party apps

There are some third party apps that can screenshot and save a snapchat without anyone being aware. Examples of those apps include SnapSaver (obtainable on Android) and Sneakaboo (obtainable on iOS). You can download those apps from Google play store.

SnapSaver: is available on Google playstore for Android phones. This is how to use SnapSaver:

  • Download the app from Google playstore
  • Open the app and then select your preferred options (Screenshot, Screen recording, Integrated and Burst Screenshot.
  • Open snapchat and select the snap of interest.
  • Tap on the SnapSaver camera icon on your screen.
  • A screenshot will be taken without sending any notification to sender


To use this app, you will need to first install it on your device. Then log in with your Snapchat details. New Snapchat stories will always appear on this app and you can easily take their screenshot whenever they play. The sender of the snap will never get any notification.

Tip7:   Use The Mirror Feature On Android

This is another method to screenshot on snapchat secretly. There is a mirroring feature on your smartphone’s settings such that your device is cast on an external device such a smart television.

Then open your Snapchat and with another device, record the snapchat video or photo. Then go ahead to edit. There you go! You have screenshot secretly without anyone knowing.

Tip8:   You Can Record With Another Smartphone

You can use another smartphone to take a picture of a snap image or record a snapchat video. You can then edit the picture or video. With this method, you can screenshot on snapchat without them knowing.

Tip9:   Clearing Cache And Storage On Android And iOS

 This method is quite risky. You must follow all the steps closely, if you miss any, the sender may get a notification.

 Follow the steps below to clear cache on an Android phone:

  • Open up the snapchat and load the app, but do not watch
  • Switch on the airplane mode on your device
  • Then watch the snap and take a screenshot
  • Go to your settings to “force stop the app”. How to get this done.

Go to settings → Apps and Notifications → Snapchat →Force stop

  • Then go ahead to clear the cache. To do this.

Go to settings→ Apps and Notifications→ Snapchat→ Storage→ Clear cache

Follow the steps below to clear cache on an iPhone

  • Open Snapchat on your device and load up the snap
  • Switch on the Airplane mode
  • Watch the snap and then take a screenshot
  • Force stop the Snapchat app
  • Clear the cache. Go to the app settings on your device, scroll down and then tap on “clear cache”.

Tip 10:   Use of a Window PC

You can screenshot on Snapchat using a windows PC. The very first step is to install an Android emulator, after which you can now run the Snapchat application on your PC. Examples of emulators include BlueStacks and NoxPlayer.

In summary

Now that you know how to screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing, go ahead and enjoy your Snapchat more than ever before!


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