7 Best Soap for Pimples and Dark Spots in Nigeria

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Best Soap for Pimples and Dark Spots in Nigeria – Do you live in Nigeria? Are you struggling with pimples and dark spots? Are you in need of a soap that can clear your dark spots and pimples in Nigeria? If this is you, then you are in the right place because we will cover the best soaps for pimples and dark spots in Nigeria In no particular order.

To find out the best soaps that can clear pimples and dark spots to reveal brighter and evenly toned skin, keep reading.


Pimples typically occur when the pores become clogged with dead skin cells and sebum. This leads to inflammation and infection sometimes. They affect some people more than others and there is no scientific reason yet.

Causes of pimples

Below are some of the common causes of a pimple breakout.

  • Pore blockage
  • Bacterial infection
  • Genetics
  • Yeast infections
  • What you eat

Pore blockage

One of the major causes of pimples breakouts is the blockage of the pores. Sebums are produced by the sebaceous glands and help to lubricate the skin and hair. When it is in excess it can block the pores on the skin. As the sebaceous glands produce sebum in the pores, new skin cells are formed and the outer layer of skin sheds. When the dead skins are not shed and remain in the pores. They get stuck together by the sebum leading to pore blockage which ultimately leads to pimples.

Bacterial infection

Another cause of pimples is bacteria infection and which occurs when dead skin cells accumulate in the pores. This accumulation encourages the growth of unpleasant bacteria like propionibacterium acnes which are connected to acne.

Propionibacterium acnes is a slow-growing bacterium that exists without harming the skin but it can reproduce rapidly and become a problem when it feeds on excess sebum and produce a substance that leads to an immune response. This may lead to skin spots and inflammation. Pimples are not contagious even though they can be caused by bacteria.


Some people get pimples because of genetic factors and hormone fluctuations. People like this are more prone to pimples than others. It is still not clear why more people have pimples than others.

Yeast infections

Yeast infections (Malassezia) have been discovered to cause pimples. Many people have yeast on their skin, but it becomes a problem when it develops. Clothes made from synthetic fibers, sweaty environments, and the application of oily skin products can make or worse.

It usually occurs in the hair follicles but it can also affect the face. Using antibiotics for acne can worsen the condition because it retreats the bacteria that would control the yeast. It can be treated with antifungal treatments.

What you eat

What you eat impacts your skin. You are after all that you eat. A healthy balanced diet is great for the skin but some people eat whatever they like and wonder why they have pimples.

Eat food rich in vitamin A, D, and E to keep your skin healthy. After changing your diet wait for at least 12 weeks to see the changes. Be patient. The connection between food to pimples is not yet clear. To find out what you should eat for your skin, consult your dermatologist.

Dark spots

Dark spots usually occur when there is an overproduction of melanin (skin pigment that makes the skin darker). They can also be caused by free radical damage.

Causes of Dark Spots

  • Exposure to UV Light
  • Skin Conditions
  • Medications

Exposure to UV Light

One of the major causes of dark spots is exposure to UV light. Exposure to sunlight without sunscreen can lead to hyperpigmentation which makes the skin less attractive. To avoid this, it is advisable to use a broad spectrum sunscreen daily especially when outside.

Skin Conditions

Another cause of dark spots is skin conditions and diseases. These include post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation like rashes, acne, and scrapes. Others include melasma, linea nigra, Riehl’s melanosis, and poikiloderma of Civatte.


Some medications can cause dark spots on the skin. They make the skin vulnerable and sensitive to sun exposure. Below are some of the medications that can cause dark spots on the skin.

  • Estrogens like Estrace, Vagifem, and Climara.
  • Tetracyclines, broad-spectrum antibiotics like Minocin (minocycline), Adoxa (doxycycline), and Declomycin (demeclocycline)
  • Amiodarone is used to treat an irregular heartbeat. Some of the brand names of this medication include Cordarone and Pacerone.
  • Phenytoin, an anticonvulsant. Some brand names of this medication include Dilantin and Phenytek.
  • Phenothiazines which is used to treat mental and emotional disorders. Some popular brand names for this medication are Compro and Thorazine.
  • Sulfonamides which is used to treat infections. Some brand names of this medication are Bactrim and Septra.

Other Causes of dark spots are pregnancy, liver disease, and Addison’s disease, among others.

