Top 10 Best Shoe-Selling Apps

Best shoe-selling apps

Top 10 Best Shoe-Selling Apps- Do you have unused shoes that are still in good condition and you are considering selling them to make extra money? If yes, then you are reading the right article. 

Whether there are worn or new shoes, male, female, or kids shoes, dress shoes, sandals, or sandals, you can sell them online. There are a lot of apps available that allow you to sell your unused shoes and even receive your money from the comfort of your home.

However, it might not be easy to choose the right app to sell your shoes. Because of this, we have carefully researched and selected the best shoe-selling apps for you. This article contains a list of the top 10 best shoe-selling apps you can consider to sell your items. So, read on.

Tips For Selling Your Shoes On Shoe-Selling Apps

Before we proceed to the top 10 shoe selling Apps, here are few tips to help you easily sell your shoes on the shoe-selling Apps;

  • Take clearer and high-quality images of the shoes.
  • Do not be limited to just one shoe-selling App.
  • Do not set higher prices.
  • Ensure the shoes are in good shape.

Take clearer and high-quality images of the shoes

When uploading images of your shoes on a shoe selling App, ensure to take clear and accurate pictures. Also, do not fake or upload images of a different shoe only to deliver a different one when sold. Not taking clear and accurate images of the shoes might lead to returns or even bad reviews from the buyers.

Do not be limited to just one App

To easily sell your unused shoes online, we advise that you list them on different shoe selling Apps. That way you get to reach a larger audience and thus get sold fast. Listing your shoes on just one site will limit the number of people that will see them.

So, instead of choosing just one App, you can decide to list them on three or five. The more Apps you upload your shoes on, the more your chances of getting buyers.

Do not set higher prices

When setting prices for the shoes, you should consider being rational and not demand outrageous prices for your used shoes. This is because when you set higher prices it might take longer before you get an interested buyer. To set the price for your shoe, consider how much you’d pay if you were the buyer.

Ensure the shoes are in good shape

Before uploading the shoes for sale, ensure the shoes are in good condition. You can clean them up or even stitch back the detached places to make them attractive and presentable to the buyers. Meanwhile, if after cleaning the shoes still don’t look presentable enough to be sold, then you should reconsider selling them.

Top 10 Best Shoe-Selling Apps

Below are the top 10 best shoe-selling apps you can consider; 

  • Flight club.
  • eBay.
  • Flip.
  • Instagram.
  • StockX
  • GOAT.
  • Poshmark.
  • Kixify.
  • buyMyheels.
  • Facebook Marketplace.

Flight club

Flight club is one of the best shoe-selling apps on our list. It is an online platform that allows users to sell their shoes, and sneakers precisely. Users can list out their extra or unused sneakers and sell them on the platform. 

At Flight club, you can sell all kinds of sneakers, either for men or women. But, the Flight club has a rule wherein all listed shoes must be unworn and still in good shape with all the original tags in check.

To sell your shoes on Flight club, you’ll first have to create an account successfully. Next, you use the listing option located on the app to list out your shoes. Then you set the price you want to sell the shoes at. 

Note, you will receive 80% of the price you set if the shoe gets sold, while Flight club keeps the remaining 20% as commission. Meanwhile, if your shoes are not sold, Flightclub usually suggests a price adjustment. You can choose to decline the suggested price adjustment and your shoes will be returned to you with no charges.


Another top App for selling items online, including shoes, is eBay. eBay is a popular app that can be used for selling and buying anything such as shoes. With eBay, you can list your unused or extra shoes for free.

With this App, you can list your shoes for sale which include the shoe photos, description, and payment options. While you can list your shoes under the “buy it now” option, eBay also allows sellers the option to place their items up for bidding wherein the highest bidder wins the item. 

On eBay, you are allowed to list your first 100 items in a Month for free. Consequently, the listing charges are relatively low compared to other shoe-selling apps. On the platform, you get 90% of your selling price, while 10% goes to eBay as commission. So, if you are looking for one of the best shoe-selling apps, eBay might be a good option.


Flip is another app designed for easy selling and buying of designer shoes. Selling your shoes on the flip is hassle-free. So, if you have an extra branded sneaker in good shape, you can sell it on Flip and you get paid within 90 minutes. Sounds good, right? So, if you are looking for one of the best shoe-selling apps, the flip is a great option. 


Although not a typical selling App, Instagram is one of the best apps you can sell your shoes on. On Instagram, you will have the opportunity to reach a wider range of audiences for your shoes and the platform is easy to navigate. 

To sell shoes on Instagram, simply start an Instagram store. Then list your extra shoes alongside clear and neat photos of them. On Instagram, you can set your prices for the shoes, and there are no hidden charges available or third parties involved in the transactions. Instagram is a social media platform that can act as one of the best shoe-selling Apps to consider.


Another App on our list of best shoe-selling apps is Stock X. You can sell and buy shoes and other items on the App. Using Stock X to sell your shoes is quite simple. Sellers are required to place a price for they want to sell their shoes, and the highest bidder wins the shoe.

As I mentioned earlier, to sell shoes on Stock X, you are to set a price for the shoes. Different buyers interested in the shoes will place bids and the highest bidder wins. Another notable feature of Stock X is the platform’s no delay in payments policy.


Another renowned selling app is GOAT. You can list up your unused shoes for sale on the platform, from male, female, and even kids shoes. Aside from shoes, you can also upload other items for sale on GOAT.

To sell your shoes on GOAT, you are required to download the App and create a seller’s account. Once your seller’s account gets approved, you can begin listing all your shoes for sale on the platform. 


Poshmark is another reliable app that makes it easy to list and sell your used or unused shoes. Aside from shoes, sellers can also list fashionable clothes and other items. To sell your shoes on Poshmark, snap the shoes and upload them on the platform. Next, add the price tag and the description. 


Kixify is among the best shoe-selling Apps that allows sellers to place their unused shoes for sale. To sell your shoes on Kixify, you’ll have to create a storefront, then upload the snaps of the shoes alongside the description and price tag.

Kixify allows users to upload their items free for sale, however, once the items (shoes) are sold, they are required to pay an 8% commission fee. 


buyMyheels is one of the best shoe-selling apps on our list. The App allows you to sell your name-branded shoes to a wider range of audiences because buyMyheels has a global reach. buyMyheels charges no commission fees but a listing fee of £5. 

buyMyheels is a reliable App to sell off your unneeded or unused name-brand shoes. So, buyMyheels might be the perfect app for you to sell your unused shoes. 

Facebook Marketplace

Our list of the top best shoe-selling apps would not be complete without mentioning the Facebook Marketplace. The Facebook Marketplace is a section within the popular social media platform “Facebook ” where sellers can upload their products’ pictures, prices, and descriptions. 

So, if you have unused or unwanted shoes that you want to sell, you can consider signing up on the Facebook Marketplace, this is one of the best shoe-selling Apps on our list. The Facebook Marketplace is free for listing and there are no commission charges on the platform. 


So, if you have you been considering selling your unwanted or unused shoes online through some of the best shoe-selling apps available, then you can select any of the Apps contained in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

To purchase quality sneakers, you should visit Apps like GOAT, Kixify, BUMP, and StockX.

The shoe brand with the highest patronage is Nike. It is currently the world’s largest footwear company.

Yes, unused or unwanted kids shoes can also be sold on shoe-selling Apps.



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