How To Share Data On MTN

MTN is the largest network provider with a veritably large pool of guests moment we’re going to show you how to partake data on MTN to MTN Line. And this is a companion because transferring data MB on the MTN network is free and easy to do. And with the MTN data share, you can indeed request data from your fellow MTN.


But still, you can partake in it with family and musketeers. And if you have a megabyte on your MTN line and you suppose you can not finish it. So this is a welcome development because occasionally we’ve a lot of data and don’t know what to do with it.

With MTN data sharing you can buy, partake and indeed transfer data to your family and friends. And you can also use the service to buy data for your friends on their phones and modem.

Three styles can be used to share data with MTN and it’s through the myMTN app, SMS, or Using USSD. And we’re going to explain all the styles you can use if you want to partake your data with loved bones. And it won’t take you further than 5 seconds to complete your transfer. And every client using MTN can use the MTN data participating services.

The Ways On How To Share Data On MTN Line 2022 – 2023


This is how you can share or transfer data on your MTN line from your main data (megabyte) balance to another MTN line

And all you need to do is to dial *131* receivers phone number * data amount#.. E.g. *131*08163440021*500#

Or dial [*131*7# or dial *131#], then select option 6

  • Then you have to choose option 1, then click on send to continue.
  • You can choose [1, 2, or 3], it depends on the MB quantum you ’d like to share with your friend.
  • Click on send to complete the data megabyte participating in your MTN Network.

The first step is an automatic process so you should crosscheck the quantum of data you’re transferring and the number you’re transferring to ahead pressing ok.

To use SMS to transfer megabytes on MTN line follow this:

  • Just send an SMS in this format with your MTN line Transfer Phone number data quantum and sendt to 131.
  • For illustration, transfer 08031058882 250 to 131
  • You should be sure of the phone number before you press send because formerly if you send you can’t get your data back.
  • And if you make a mistake with the phone number another user will just get free data – Lol.
  • And there’s no code needed before you carry out this sale.

Then  How to Buy MTN Data for a Friend

Buying MTN data for a friend is veritably easy and this comes in if you do n’t have sufficient data to share with family and friends.

You can choose to buy any MTN data plan for your friend and it’ll be charged from your airtime balance.

In order to gift data for a love one on MTN line, all you need to do is:

  • Dial *131* pack activation law *receivers phone number# and sendt. And veritably easy as you can see. …  For a better illustration
  • Dial *131*106*08035912312# you can use this system to buy data of any quantum for your friend.

MTN Data plan has been streamlined and there are colorful data plans which you can choose from based on the type of device you’re using and your consumption rate. And MTN Nigeria has been in the country for over 20 years if I’m not incorrect.


The company – MTN has different internet packets you can select from – (Daily, Weekly, Hours, Monthly, indeed Midnight, and weekend plans) just like other networks around.

MTN also offers Pay as You Go browsing for 5 kobo per kilobyte which is relatively precious in the long run but it’s further effective if you do n’t want to buy a data pack and you have many effects to do or browse online.

And the Good News is MTN now has a 4G LTE network band in a named area in the country. And so, if you have a device with 4G network capability you can browse indeed briskly – up to 25mb/s.

An Internet connection from service providers including MTN may vary and occasionally their strength in some areas does n’t work as expected. And however, Glo, or 9lMobile, If MTN isn’t the best choice in your position you can switch between Airtel.

MTN has different orders of their data plans and there’s also MTN Daily Data pack. And the Daily Data pack lasts for 24Hours. And if you spark the MTN diurnal data plan by the 12 PM moment it’ll expire hereafter at that same 12 PM.

These are the ways necessary for sharing data on MTN fluently in 2022. And The system varies for both prepaid and postpaid druggies. If you find this composition helpful please leave a comment.

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