SHOCKING: The Man Who Dropped Out Of School And Became Biggest Car Manufacturer In Nigeria

Innocent Chukwuma was born in Uru-Umdim, Nnewi in 1991. He lost his father while he was still a young boy and so was sustained by his mother.

In 1978, after successfully completing his secondary school education, he decided to apply for an admission into the university but unfortunately he wasn’t able to reach the cut off mark.

While Innocent was waiting for the next year to apply for admission, he started to help his uncle, who had a pharmacy. Here he helped his uncle as a young sales man..

It was at this month he realized that he had a genuine passion for selling.

Later on he started a one year training program with one of the largest bike parts and accessories vendor, Chief Onwuka Romanus Eze

By the end of one year, he had completely learned everything about buying and selling bike parts and accessories.

Innocent went to his elder brother, Gabriel who had a company where he sells bike parts too and serves him for sometime just to show him, that he good and deserving.

Gabriel gave him N3,000 to start up his own business. Innocent used the money to buy some products and also pay for rent.

In one year, Innocent’s business was making ten times more revenue than what his uncle’s and brothers were making in their businesses.

Years past and Innocent became the owner of Innoson Motor Ltd Nigeria’s first homegrown manufacturing plant where he produces sports car, Luxury and Industrial Vehicles.

Today, His business is patronized by politicians here in Nigeria and Government organization.

Even if this article is not to encourage you to give up on school or drop out, always remember that there’s always going to be life outside school today environment.

And if for one reason or the other, you’re finding it to go to school or scale through, explore other sides of life.

Get involved in the things you love already , pick up a skill and you never know, that might just be the path to your breakthrough and fufilment in life.

But, an literate business owner will always have huge advantages over one is not educated at all.

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