Top 60 Best Simple Nail Ideas

Top 60 Simple Nail Ideas

Fashionistas these days are fond of nail art designs. Nail art is popular among those who enjoy using vibrant colors or new, trendy fashion trends. Why not experiment with new ones frequently when the materials and colors are readily available? These simple nail art designs combine beauty and fashion. They can instantly make your hands more vibrant. In this post, we have rounded up 60 simple nail ideas just for you.


Top 60 Simple Nail Ideas

  • Pastel Mismatch Nail
  • Golden Stripes Nail
  • Milky White Nail
  • Sunflowers Nail
  • Hot Pink Nail
  • Wavy Red Nail
  • White Stripes Nail
  • Turquoise And Gold Nail
  • Graffiti Nail 
  • Pinstripe Nail
  • Heart Inception Nail 
  • Paint Splatter Nail 
  • Monochrome Peek-a-Boo Nail 
  • Ombre Nail
  • Geometric & Roses Nail 
  • Pink And Silver Stripes Nail 
  • Colorful Stripes Nail
  • Half Moon Glitter Nail
  • Triangle Nail
  • Parisian Nail
  • White And Green Geometric Nail
  • Pink Yin And Yang Nail
  • Pink Lace Nail 
  • Chevron Nail
  • Rainbow Tips Nail
  • Glitter Gradient Nail
  • Glitter French Tips Nail
  • Gold And Pink Triangle Nail 
  • Geode Stone Nail
  • Cross Stitch Nail
  • Mix And Match Polka Dots Nail
  • Faded Floral Nail
  • Gingham Accent Nail
  • Robin’s Egg Nail
  • Blue Gradient Nail
  • Black Out Nail
  • Polka Dot Nail
  • Color Block Nail
  • Glitter Fade Nail
  • Fired Up Triangle Tip Nail
  • Fizzy FunAll Nail
  • Pink Gl’Amore Nail
  • Speckled Out Nail
  • Whoopsy Daisy Nail
  • Black And Red Gradient Nail
  • Vintage Roses Nail
  • Dark Fantasy Nail
  • Classic French Nail
  • Retro White Pink And Gold Nail
  • Crimson Love Nail
  • Canary Yellow Nail
  • Two-Tone Purple Nail
  • Blue Dots Nail
  • Diagonal Periwinkle Nail
  • Blue Gradient Nail
  • Embellished French Tips Nail
  • Blushing Beauties Nail
  • Metallic Accents Nail
  • Silvery-Blue Stripes Nail
  • Black and White Nail

How To Get The Perfect Nails At Home 

1. Use Nail Polish Remover To Clean Your Nails

Spend as much time caring for your nails as you polish them to achieve a professional manicure at home. To do this, start with a quality nail polish remover. To remove any oils or dirt that might warp your polish, you should still go over each nail with a remover, even if you don’t have polish on. Remember to wash your hands afterward with soap and water.

2. Clip And File Your Nail

Nail filing is crucial to maintaining uniform nail length and shape. It can also prevent nails from breaking and any uneven edges from snagging and harming the skin. Select the desired nail shape before filing your nails. Choose a shorter, more manageable style like square or round nails for a practical everyday appearance. Try an elongated almond shape for a more elegant appearance. In order to get your tips square, round, or somewhere in between, file gently while moving in one direction.

3. Push Back Your Cuticles

Cuticle remover can help dissolve dead skin and soften the area, so make sure it’s not an oil or a balm when you prepare the cuticles. Contrary to popular belief, cuticle removers and oils are not the same thing and cannot be applied similarly. While removers work like an exfoliating treatment for your nail beds, oils help moisturize. Then use a cuticle stick to push back gently. Avoid cutting your cuticles because they keep your nails soft and protect them from bacteria.


4. Exfoliate Your Hands

Use a scrub that eliminates dead skin cells and replenishes moisture to exfoliate your hands, wrists, and forearms. Then, to remove any dirt between your fingernails, remove your orange stick once more. After that, wash and completely dry your hands.

5. Apply A Base Coat

A base coat is necessary because it safeguards your natural nails and aids in the permanence of your polish. Unfortunately, when attempting a do-it-yourself manicure, people frequently err by skipping the base coat. This is because the base coat’s primary function is to serve as a glue for your nail lacquer to adhere to and shield your nails from staining.

6. Apply One Thin Layer Of Base Coat

Apply a coat of your preferred nail color to your nails, making sure to get the brush into the corners and down to the cuticle. The first coat should provide maximum coverage to make the second coat simple. After that, just maintain a thin layer.


7. Put On A Second Coat Of Paint

Apply the second coat of nail polish after a nice, long two minutes have passed. For complete, seamless coverage, sheer or pastel colors might need a third coat. Just keep it as thin as possible. Alternatively, if you know you won’t have time to wait, consider using press-on nails.

8. Finish With A Topcoat

Don’t skip the topcoat, or you’ll drastically reduce the lifespan of the paint job you just put so much effort into. It keeps your manicure from chipping and adds shine to your nails. It’s essential to secure any adorable nail art you’ve tried. When applying your topcoat, be cautious because a sloppy job can ruin your manicure as a whole.

Frequently Asked Questions

Apply petroleum jelly to the nails after creating one nail art design and before attempting the next one for better texture and moisture. They make cleanup easier and more helpful.

Acetone is colorless, flammable and liquid. However, nail polish remover is an organic solvent that may also contain dyes, fragrances, oils, and solvents.

Soaking them in acetone is something you want to avoid doing to your skin or nails. It is not recommended to soak your nails for an extended period in order to remove gel or nail polish because it can seriously irritate them. Acetone can dry out the skin, cuticles, and nail bed.




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