How To Share Data On Airtel

How To Share Data On Airtel


You are here because you are looking for a share on how to share data on Airtel. And this isn’t a delicate process. And to find out how to use the Me2U service from Airtel that allows its subscribers to send data from one Airtel line to another anyhow no matter where they are. And when’s the ultimate guide on how to transfer data on Airtel using the Data Me2U service.

How to share data on Airtel using Data Me2U, which is also known as Airtel Data Share, is a special service that allows an Airtel subscriber to show love to another Airtel subscriber by transferring a portion of their data allowance to the other person.



This means that you can buy a pack and share it with your family members, friends or associates as long as they’re on the Airtel network.


The Me2U enrollment

But still, you don’t have to register for the Airtel Me2U service, as every active line is suitable to enjoy the service, If you’re a subscriber on the Airtel network. And you just need to change the dereliction pin that came with the line to a particular one and more secure pin that you can remember fluently but one that’s delicate for anyone to guess.

And How to access Me2U

Airtel  sharing code for the [Me2U] service is *141#. And thus, to access the service, just dial *141# also and then select the Gift or Share Data option. And later, select Data Me2U. Then that’s how to share Airtel data.

And Which data rush plans are available for Me2U?

The regular pack plans, similar as the Weekly/ Daily Packets, Monthly Packets, and Mega Packs can be participated using the service.


And what’s the validity of the participating data pack?

The participating packages will have the same validity as the original packets. And for illustration, if you have a pack whose validity end date is 20th June 2022, and you partake some of that data, the other user’s data will also expire on 20th June 2022.

And How much data can be shared at a time?

You can share an extra 200 MB with one person.

And How many people can I share with?

You can share with outside of two people daily. And this means that you can share a quantum of 200 MB each with two people daily. And again, you can share packs with the same person again only after that person finishes the first pack shared.


Does one need to get a special SIM card to use the Me2U service?

No, you do not and no special SIM card is needed for the Me2U service as all recently actuated SIMs are automatically data- enabled. And still, each SIM must have been KYC-ed, without which data exertion will be automatically impaired.

Guests are advised to visit the nearest Airtel retail or mate outlets to perform KYC. So that’s all you need to know about how to transfer data from Airtel to Airtel using the Me2U service.

And what about Data Gifting?

There’s also another service by Airtel known as Data Gifting. And this service allows you to buy a pack plan for another Airtel client by paying with your own airtime. And this is different from the Me2U service as you actually are not sharing your packets with someone differently, you’re buying them their own.


And also, note that Me2U is possible for only normal packages while Gifting is possible for all pack types. And just like it’s with Me2U, to access the Gifting service, just dial *141#  and also select the Gift or Share Data option and again select Data Gifting.

And how Can one borrow data from Airtel?

Airtel Credit borrowing Service allows the Airtel users to borrow data on Airtel. And the service allows eligible people to access data on credit and pay back upon coming recharge.

And the Eligibility for this Airtel  Data borrowing includes the following:

  • The Airtel prepaid users  with a registered SIM.
  • The users who have paid up any former loan and associated charges.
  • The users who are also considered grounded on yearly recharge frequency and normal spend.

So you can check eligibility by dialing *500#. And still, you’ll be urged to recharge at least N100 yearly to qualify for the service, If you’re ineligible.

Just simply dial *500# and select 3 for borrowing Data and remember that *500# is the code for Airtel data borrowing and  It’s important to note that.

And you can also borrow as many times as possible as long as you’re within the credit limit. And you can still adopt indeed if you have preliminarily espoused airtime and have n’t repaid your loan as long as it’s within your credit limit.


Again, there’s a service charge of 15 which is subtracted along with the factual quantum for the data. And the loans are recovered when guests recharge their account via any channel…. And the law to borrow this data from Airtel is *500#.

So now you have all the information you need to know concerning how to share data on Airtel. And also, the Me2U that allows you to share formerly bought packages, while the Gifting service allows you to buy packages for another person using your airtime.




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