Side Hustle Internship – Amazing way to develop oneself!

Is it accurate to say that you are keen on mastering an ability? That is a skill? A soft skill which highly in need. We know for sure that the best way to make money aside the 9-5 job, is having an online job. For you to be qualified to earn enough  money online, you must have a soft skill that is highly in demand. The last thing as selling a product, needs a good marketer. And to be one, you must have acquired a soft skill and be a professional in that field.

Would you like to work on in your current ability? By this, I mean would you like that soft skill you’ve recently found out you have? You want to know more about it and become a professional using it? Then this training is definitely, for you.

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Would you like to change your profession? You’re tired if not having time for your family or perhaps, the stress your 9-5 job brings is slowly killing. Then, this training is for you.

This is for you. Report after me, this is for me!

Throughout the long term, the pace of youth joblessness in Nigeria has significantly expanded and this has effectsly affected the Nigerian youth, driving them into indecencies that are hurtful for them and to the general public on the loose.

With the day by day expansion in the battle to make money, the Nigerian young people should be associated with occupations that require their skill, assets and innovativeness.

Side Hustle is here to engage and uphold people learn, develop and work on their abilities

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What is Side Hustle

Side Hustle is a human resource platform where business owners are offered exclusive access to trained creative and resourceful youths (undergraduates, graduates and youth corp members) in Nigeria. They are aimed at connecting Nigerian youths to job opportunities and getting the right connections.

Side Hustle being a talent management company, supports global businesses and start-ups by providing them with the right young African talents & remote teams.

To this effect, they organize internship programs for Nigerian youths (undergraduates, graduates and youth corp members) so that they can learn from the best minds, execute their ideas and further help entrepreneurs grow and achieve their business goals without having to break a bank.

Side Hustle internship program covers a wide range of digital skills to empower the youths. These internship opportunities range from:

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Front-end (HTML, CSS, JS + A framework)

Backend (PHP)

App Dev (Dart + Flutter)



UI/UX Design

Graphic Design

Content Creation

Digital Marketing

Microsoft Office Suite

Video Animation

Customer Care

Public Speaking

Product Management

Here’s what you stand to gain as an intern in Side Hustle. As an intern in this sidehustle internship program, you get to learn;

Master skills that are increasingly on demand.

Earn money using those skills.

Develop yourself.

Add skills to your CV.

Ability to sell yourself on different job platforms

Meet and interest with experts in the field Click here to get yourself ready for the next one

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