7 Best Soap for Pimples and Dark Spots in Nigeria

  1. Clear Essence Beauty Soap
  2. Retin-A Treatment Soap
  3. Bio Aqua Handmade Soap
  4. Neutrogena Transparent Facial Bar Soap
  5. Avila Ultra Healing Neem Soap
  6. Skin Doctor Soap
  7. Shea Moisture African Bar Soap

Clear Essence Beauty Soap

Clear Essence Soap is one of the best soaps for pimples and dark spots in Nigeria. It promises to exfoliate the skin and clear pimples to reveal a brighter complexion. It also controls the appearance of dark spots on the skin.This soap contains Alpha-hydroxyl acid (AHAs) which is efficient in clearing acne. For best results, use the Clear Essence Soap regularly.

Retin-A Treatment Soap

Retin A is another soap for pimples and dark spots in Nigeria. It fights against acne and dark spots to enhance skin elasticity and pores. It also brightens the complexion and has anti-aging benefits.

This soap promises to protect the skin from free radicals and UV rays. It is also good for mature skin. For best results use Retin-A Treatment Soap regularly.

Bio Aqua Handmade Soap

Bio Aqua Acne Soap is another soap that clears pimples and dark spots in Nigeria. It contains vitamin E, goat’s milk, and coconut oil. Plus Alpha-hydroxyl acid (AHAs) helps to exfoliate the skin.

This handmade soap promises to clear out pimples and slowly fade off dark spots and different types of hyperpigmentation on the skin. Use this soap regularly to reap its benefits.

Neutrogena Transparent Facial Bar Soap

Neutrogena Transparent Facial Bar Soap is another good soap for pimples and dark spots in Nigeria. It promises to gently wash away extra oil, dust, and skin cells that block pores leading to pimples.

This soap is made by a popular brand with a top-notch reputation. To reap its benefits, use Neutrogena Transparent Facial Bar Soap regularly.

Avila Ultra Healing Neem Soap

Avila Ultra Healing Neem Soap is a general-purpose soap that can be used for the skin and hair. It is formulated with ingredients that won’t damage or irritate the skin or pores.

It contains anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial components.To get smoother, acne-free, and glowing skin. It is important to use the Avila Ultra Healing Neem Soap regularly.

Skin Doctor Soap

Skin Doctor Soap is a soap that helps to clear pimples and dark spots. It is put together with vitamin C and grapeseed. These two work to brighten the skin.This popular soap promises to brighten the skin, fade off dark spots and acne marks, and decrease the appearance of wrinkles. For even toned and silky skin, use Skin Doctor Soap regularly.

Shea Moisture African Bar Soap

Shea Moisture African Bar Soap is one of the best soaps for pimples and dark spots in Nigeria. It promises to dry out pimples and stop the formation of new ones. It contains aloe vera which helps to keep the skin hydrated. It also contains an essential oil combination that will not irritate the skin.

This traditional black soap is a blend of shea butter and aloe leaf juice to keep the skin moisturized. The regular use of Shea Moisture African Bar Soap ensures that the skin is acne-free and evenly toned.


Pimples and dark spots are skin problems that have left many sleepless in Nigeria. It not only damages the skin. It can also affect a person’s self-esteem.Many Nigerians try to find a cure for these with no success.

It is important to note that to treat pimples and dark spots you will need a combination of healthy living and skincare. Using soaps made formulated for treating pimples and dark spots is a good way to treat pimples and dark spots using skincare. And that is why we covered some of the best apps for pimples and dark spots in Nigeria.

We hope you found this article on “Best Soap for Pimples and Dark Spots in Nigeria” helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

pimples and dark spots? One of the best soaps that help to remove pimples and dark spots is LA Organo Anti Acne Soap. This soap is rich in aloe vera, triclosan, tea tree oil, honey and neeme, and it fights against acne-causing bacteria.

Palmer’s Skin Success Anti-Dark Spot Complexion Soap Bar can help in removing black spots from the skin.

You can remove dark spots and pimples from your face by using vitamin C, retinol, Buttermilk, Lemon juice, pimple patches, or broad-spectrum sunscreen.

No, but it can help to reduce the inflammation of the pimple thereby reducing its size. The gradual reduction of the pimple by the application of ice may cause the pimple to disappear. Applying ice to inflammatory pimples reduces their redness and makes them less noticeable.

No, do not put toothpaste on your skin. Toothpaste is meant for your teeth, not your skin. Use products recommended by dermatologists to remove dark spots to avoid destroying your skin.


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