Sophia University Scholarships For International Students

sophia University scholarships for internationals
sophia University scholarships for internationals

Sophia University Scholarships For Internationals students are scholarship programs mainly designed for students all over the world. The prestigious Sophia University was founded in 1872 as the Japan Women’s Normal School, and it remains one of Japan’s most prestigious universities. It has evolved into a modern institution offering students exceptional research opportunities and quality education.

It offers courses in a range of disciplines including English language, psychology, humanities, law, history, and sociology. It has also been setting new standards of teaching excellence with significant advances in its system for advancing academic excellence – the Sophia Academic Excellence Program (a re-envisioned mix between coursework-based assignments and practical experience).

Tuition fees at Sophia University

One of the most widely accepted theories about how to succeed in life is that education is the foundation for everything. But what does it cost to attend college? In some countries, being a competitive student might mean having to pay more than US$40,000. For example, tuition fees at Sophia University in Tokyo can exceed US$1000 per term and reach more than US$40,000 for four years.

Scholarships in Sophia university

Course Level: Scholarships can be provided based on what field of study you are studying. For example, if you are studying management and business administration, then look for Scholarships available only to those who study business administration. In addition to the field of study, scholarships can also be provided based on the level of education.

Undergraduate Scholarships

Sophia University Tuition Support Scholarships

The tuition support scholarship is generous financial support for studying abroad and studying at Sophia University. It is expected that many students will try hard to get this scholarship since it enables them not only to study abroad but also seriously attend classes and study rather than just getting by with the courses they passed in high school or college.

Scholarships offer various courses for all levels of learning support offered at the university. At the moment, there are 13 courses available for students of all ages, with a particular focus on young people and those who may have additional needs such as physical or mental disabilities.

The following are some of the eligibility requirements:

– Must be in good academic standing (GPA is 3.0 on a 4.0 scale or above)

– Must not have received an undergraduate scholarship from Sophia University (since it was established) and/or any graduate scholarship from Sophia University within their first three years after enrollment at Sophia University.

Scholarships from Sophia University Benefactors

The Sophia University Benefactor Scholarship is an oceanographic scholarship from the philanthropically-endowed Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan. This scholarship pays for all expenses including tuition, living costs, and even travel to and from Japan for one undergraduate student.

The recipient benefits from more than just money: the program provides mentoring and work experience at one of three institutions in Tokyo. The goal of this scholarship is to provide a platform for international students with great potential to contribute diverse perspectives on sustainability and innovation across Asia as well as internationally. 

This program was created by former Sophia graduate Horie Kazuo, who donated ¥5 billion (approximately $46 million U.S.) to fund it.

Eligibility requirements

If you have the intention to apply for the Sophia university benefactor scholarship 2022 for international students, you must know about the eligibility requirements.

This overview will cover what you need and what to expect from this scholarship opportunity.

What are Eligibility Requirements?

To be eligible for Sophia University Scholarships For Internationals, the applicant should be an international student who resides in countries outside of Japan or Taiwan. 

Applicants will also need to meet one of these criteria: 

-Has graduated from high school and has a good academic record 

-Is qualified as “a person with special needs” by law or other organization 

-Is a recipient of certain scholarships provided by other organizations that offer scholarship programs in cooperation with Sophia University (e.g. PGC)

Documents Needed to Apply 

Sophia is ranked as one of the top universities in the world and is particularly famous for its undergraduate international student population. The requirements are generally similar to those of other Korean universities, but there are some exceptions and Sophia has a few more documents that must be submitted along with your application. 

On top of this, there is also information on how to apply for acceptance into the university, and what it includes as well as what’s expected from international students once they’ve been accepted. 

Before applying for admission, all the documents mentioned above must be completed and submitted with the application form, by mail to the University Admissions Office.

The following documents are required:

1. Certificate of recognized status 

2. Transcript(s)/Translated into Korean 

3. Score report(s) from tested subjects 

4. Resume or Curriculum Vitae 

5. Recommendation letter(s) from the lecturers of your major department  (for applicants applying to Engineering programs) 

6. Recommendation letter(s) from the lecturers of your major department  (for applicants applying to Art programs)

7. Certificate of admission/Certificate of acceptance. 

8. Photocopy of passport in original along with the full name, date of birth, nationality, date, and place of issue, passport number, and expiry date. 

9. Photocopy of habit in case you have been working while studying in Korea or are staying at home to study under the study permit’s condition (violation will result in the cancellation). Students must apply to Engineer programs only if they have worked at a job (not during their study weeks or classes).

10. Photocopy of national health insurance card issued by Korean National Health Insurance Corporation (not valid for students under the study permit’s condition). 

11. Photocopy of passport in original along with the full name, date of birth, nationality, date, and place of issue, passport number, and expiry date. 

12. Photocopy of birth certificate for applicants coming from outside South Korea or applicants coming from overseas who have been born in South Korea or whose parents were born there. (Applicants applying to Engineer programs only) 

13. Photocopy of household registration certificate/residence permit for foreign residents/long-term residents in Korea(Applicants applying to Engineering programs only) 

Benefits of Studying at Sophia University

Sophia University Scholarships For Internationals and its benefits as an international student.

1) Professional Development Grants

Grants such as these are the key motivation for students to get the job done right, no matter how challenging it may seem. You may be required to take advantage of a few opportunities during this period, including researching and implementing new information technologies and procedures in your workplace. Furthermore, you will be able to work one-on-one with clients and professionals in the field and pitch my ideas to them. This is your preferred way of making a living as an international student.

2) Scholarships and Loans

Most international students find that they can afford their education through scholarships and loans. These are not only provided by Sophia University but also by our alumni network, additionally, many private organizations contribute significantly to the cost of studying at Sophia University. In addition, students find jobs along the way while participating in internships in local industries.

3) Applying at Sophian Industry

When applying for the scholarship, it is simply a formality and did not require you to take part in any application process. Nonetheless, the details can be overwhelming which was required that were required and were unable to complete it as quickly as we would’ve liked. 

4) Unlimited International Transcripts

This has been another important step because it allows taking advantage of multiple grant opportunities without having to worry about the cost of an international transcript.

Frequently Asked Questions

Formerly known as Faculty of Comparative Culture, the faculty offers American-style liberal arts education with programs in social sciences, humanities, international business, and the Japanese language and studies taught in English


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