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15 Best Soaps For Chocolate Skin – What does it take to maintain perfect skin? Here you have to do some routines, and use some skin care products which can be affordable and pretty expensive. However, all that matters is getting the best results for your skin.

Body soaps are essential to keeping the skin in its perfect colour. It is essential you know what kind of soap to use on your skin.

That is why we are here to help you with the best soaps for your chocolate skin colour, so you don’t have to worry over what type and brand of soap you should use.

Body Soap

Body Soap is different from laundry soap and even dish soaps. It is always advisable not to use soaps meant for laundry or others on your skin. These soaps are designed to work perfectly well for their purpose.

Body soaps are effective and contain some chemicals that wash away the dirt skin and oil on the skin, keeping the skin dry and perfect.

Types Of Soaps

Classifying soaps can be pretty confusing however, there are different types of soaps which can be categorized based on their usage. If we would be discussing the types of soaps. We would need to classify them based on their usage.

 Based on usage there are four types of soaps, these include; Toilet Soaps and bathing soaps, these are soaps that are used either for the Toilet or bathing or are generally called cosmetic soap.

Toilet soaps contain higher total fatty material, they are used to wash hard surface while bathing soaps contains lower total fatty materials.

These soaps include Laundry Soap, Beauty soaps, Novelty Soap mostly for kids, Dish soaps, antifungal soap, medicated soaps, antibacterial soaps and others.

Then we have the Non-Toilet Soaps, these soaps are used to clean heavy dirt. Mostly stains and grease, they contain lithium. 

Another type of soap is the Glycerin soap which is gentle on the skin, it moisturizes the skin living it moist. This kind of soap is good for sensitive skin.

Glycerin soaps are one of the best soaps for all body types, they moisten the skin and leave it cool. 

Lastly, the transparent soap, the see-through soap is the kind of soap that is good for oily skin and acne. They are not moisturizers. But work effectively on oily skin.

They are called transparent or sea through because the soap materials are mixed in alcohol instead of water, this living them transparent, transparent soaps are great skin soaps.

So we have seen four types of soaps based on their usage.

Best Soaps For Chocolate Skin

Caring for your skin should be your top priority, a good skin attracts so much more than you think. So using the right soaps on your skin matters, which is why you have to know your skin type before you start purchasing any types of soaps.

Chocolate skin is a lighter dark skin rich in Melanin. This skin colour type is a skin type that is so rich and protective from UV rays which could lead to cancer and other skin problem. This is a result of the Flavonoid found in the skin pigments.

If you have chocolate skin, then you have to use the right soap to keep it in shape.

Here is a list of the best soaps for chocolate skin:

  • Nivea Creme Soft Care Soap

This is a rich moisturizing creme that takes care of your skin. The soap balances your skin PH giving it a soft texture. This soap is comfortable for all skins. This soap contains Glycerine which is very beneficial for the skin.

The soap contains some key ingredients such as Glycerin, Sweet Almond Oil and Eucerit which are all beneficial to the skin. Also, it is suitable for those aged 10 and above.

  • Bronz Tone Soap

Bronz Tone Soap is my favourite, this soap enriches the skin greatly. The Soap is rich in Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Sodium Hydroxide, Sulfur, Salicylic Acid, Benzoic Acid, Menthol, Apricot extract, and Cocoa Butter, Honey Extracts, Water and Camphor Fragrance, which all act to give your skin that great glow.

Cocoa Butter restores your skin and makes it glow naturally, while lather and apricot grains remove dirt, impurities, makeup and excess oil from your skin without leaving it dry or tight, meaning it moisturizes your skin.

  • Dove Soap

Dove white soap is a good soap for chocolate skin, it moisturizes the skin and gives it the radiant you always need. Dove white soap leaves the skin smooth and clean. 

It contains some great ingredients like Sodium Lauroyl Isethionate, Stearic Acid, Lauric Acid, Sodium Palmitate, Water, Sodium Isethionate, Sodium Stearate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Glycerine and others which leave your skin moist and radiant.

It is the perfect soap for all types of skin and perfect for ages 10 and above.

  • Olay Bar Soap

There are so many soaps out there that keep the body radiant, Olay Bar Soap is an age Defying soap that comes with a special ingredient Vitamin E. Also, it contains a large amount of Shea Butter which gives your skin that perfect look. 

Olay Bar Soap Moistens your skin, it guarantees after seven days of use your chocolate skin feels softer and smoother. The soap does not contain any bleaching ingredient and is suitable for all types of Skin.

  • Eva Complexion Care Soap

This soap is another great soap that cares for all types of skin complexion. It moistens the skin and leaves it hydrated for a very long time. Also comes with a great fragrance. Eva Complexion is quite affordable and variants, Eva Gold, Eva Classic, Eva Herbal, Eva Pearl, Eva Ivory, Eva Forever, Eva Romantic, Eva Fresh, Eva Fairness and Eva Moringa.

Eva Complexion care soap is rich with vitamins, honey, Vitamin E and extracts of nature coupled with a great fragrance that leaves the skin appealing. it is suitable for all.

  • Palmolive Moisture Care Soap

This 98 per cent natural origin soap is a good soap for the body and all kinds of skin types. Palmolive Moisture Care Soap contain Milk, Glycerin and olive oil which keeps your skin soft and moist all day.

Palmolive Moisture care soap as gotten from a review is a very mild soap and produces a lather while bathing and cleanses the body thoroughly. It is suitable for ages 10 and above.

Other soaps for chocolate skins include;

  • African Black Soap.
  • Dudu Osun.
  • Palmer Cocoa Butter Soap.
  • Ivory Passion Soap.
  • Ambi Cocoa Butter Cleansing Bar Soap.
  • Pears Pure and Gentle Bar Soap
  • Chanel Coco Bath Soap.
  • Badger Beauty Soap.
  • Cocoa Butter Formula.

We have been able to mention 15 great soaps you can use on your chocolate skin to keep it smooth and chocolate. To get an ultima result, you can complete your soap routine with a good body cream as this would also add to your chocolate skin perfection. 

Bathing Routine 

It is also important you take your bath at least twice a day morning and night to wash away the sweat and other germs particles after a long day.

While bathing or bathing you have to get the right water temperature, warm water is best, then start by washing your hair, then your face, cleanse your body, shave, dry your skin properly and apply the right lotion for your skin.


Chocolate Skin is a great skin type that produces great melanin that shields you from UV rays, so to nourish and support it in other to continuously glow you have to use the right body soap. There are so many body soaps out there to use, getting the right one is very important.

Bathing soaps that are suitable for chocolate skin vary, we have made a list of some great soaps for chocolate skin, we hope you find this insightful.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of soaps for glowing skin such as Bronz Tone, Dove Beauty Bar Soap, Papaya Soap, Clovate Soap and others. You can visit this link for more.

There are a couple of creams that are great for chocolate skin, however based on positive reviews, Aveeno Active Daily Moisturizing Lotion is the best in Nigeria. It gives the skin a glow and moisturizes the skin.

Black soaps are one of the best soaps to use and practically safe. They provide the skin with enough nourishment and moisturizes the skin to keep it hydrated.

Dudu Osun is not directly a lightening soap, however, with the cocoa powder in it, it can aid to give your skin a fairer look.

Caring for chocolate cream is similar to caring for every other skin type. Use appropriate bathing soap, use chocolate suitable cream, and apply sunscreen. Visit this link for more.


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