She Had Miscarriage With A 10 Weeks Pregnancy, Set To Become Childbirth Educator To Help Counsel Women Who Might Experience Same

Miscarriage With A 10 Weeks Pregnancy

Read the story of the lady who was a victim of miscarriage. She experience miscarriage with a 10 weeks old pregnancy, but as we speak she is set to becoming a childbirth educator so as to help in counseling other women out there experiencing same challenge.

Read what she said according to Humans of Bombay post on LinkedIn.

“Aditya & I were married for 8 years before we decided to become parents.We’d had our fun— movies, dinners, & traveling. But I told Aditya, I’m ready to become a Mom now.’ He agreed & so, we visited a doctor. I underwent a few tests but once the results were out, I was told to wait.’I was anxious; I thought, ‘Will this even happen for me?’ Aditya would say, ‘It’ll happen when the time is right.’ And 3 months later, the doctor said, ‘You’re ready.’We immediately began trying. And a few weeks later, when my period hadn’t arrived, I took a test. When I saw those 2 pink lines, I ran from the bathroom into Aditya’s arms!Aditya & I couldn’t believe it. Our lives revolved around the baby. And a week later, on our anniversary, we went to Nehru Park where Aditya said, ‘Next year, we’ll be 3!’ I even began taking care of my diet; I didn’t want to take any risk.But the 1st month was hard– my sugar levels fluctuated. Aditya helped me–he’d cook & give the best massage! But 9 weeks in, things worsened when I woke up one day, bleeding.The doctor said, ‘The baby’s growth is slower than normal’. My heart was in my mouth; I underwent tests, was put on medication & bedrest for 2 weeks.But a few days later, when the results came, the doctor said,’Your baby’s heartbeat has stopped…’

She proceeded;

I was 10 weeks pregnant when I had a miscarriage. I stopped eating. I stopped laughing. I was just existing…
Moreover, because of my medicines, I’d pee constantly & have excruciating pain in my stomach.

Maa would sit beside me, rub my back & hold my hand.

I spent days on the bed. But I knew I’d bounce back.

So, 3 months later, I enrolled myself to become a childbirth educator. I’d help counsel women who’ve experienced the same thing as me; I’m still doing it today.
It’s been almost 2 years but Aditya & I think of our baby often.

You know, 3 days after the miscarriage, we went back to Nehru Park, sat in the same spot & saw these kids playing cricket.

We held hands & thought about how our child would’ve been there one day, playing.
But you know Dadi told me, ‘Your baby is playing with God.’ And I do just that. I believe I haven’t lost my baby. I’m the mother of a baby, who’s up in heaven!”

Credit: Stuti Shukla, and Humans of Bombay|LinkedIn


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