SHOCKING: Young Man Who Was Once A Refugee Becomes A Graduate.

Today’s story is that of from ‘Nobody to Somebody’

Really, like the society saw him, he was nobody but today he has made a good name for not just himself but for his family.

Manyang Luak Jok, has narrated how he became a graduate in a strange land just after coming out of a refugee camp.

He talked about how he only left there with nothing but himself and a brown envelope which was literally everything he owned in the refugee camp.

He recalled that he had a ‘go-get-it’ attitude and had to leave his friends and his family’s to a foreign land where he knew not a soul

And at the end, he actually used this opportunity the best way, today Manyang Luak Jok is a graduate of , Computer Science and Economics in a prestigious country like Canada.

He put out all these on his official LinkedIn page where he has really inspired many people on the social media platform.

On his page, his words are:

“4 years ago, I left Kakuma refugee Camp with nothing but God and my go-get-it attitude. That tiny brown envelope on my hand, held everything I had own in the refugee camp.

“Leaving behind my family and friends and moving to a new country where I knew no one was scary. Now I am a McGill University graduate with BA in Computer Science and Economics.

“Now I am a McGill University graduate with BA in Computer Science and Economics. All this would not have been possible without the World University Service of Canada (WUSC – EUMC).

Here are some of the comments reactions of LinkedIn users who came across his page and post:

Peter Trevor Wilson wrote: “Damn this is friggin amazing!! Thanks for sharing it Dominique.

“What an inspiration this young man is. We often think we have obstacles to overcome. Most of our concerns are first world problems e.g. long lines at the McDonalds drive through (my beef this morning). It is hard to imagine what this young man had to go through to make it this far. Coo Yah – from Kakuma Refugee camp to McGill’s alum list !! As my late Jamaican mom would say “Rockstone a riva bottom nu know sun hot” (google it)

“Manyang, you are truly a credit to our race. You are a role model for me and mi three pickney dem. keep going Sir. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to keep the ball rolling.

“Big up and nuff respect my brother!“

Winsome Loraine Peter wrote: Congratulations Manyang! Its wonderful to hear your story and how you left a refugee camp and relocated to another part of the world where you found an opportunity which led to academic success. May God bless your life and may you continue on the path of success. I also hope that you will make an effort to help others who are in the same situation you were in, who also need someone or something that will open a door for them. God bless you, my dear brother!

Flavien Joubert wrote: Wow Manyang. . Very proud of you. Congratulations. The success of former refugees ,must continually be told to the world. I am sure that these successful stories will motivate “” UNICEF and other Humanitarian.

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