SHOCKING: 12-Year-Old JSS1 Student Gets Admitted Into The University (See How)

SHOCKING: 12-Year-Old JSS1 Student Gets Admitted Into The University (See How)
SHOCKING: 12-Year-Old JSS1 Student Gets Admitted Into The University (See How)

Young and smart Miss Okonye who is a JSS 1 student has been granted admission into the Admiralty University of Nigeria, ADUN, Ibusa as an auditor student.

According to sources, the genius was discovered by Professor (Chief) John Alizor after she displayed an exceptional level of intelligence in his presence.

Narrating his ordeal with this  smart child, Chief Alizor Writes;

“It is often said that when a dog bites a man, it makes no news, but when a man bites a dog, the press goes agog with the news of such an occurrence. This probably captures the countenance of the elated father of Miss Jessica Okonye, Prince Emmanuel Okonye as he watched his 12 years old daughter fielding questions from some faculty deans and heads of department of Admiralty University of Nigeria (ADUN). 
“The event which took place on the 16th day of August 2022 was put in place by the Vice-chancellor and President of the institution, Professor Paul Omojo Omaji to determine their giftedness of Jessica.
“Omaji, a Professor of Criminology And Security Studies and Leadership Consultant was alerted by Professor (Chief) John Alizor who had earlier discovered the little girl in Wilmak Pharmacy where he had gone to purchase some drugs. Explaining his encounter with Jessica, the retired American Professor of Educational leadership stated that he was amazed by the way the JSS 1 student who served as an intern at the shop attended to him.
“According to the professor whose business interests include the mentoring of young Nigerians to stardom, Jessica made some remarks that startled him while interacting with her. For example, without prompting, she introduced herself, the father and his (father’s) business and asked if he (Alizor) as a “big man” would like to also patronize him (her father).
“Impressed by the student, Azor asked if she knew any philosopher of note. She responded in the affirmative and went on to tell him about men like Aristotle, Plato, and others.  
“Speaking further, Alizor informed the panel that since he discovered the girl, he has not only met her Akumaze-born father but had also assigned at least one academic exercise to the child per day for about two weeks. Alizor concluded by requesting the Admiralty University to offer admission to Jessica in any field of studies she so desires, describing her as an exceptionally gifted child.
“He added that his request is worth considering despite being alien to Nigeria’s educational system.
“All the professors and senior lecturers, at the occasion, including the Vice-Chancellor and President of ADUN took turns engaging Jessica and her father in some academic exercises. Asked what she enjoys doing most, the child said; “I like studying and teaching my classmates”. 
“On what she aspires to do for her society, Miss Okonye said her principal aim is to help eradicate corruption in Nigerian society and solve the problems of electricity supplies amongst others. 
“Responding to another question bothering on the issue of having a school mother, the young lady said; “when I got admitted into JSS 1 at Infant Jesus’ Academy, a senior student approached me, suggesting that she would like to be my ‘school mother’. But I rejected the offer and insisted that she can only be my ‘take care of. The senior agreed and we moved on”. 
“As the meeting drew to a close, the Vice Chancellor admitted that Jessica is a brilliant child. He added that, pending when further checks on Jessica’s ability to cope with the rigours of being a university student without the completion of her post-primary education are concluded, ADUN can admit her into the school as an auditor. 
“He further explained that an auditor in this case is a person “admitted” to participate in university lectures without necessarily aiming at coming out with certificate awards. In the words of Professor Paul Omaji; “Jessica has come to the right place as a first choice centre for her academic pursuit as leadership is the central focus of our institution. This can be seen from our slogan, GUELL (Global University Educating Luminary Leaders)”. 
“If Miss Jessica finally gets admitted into ADUN, she will be making history as the first Nigerian to be admitted into a Nigerian university from a junior secondary school class and at the tender age of 12.



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