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In case you have an Mtn sim and don’t know how to transfer Mtn airtime to another Mtn line, and again, you have much airtime you wish to extend to other MTN users. I know you have heard of Mtn Share, this  MTN Share can be used by all new and being repaid and postpaid guests on the MTN network.

This piece of information will enlighten you on how you can share Airtime on MTN and as well gives you a complete companion on how to do it yourself.

Airtime is the quantum of money added to your account for placing phone calls and using mobile data. And occasionally, if a person wishes to send or gift his or her airtime to another MTN line, you can always take advantage of the fast MTN airtime transfer service and extend your airtime with others.

It also has an alternate name, that’s Share N Sell  and this is a cool option available to all current MTN bodies reimbursed or postpaid. And the service lets you send your credit to any other MTN number.

In other words, this is exactly what you need to use when you want your airtime to be transferred to (cousins, family, or friends).

Then how to Transfer Mtn Credit to another Mtn line.

With more than 60 million subscribers, it’s no doubt that MTN is the biggest telecommunications network in Nigeria and Africa as well with subscribers worth more than  235 million.

Just carry on with the MTN share n sell, because it makes airtime transfer easier and faster. And again, you can transfer your airtime or credit to your family or friends using MTN sim but first, you need to reset your MTN transfer pin.

Then how can one change Transfer pin on Mtn

Before you’re suitable to transfer MTN airtime to another MTN line you need to change your dereliction transfer pin which is 0000.

This pin was automatically assigned to you by MTN for making transfers, but you wouldn’t want to use that, so you have to create something different and unique.

For security reasons, it’s important to change this transfer leg first to your own particular pin that you can remember in order to avoid the illegal transfer of your airtime from unauthorized people. 

Then, there are ways of changing or resetting your MTN transfer pin

Using The Text Communication

To use this system using your mobile device just go to message box and text using this format  MTN given pin | Your New pin | Your New pin again | then the  MTNnumber 777

For illustration if the particular pin you want to change to is 2908 also your SMS should go like this –  0000293082908 then send to 777.

But make sure you repeat your new pin doubly as done over there, it’s veritably important for evidence. And after transferring the textbook, you ’ll receive a response immediately attesting your change of pin.

And you have created your new pin, always keep it safe or rather try as much as possible to memorize it on your head to avoid mistakes when you want to use it.

And remember 0000 was your dereliction pin and you wo n’t be demanding it again while 2908 is the new pin you ’ll be transferring with and don’t share it with anyone.

Still, there’s an easier system of doing that, follow-through below. Then, you can’t go through all the communication styles of changing your transfer leg don’t worry.

Then using of Through USSD Code

Without wasting much of your time just  *600*0000*New pin*Newpin# , then for

Illustration if your new leg is 2908 also using your phone dial *600*0000* 2908* 2908# and Send immediately.

With that, you have successfully and easily changed your transfer pin. So now, you can now transfer MTNairtime to another MTN line using your new pin.

Then How Can One Transfer Airtime from one Mtn Line to Another

Just go to your phone SMS, and type a communication and write using this format: Transfer|space|a friend phone no|space the airtime quantum|space|Transfer leg and send  to 777.

Then for illustration if you want to share N500 to this mtn line 08123456700 with your new pin 2908 also your communication should go like this; Transfer 08123456700 500 2908 also send to 777.

Then after transferring you ’ll receive a communication telling you to confirm the transfer, just reply to the communication with YES to 777. And once it’s verified N500 will be subtracted from your airtime account and transferred to your friend’s airtime account.

Then how can one Transfer Airtime From Mtn to Mtn Line Using USSD Code

This is another simple system to transfer MTN airtime to another MTN line

Using your phone dial *600* a friend’s phone no. * Airtime quantum * Transfer pin#

Then for Illustration if you want to send N500 to this mtn line 08123456700 with your new pin 2908 just telephone;

*600*08123456700 *500*2908# and then send

Just know that a service charge will be attracted for any transfer you make, and below are the charges amount that MTN will deduct from your account balance, once you make any transaction. Then the amount charged will be determined by the quantity of the credit you want to share to extend to another MTN user.

For N10 to N100 transfer will bring you N3

For N101 to N500 transfer will bring you N5

For N501 to 5000 transfer will bring you N10

And as such, we believe that this piece of information about (How Someone can share or extend his or her Airtime on MTN in this year 2022| Was the Completely ‘Do it Yourself’ DIY) guideline really helpful to you?

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